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The Internal Link-Building Strategy That Increases Search Traffic

The most effective search engine optimization strategy is developing links within your site, which can dramatically impact your search engine rankings. It is the primary component in improving the user experience and is thus crucial for search engine optimization whenever a new post is made to a blog. In contrast, doing so aids search engines in indexing more of a website’s pages.

Internal link building: What is it?

Two kinds of links can exist on a webpage: internal and external.

External links: You will be redirected to content hosted on a different website by clicking on an external link.

Internal links: The destination of an internal link is always within the same domain.

  • In addition, there are two distinct kinds of internal links.
  • Connecting resources that lead to the same page.

Hyperlinks that send you to another page on the same website are still part of the same domain.

Why is building internal links important?

If you establish your internal links, you can direct human and search engine traffic anywhere you want it to go. Each page on the site, starting with the homepage, contains links to the different sites within a small web.

1. An internal linking strategy enhances Google’s ability to find fresh content

Once the crawler has begun its initial website crawl, it will follow any links it encounters to complete the crawling and indexing process. Simultaneously, it finds new content on the same website that has to be indexed.

Looking at the issue of poor internal linking, once a search engine gets the home page, it will only view page A and then go, leaving all other web pages unread. Search engine optimization aims to direct visitors and search engines to the most valuable parts of a website.

2. Google’s PageRank is boosted via a well-thought-out internal linking strategy.

It has been said that Google uses over 200 different signals to determine a page’s ranking.

Another crucial aspect of internal linking is sharing a page’s link juice and rank.

In Google’s perspective, a page’s “link juice” (essentially its authority) increases in proportion to the number of inbound links pointing to it; hence, a page’s home page will have the most link juice, which can then be shared with other internal pages. If you do this, search engines will rank your internal pages higher, and you’ll get more traffic.

3. Increase Your Profits Using an Internal Linking Strategy

Real-life site visitors will appreciate the added navigational aid that internal links provide. The most prominent example of this is the links within your menu structure. Users can access our services directly from your site by providing a link to the desired landing page.

Search Engine Optimization and Internal Links

Google and IBM are two of the world’s most renowned companies, and they have detailed policies on how internal links should be used. First, let’s get a handle on four fundamental ideas concerning internal links and search engine optimization.

  • The first important idea is that not all internal links are created equal; about an internal link effectively serving its purpose, it must be included in the main text of a page or post. Indeed, links within a page placed in the sidebar, footer, or elsewhere than the main content do less than those set within it. Although they are not highly relevant to link juice distribution, they can help users navigate the site.
  • It’s a good idea to periodically evaluate your internal linking and update outdated links to connect to recently released content.
  • You can increase the page rank of less essential pages on your site by linking to them from your more popular ones. If your website’s homepage receives many external links, you should revise it to include internal links to your other pages.
  • Anchor text for internal links can make use of keywords.

Checklist for Establishing Effective Internal Links

  • Create in-content links where it is appropriate to improve the user experience.
  • Generally, 9–10 internal links per page is a reasonable limit to keep in mind.
  • Incorporating a keyword within the anchor text is fine, but avoiding going overboard is preferable.
  • Don’t overuse the “no-follow” tag.
  • It’s detrimental to search engine optimization if there’s a broken link.
  • More significant internal links should point to the pages you wish to rank higher.
  • Instead of using internal links to images that search engines cannot read, utilize text content.
  • Only have up to 100 links within a page’s content.


Despite the importance of internal link creation to search engine optimization, many administrators still misuse them or treat them as external links. A high amount of internal links indicates how important a given page is to your site.

To sum up, better search engine rankings are only one of the benefits of adhering to best practices; enhancing the user experience also increases visitors. Keep an eye on Content Marketing services to learn more about the internal link-building techniques to maximize your search traffic.

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