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 As we talk about EVOLUTION. We know that in the old era people have no sense to wear clothes. Day by day the literacy rate is increasing and with their intelligent mind, they transformed everything. From homemade embroidered clothes to the world of technology, everything has been transformed. When we talk about disable person only one thing comes in our mind and that is WHEELCHAIR.

There was a time people were not aware of having a wheelchair. People use to live the disabled one from room to room but then advancements happened. People get to know about wheelchair and from years to year’s wheelchair transformed itself into new types and that’s how evolution in wheelchair happens.

The evolution of mobility wheelchair features easy to reach center-mounted wheelchair wheels, and adjustable seat depth making the evolution easy to maneuver and propel with one’s arms, feet or both. Some steps of evolution of wheelchair may help you educate yourself more and more about wheel

Invalid’s chair

The first-ever wheelchair was invented in 1595 and called an invalid’s chair. It was invented by anonymous but according to the early record of a wheelchair, transportation device was found at the stone age time in china. The ancient Greeks and Chinese were the first to combine the chair and the wheel. That’s how people get to know more and more about wheelchairs. The advancements in a wheelchair are further enhancing day by day.

Armrest and Leg Rest Wheelchair

In 1595 a wheelchair invented with both armrests and leg rests. This wheelchair as invented for the king of Phillip II of Spain who suffered from such severe disease that walking becomes difficult.

Self-Propelled Wheelchair

In 1665 the first self-propelled wheelchair was invented by Stephan farffler. It was basically the three-wheel chassis-based wheelchair. The wheelchair had hand cranks on both sides attached to the front wheel.

Bath Wheelchair

In 1783, john dawn of ENGLAND designed a wheelchair with large rare wheels and a small front wheel. It was used to transport people to therapeutic waters found in bath. Bath wheelchair is a rolling chair or a light carriage for one person with a folding hood which can be open or close used especially by disabled persons. The bathing wheelchair got famous and in 1830 has replaced the sedan wheelchair as favorite means of transportation.

Hand Powered Wheelchair of Nuremberg

A resident of Nuremberg named Stephan farffler who was a watchmaker invented a hand-powered wheelchair. This wheelchair is personal transport that operated under its own power this wheelchair is dependent upon handmade pants. The user moved the cart by moving with the hand cranks. This technology has captured fame as this invention becomes useful for the people who felt pain even while hovering their hands.

Motorized Wheelchair

In 1950, a team of engineer develops a motorized wheelchair. This motorized wheelchair is designed for paraplegics and handicapped individuals. The advanced medical procedures are developed that can return the ability to walk. Now the wheelchairs are more powerful they gave the freedom of movement than before. A wheelchair provides comfort to the users in every aspect not only it provides support but it is also proving an individual a medical therapy as well. 

Electrical Wheelchair 

The electrically powered wheelchair was first developed by George Klein and his team who worked for the National Research Council of Canada, this wheelchair was to assist the injured veterans after world war II. Everyday power wheelchair for disabled persons can weigh 150lbs to 250lbs. The largest heavy-duty wheelchairs can weigh up to 350lbs to 400lbs. You need not use your hand’s energy to move a wheelchair all you need is to push the button and the wheelchair will start moving with your instructions. 

Sleep Wheelchair 

Those disabled persons that need extra support and shoulder so this wheelchair is specially designed. The full recliner enables the user to get comfort from sleep eliminating the necessity of transferring themselves to bed. The back of the patient a bed recline to 180 degrees. When you feel sleepy while you are not at home and you are traveling with your wheelchair, you can sleep on this specialized sleep wheelchair as it will comfort unease.

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