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Solving the In Store Personalization Challenge - Classi Blogger

Solving the In Store Personalization Challenge

   Solving the In Store Personalization Challenge   

In today’s modern world, consumers have more options to choose from than ever before. The number of retailers has significantly increased. Likewise, so has the information available to consumers. This means that shoppers have more than a handful of options when purchasing new products. They can research dozens of brands first to find the best option for them to enjoy a form of personalization shop.

Subsequently, retailers must find new ways of building brand loyalty among their shoppers to keep them coming back for more. This can be difficult, and this article is going to look at how retailers can solve the in store personalization challenge.

Online vs Offline Personalization

Customer personalization is a powerful tool. It allows retailers to connect with the right person, at the right time, with the relevant offer. Using data analytics enables you to create tailored promotions for products that align with customer’s needs. This, in turn, results in increased sales.

Online retailers have a wealth of resources at their disposal to collect shopper’s data. This makes it much easier to target the correct audience with products they want and need. However, traditional retailers may struggle to gather information as quickly. The technology for brick and mortar shops has been behind for a while. Recently, this has started to change, and retailers from all corners can use personalization to their advantage.

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Why Personalization in Your Shop is Important

A 2018 study found that 91% of shoppers will be more likely to visit brands that remember them, as well as provide personalized offers. This is because customers feel valued and recognized as individuals, rather than just another face in the crowd.

Apart from personalized offers and promotions, it’s crucial to carry personalization through to further areas as well. An example is by personalizing customer service, which can be achieved at the point of sale.

If a customer visits your store regularly, you can recognize this. Sales assistants can recommend items that match the customer’s preferences and style. This recommendation will be based on previous purchases and is unique. You can extend on this by offering a customized promotion that further encourages customers to stay loyal to your brand.

Online retailers have access to their shopper’s data immediately. Physical stores may need to develop new techniques for processing customer’s shopping habits.

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How Personalization Benefits Specific Industries


The healthcare industry has been behind on marketing for a while. Many healthcare providers still don’t utilize healthcare technology and personalization strategies to the fullest degree. Instead, they rely on word of mouth and other traditional techniques.

Personalizing patient experiences can encourage clients to return to your practice. Additionally, they’re more likely to have a more positive frame of mind when they visit you. You can automate your marketing to target specific individuals through customer personalization. You can also create tailored plans according to the patient’s medical history, allergies, and conditions. Additionally, you can remind patients to conduct their annual check-ups as necessary.

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Internet platforms, such as online casinos, can make use of online personalization strategies as well. The experts from recommend creating customized games to suit various target markets. The data needed to support this information can be found by analyzing gaming trends. You can use patterns such as how long users play for, and which themes are more popular.

Customer personalization at online casinos isn’t just limited to groups. Operators can provide unique experiences for each player. Some examples include a “welcome back” message on every login or a loyalty program that offers custom rewards.

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Retail Stores

Brick and mortar stores have one crucial advantage over online companies. This advantage is that the customer is right in front of them, conducting their purchase. This means that the store can offer direct personalization on the spot. This not only gives the shopper a unique experience, but it also leaves an impression that will bring them back.

US retailer Target used an interesting personalisation technique, according to the New York Times. After the customer’s first purchase, it assigned them a unique Guest ID number. This number stored a range of information, from job history to buying behaviors. Many shoppers have established routines and often buy similar products. Target was able to provide personalized offers to customers by tracking their purchasing habits.

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Beverage giant Coca Cola launched the popular “Share a Coke” campaign in an effort to target millennial’s. Each bottle was initially labelled with a popular first name from that generation. It eventually began to include more generic terms as well, like “better half.” Over 800 first names are still used on today’s bottles.

Coca Cola said that it’s planning to start adding surnames to bottle labels soon as well. This decision is the right way to go, as surnames offer the ability to personalize its products further. In the UK, Coca Cola will soon include popular travel destinations, such as Miami and Hawaii. It also gives you an option to create your own bottle label with any phrase you like.

These personalization strategies allowed Coca Cola to see a significant increase in sales for the first time in over four years.

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Customer Personalization Strategies

Let’s take a look at some of the ways you can boost your customer personalization.


Loyalty programs can enhance customer opinions of your brand, as well as give them a reason to return. Offering rewards and promotions gives you a means of touching base with shoppers and keeping them interested. You should also include an exclusive birthday promotion to create a bespoke experience.

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Seamless Integration

Many customers enjoy browsing a store’s online shop before they visit the physical location. It’s vital to have a smooth transition between both platforms. If a customer purchases an item online, then visits your shop for something else – you should keep track. This information should be readily available.

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A Memorable Experience

The impression a shopper leaves with will be the determining factor to whether they decide to return. You need to ensure your customers are receiving a personalized shopping experience. This can be achieved by tracking purchases or even a simple conversation.

Depending on the size of the business, various methods will need to be employed. You can also request the customer’s preferred contact method. Use this to scale the personalization up a notch by including custom emails and messages.

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Creating a loyal customer base can be tricky, but there are many ways you can enhance the personalization you offer to shoppers. The distinction between online and offline is imperative, as offline personalization is a different ball game. Brick and mortar retailers can benefit from face-to-face interactions, and offer customers personalized shopping experiences based on their purchasing habits. You can utilize personalization strategies to boost customer loyalty to your brand as well.

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