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Small Changes that Can Have a Big Impact on the Ocean

Catastrophic, threatening, deadly – these are just a few of the words scientists today use to describe what’s happening to the oceans. Global warming is causing impacts around the world, including in the ocean, and it’s having a devastating impact on many creatures. So, what can be done to help save the ocean?

There are small things anyone can do that can end up having a big impact and help the ocean and all of its creatures thrive.

Choose Food Wisely

The pollution created through farming fish can have a much bigger impact than many people realize. Farming certain fish, instead of fishing, for instance, can create pollutants that contribute to global warming, impacting the habitats of the polar bear even though they’re incredibly far away.

The impact of pollution is felt throughout the world, no matter where it originates, and can impact wildlife populations and ocean creatures worldwide. Opt for more sustainable foods whenever possible to help minimize the damage done and to help save the ocean.

Avoid Using Chemicals in the Yard

Fertilizers are commonly used to help keep the grass green through much of the year. While they do work well, unfortunately, many of them are made from chemicals that can be harmful to the environment. The more harm done to the environment, the bigger the impact on the ocean.

When fertilizers are needed for the yard, choose all-natural products that are designed to be safer and minimize the impact they might have on the surrounding area. This helps reduce the potential for any chemicals to get into the water.

Do Not Release Fish

It’s fun to set up a fish tank and watch the exotic fish swim around, but keeping the fish tank going is a lot of work. If the decision has been made to stop having fish, something needs to be done with the ones already in the tank. Releasing the fish can have a negative impact wherever the fish are released.

Plecos, for instance, are commonly released in lakes and rivers, where they can grow to be two feet or longer and will end up depleting the natural resources in the water. Instead, search for someone who would like to keep the fish and take care of them.

Think About the Impact When Vacationing

Planning a vacation? Think about the sustainability of the vacation. Some types of vacations, like cruises, are known for creating tons of pollution each year. While they can be fun, this is a significant contribution to the damage being done worldwide and in the ocean. Instead of going on a cruise, consider visiting a new place and using more sustainable transportation options. Think about each part of the vacation to make sure it’s as sustainable as possible and a lot of fun.

There’s a lot that can be done to help save the oceans, and it’s possible to get started right now. Whether you’re planning the meals for the week or getting ready for a vacation, consider the options carefully and choose ones that are more sustainable. These will help the ocean and its creatures continue to thrive for many more years.

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