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Simple ways to make your blog popular


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Nowadays everyone has a blog. So it is difficult to get popular among the crowd in the internet. If everyone thinks difficult to make a site popular, it’s hard to attain name & fame among internet users. Don’t you know, how to make your blog popular? To make a blog popular, I gave some helpful and useful suggestions based on my blogging experience. The given below steps are must to follow by the bloggers, who wants to make their site popular.

Perfect Content:

“Content is King”. It’s a mantra for every blogger. Content is very important to a blog, but content itself doesn’t make your blog popular and make revenue. Content without revenue is just like a, shop without customers. By revenue, we can buy lot and lot of good content, but a good and unique content will not guarantee more revenue. People like Amit Agarwal, Harsh Agarwal, Amir Agarwal, Amit Bhawani, Jaspal Singh, PP Raju etc are making great content and they make money and also they are more popular among other Indian bloggers.

But the fact is, even content is king, we have to do few things like, sharing article to social networking sites, make a comment on other blogs, actively participate in forums, providing free stuff to readers, encouraging readers by contest, maintaining mail list etc…

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Search Engine Optimization:

The first step, we have to do for SEO is, creating meta tags for blog. Every search engine gives the result by searching the meta tags and description tags of a site. If a title searched by a user is matched with your content (description tag), the search engine will display your site in the result page. We have to be careful about; there should not be any broken links. Submit your site to Google webmaster for getting best result. Use Google Adwords Keyword Tool for best result.

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Social Media Optimization:

Even though Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is important for a blog, we have to consider about Social Media Optimization (SMO). SMO is one of the best and strongest tool to get popular. Make your blog visible on youtube, vimeo, myspace, facebook, orkut, twitter, flickr, pinterest, stumbleupon, delicious, digg etc… Attract your readers by posting presentations and own videos related to your post. Submit your videos to youtube like sites.

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Must Do:

  • Choose a catchy domain name.
  • Design of your blog should be pleasing to the eye.
  • Blog must be easy to navigate.
  • Read your text again and again before posting it.
  • Use some of the plugin to check spelling and grammatical mistakes before posting your article.
  • Better we can use MS Office for checking errors.
  • Be clear with your niche and audience.
  • Don’t miss your audience by responding them.
  • Use title and description tag to get placed in the search engines.
  • Blog should not be too slow to load.
  • Be a regular reader and commentator of other blogs.
  • Share your content to social networking sites after posting.
  • Use free web directories to get traffic.
  • Submit your blog to popular search engines.
  • Update your blog regularly.
  • Don’t disappoint your readers.
  • Include sitemap for your blog.
  • Create a feed for your blog using Google Feedburner.
  • Sign up for Google Analytics and monitor your site regularly.
  • Try to learn more about Google.
  • Don’t be afraid of leaving comments on other post/article.
  • Use your site name in the signature section of mail.
  • Offline marketing will also do well to get popular among local.
  • Make your post, easy to read.
  • Add social sharing buttons & subscription forms on your blog.
  • Ask your visitors & friends to share your site with others.
  • Run a youtube channel for your blog.
  • Try to write guest post for others.
  • Make interview with other bloggers.
  • Print your site name on business card.
  • Record podcast and video cast.
  • Interlink your page with other pages.
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  1. I definitely agree with you sir. Is a must for bloggers to keep Search Engine Optimization (SEO) first before anything else, then Social Media Optimization can come second. Thanks for sharing these sir.

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  6. Yes you are write, Search Engine and Social Media Optimization is important to imporve your Blog ranking

    1. Not only SEO & SMO is important to increase blog ranking, we also have to concentrate on other things like blogging communities, comments etc…

  7. SMO is very effective, i did not know about the SMO, but now i will advertise my website through Smo and one most important tips in your article is to About SEO which plays a main role in increasing Traffic. Thank you for sharing. Keep it up

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      Yes i agree with u. Nowadays, SMO is very important in getting traffic. It plays a vital role in blogging. Keep on reading…

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