How can we create a perfect blog?

By what we can say that, it is a perfect & effective blog. What are the things we need to create an effective blog?

Here I am going to discuss about, simple steps to create a perfect “Blog”.


First thing is, a blog should have a proper look. How can we get a good look for our blog? Just by using the best templates, we can get good look. But we have to take more time to select a template for our blog. Because, the template plays a vital role in blogging.

For wordpress, we have to pay more for selecting a good template. But, for blogspot, we don’t need to pay anything, there are lot of free and best templates available online. Where can we download the best templates for our blog? Visit to download the free templates for your blogspot.

Both the wordpress and blogspot have its own default templates, but they are not as much better than the payable or downloadable free templates.

After downloading XML templates from the above mentioned or other sites, select “Template” option in the side menu bar in

Before updating the XML template, backup your default template by selecting “Backup/Restore” option.

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Templates are updated, now we have to attach some important plug-in to your blog.

How can we add plug-in to our blog?

Go to à Layout à Add a gadget à HTML/Javascript

Now place the plug-in depend upon your need.

Where can we get plug-in?

We can get plug-in from social networking sites, sharing sites etc…

1. Addthis:

It is a largest sharing and social bookmarking site. They are providing sharing buttons for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Blogger, Google Plus, LinkedIn etc… By integrating the code of this site, we can easily share and spread our ideas to others in a single click.

They are providing sharing buttons for websites, wordpress, blogger and email newsletter. To get code from this site, visit and sign up.

After signing up, select “Get the Code”. Then choose blogger and copy the code. Paste the copied code to your blog.

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2. Shareaholic:

Shareaholic is similar to It is an alternative of addthis, if you don’t like the sharing buttons of “addthis”, better you can use “shareaholic”.

To get coding from this site, visit

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3. Facebook:

We all are well known about the site “Facebook”. They are also providing more number of plug-ins for websites and blogs.

Like Button:

The like button is a simple facebook plug-in, by using this, the users can easily share your content on facebook.

To install this button, Click Here.

Send Button:

By clicking this send button, the user can easily send the content to their friends. They can use this button to send private messages.

Click here, to install this button.

Follow Button:

This button gets you more fans for your blog or website.

Install this Follow Button.


This enables the user to comment on your post/article. By using this plug-in, your comment is easily view by others in facebook.

To enable this option, click here.

Activity Feed:

These plug-in displays most recent activities taken place in your blog or website.

To install this feed, click here.

Like Box:

By using this plug-in, we can get more fans for our facebook page. It also provides information’s like, how many user’s like our page, status of our fan page etc…

To get this plug-in, click here.

Login Button:

If you need login page for your blog, you can use this plugin. But the drawback is, the user can read your post only if he is having facebook account. If the user doesn’t have account in facebook, he can’t reach you, without registration of facebook.

To install this, click here.

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4. Pinterest:


Do you want to get more amount traffic for your blog/website?

One of the easy step you want to do is, just click here and install the plug-in of pinterest.

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5. Google Plus:

The Pages and profile in “Google Plus” is extremely different when compare to other social networking site. If you are interested in getting fans from other country, then you can install the plugin of Google Plus to your blog.

6. Disqus:

It offer’s plug-in for commenting your article. By using this, we can also earn money by “Discovery” option provided by them. They add few article titles to your comment box, if the reader click the title, you get money. Click Here, to install this plugin.

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