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Seven Fashion Tips for Long Legs and a Short Torso

Just because something looks good on one person doesn’t mean it will work as well on another,  In terms of finding the perfect outfit, it all depends on your body type and personal tastes. Understanding your unique body type will help you dress well and accentuate your features.

If you have longer legs and a relatively short torso, you may have trouble finding outfits that work well with your body type. These tips will help you create new outfits and build a wardrobe that complements your body.

Seven Fashion Tips for Long Legs and a Short Torso-classiblogger

Vertical Accessories

Investing in a few eye-catching accessories such as a galaxy glass pendant, a pearl necklace, a sautoir necklace, etc is a great way to add flair to your outfits, and keeping up with the latest accessory trends will broadcast your style when paired with the right look.  

For women with a high waist and a shorter torso, vertically oriented clothing and accessories are a fashion-forward choice that can help highlight length and add vertical space to any outfit. While it can be hard to find the right accessories, a summer subscription box could be just the thing to give you the look you want while also introducing you to unique pieces you may not have chosen for yourself.

Try Different Dresses

Similarly, a well-fitting dress that falls at the right place will make your torso look longer than it really is without taking away from the length of your legs.

A dress that nips in above your waist will lengthen your torso, while a wrap dress that ends above the knees will add length to your legs. Experimenting with these dynamics will help you creatively accentuate your body type and find pieces that fit your fashion sense.


Just as a long necklace or other vertical accessory will help to even out your proportions, a v-neck gives you a longer silhouette and adds a new vertical dimension to any outfit. Mixing and matching pieces with different degrees of verticality will help you make any outfit fit your body type.

Lower Jeans and Skirts

Low-rise jeans may be an upcoming trend, and any pair of jeans that sits below your natural waistline will emphasize your torso and shift length from your legs to your midsection. A new pair of low-rise jeans is a smart choice to demonstrate your fashion sense in a way that works perfectly with your body type.

For the same reason, petite women with longer legs often look for skirts that rest lower on the waist. An untucked top paired with a low skirt is a classic combination that will lengthen your body and help you look your best.

Avoid High Heels

Many petite women elect to wear higher heels in order to appear as tall as possible, but taller isn’t always better. Achieving the right proportions in an outfit is sometimes more important than simply adding height.

If you’re following the other tips in this article to accentuate your length and add to your torso, stick to low or medium heels in order to create a better, more consistent balance throughout your outfit.

Tailor Your Shirts

Modern clothing is usually designed to fit a generic body type in order to serve the greatest possible number of people. While this may work for some women, those with a more unique body shape often prefer to tailor their clothes for the perfect fit.

You can start updating your wardrobe to fit your body type by taking some of your go-to shirts to a nearby tailor and having them fitted to your shape. This will allow you to be confident that what you’re wearing is right for your body and fully accentuates your best features.

Double-Check the Fit of New Pieces

Now that you understand the important role body type plays in determining the best way for each individual to dress, it’s crucial to apply that information when shopping for new clothes. It’s easy to get carried away with a piece that looks beautiful on the rack, but keep in mind that no piece is worth buying if it doesn’t compliment your body.

Instead of looking at yourself in a fitting room, take a photo in the mirror for a more neutral view of how each piece fits you. If possible, bring a close friend who understands your fashion sense and can be trusted to tell you the truth if something doesn’t look as good as you think.

Finding new outfits is always difficult, and that’s especially true for women with unique body shapes who struggle to fit well into conventional clothing. These fashion tips will help petite women with longer legs dress to their body type by adding length to their torso and creating perfect proportions.

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