Despite the fact that the Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 price in India has not been officially announced as yet, the smartphone has still managed to get the masses curious.In December last year, South Korean technology giant Samsung launched the Galaxy Grand smartphone at a rather affordable price, as compared to other smartphones.

This device boasted of many features that were unavailable on other smartphones in the same price range. The Galaxy Grand looked very similar to the S3, except for the fact that it had a larger display. The company priced the phone wisely, keeping in mind the fact that it wasn’t targeting only the upper crust of society. Owing to this, the Galaxy Grand became a rage on being launched.

A year down the line, Samsung has launched the release of the Galaxy Grand 2, which aims to cash in on the success of its predecessor. The Grand 2 has been loaded with features that are far more advanced than those of the Galaxy Grand.

How Advanced Really Is The Samsung Galaxy Grand 2?

For someone who might already have the Samsung Galaxy Grand, buying the new launch in this series might be something that would require some thinking. However, looking at the breathtaking features that the all-new Grand 2 has to offer, taking the plunge might be a good idea indeed, especially since the phone isn’t likely to burn a deep hole in your pocket.

To help you take a call as to which phone is really the better deal, here’s a detailed comparison between the Samsung Galaxy Grand and the Samsung Galaxy Grand 2.


The Galaxy Grand has a 5-inch screen, which is rather big and convenient for online browsing and for watching movies. The Grand 2 boasts of a slighter bigger 5.2-inch display, taking it a step higher than its predecessor. Both these smartphones have a TFT capacitive touchscreen. The screens of both these devices have 16 million colours each. However, although the difference in screen-size isn’t too much, the deciding factor in this category is the screen resolution.

The Galaxy Grand has a resolution of 480×800 pixels, with a 187 ppi pixel density (ppi). This is clearly overshadowed by that of its successor. The Galaxy Grand 2 has an impressive 720 x 1280 pixel resolution, which amounts to a pixel density of 280 ppi, giving the device a clear edge over the previous Grand.

Dimensions And Weight

The Galaxy Grand measures 143.5×76.9×9.6 mm, while its successor is slightly bigger, measuring 146.8×75.3×8.9 mm. The two devices weigh almost the same as well, with the Galaxy Grand weighing 162 grams and the Galaxy Grand 2 weighing 163 grams.

Operating System And Processor Details

The Galaxy Grand runs on Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean, though the device can be upgraded to Jelly Bean 4.2. The Galaxy Grand 2, on the other hand, runs on Android 4.3 Jelly Bean, which is quite a surprise when the latest version of Android, namely 4.4 KitKat, is being used in other smartphones.

The Galaxy Grand is powered by a dual-core 1.2 GHz Cortex-A9 processor, which is rather fast. However, the Galaxy Grand 2 scores in this department as well, with a quad-core 1.2 GHz processor, which is excellent for multitasking.


In terms of memory, both the Galaxy Grand and the Galaxy Grand 2 have almost the same specifications. Both of them have an internal memory of 8 GB each, along with the facility to expand the memory to 64 GB with the help of an external memory card.

The only difference between these phones is the RAM. While the Galaxy Grand comes with a RAM of 1 GB, the Grand 2 has 1.5 GB RAM, giving it an edge over its predecessor.


Even in terms of camera specifications, both these smartphones are almost the same. The Galaxy Grand comes with an 8-megapixel, 3264×2448 pixels, auto-focus rear camera, as does the Galaxy Grand 2. Both the devices have an LED flash, too.

The Galaxy Grand comes with a 2-megapixel front camera, while the Galaxy Grand 2 has a 1.9-megapixel one, which shouldn’t be too much of a drawback at all, for anyone who wants to buy the device.


The Galaxy Grand has a powerful Li-ion 2100 mAh battery, which is able to last for about 400 hours, when in standby mode. The battery can also give 10 hours of talktime on 2G. However, the Galaxy Grand 2 has an even more powerful Li-ion 2600 mAh battery, which is capable of 17 hours of talktime when fully charged. It can also survive up to 450 hours on standby. The Galaxy Grand 2 is definitely a winner here as well.

Data And Sim Support

Both the Galaxy Grand and the Galaxy Grand 2 support EDGE, GPRS, WLAN, USB, and Bluetooth. Both these devices support dual SIM, along with 2G and 3G connectivity.


When you’re looking at buying a new smartphone, it is extremely important to consider the price of the device. The Samsung Galaxy Grand was launched at a price of INR 21,000, as per Zee News India. However, it can now be purchased online at an average price of INR 17,000 – 19,000.

Even though the Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 price in India hasn’t been revealed so far, it is expected that the phone will be priced in the same price range as its processor was, when it was first introduced to the masses.

The Verdict

Considering the various points of difference between the Galaxy Grand siblings, it seems that The Galaxy Grand 2 is likely to cash in on the success enjoyed by the previous model. Given its excellent battery life, processor speed, and impressive screen resolution, the Galaxy Grand 2 is definitely a showstopper.

The Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 price in India has not been announced as yet. People are of the opinion that the smartphone will be priced at a rather average rate, which will further help boost its sales among people of the various sections of the society.

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