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Pros and cons of living in a College Dormitory in UK

Most of the students are knowledgeable about living in a student’s dormitory in college. There is a concept that students must experience living in a dormitory for at least a first year. It proves to be a valued experience. However, there are some reasons that may cause stress and anxiety in some students. Students perusing degrees in different fields such as Engineering, MBBS, Masters Dissertation prefers to live in dormitory.

While you are living in a dormitory, you will be at the center of the social activities inside the campus, students living in the passageway walks to the class, which takes time. Some students might consider it as a rule that are obligatory whereas, other may think of it is a distraction for the work and studies.

Just as there is always two sides of a picture, living in a student’s dormitory holds different pros as well as cons. There are several advantages and disadvantages of living in a dormitory; some are highlighted in this blog.

Pros of Living in a Dormitory

1. Less Responsibilities

Moving out of your home into a dormitory makes the life of a busy student easier in a way that they do not have to wake earlier to reach the campus. Living in a student’s dormitory instead of rental apartment, lesser the responsibilities and bills. The reduction of bills, grocery, and travel allowances helps the working student to save their money.

2. Befriending Behaviour

Living in a dormitory helps students to develop a friendly and socializing nature. Accompanying different people from different background gives you knowledge and awareness of the world and its people. Whereas there is a lot of chances to grow and gain wisdom while interacting with others. Making new friends that are settling in a dormitory came from different part of the world just as you, can be an exciting and familiar experience.

3. Sense of confidence and independence

Being away from your family and home can be quite beneficial as you start taking care of yourself and perform all your duties, a sense of responsibility and independence will develop in yourself. Facing the world and dealing with your own problems can be helpful in growing your confidence, as well.

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4. Facilities in College Dormitory

Many college dormitories in UK projected in such a way that all the possible comfort and facilities are provided to the students. Areas like laundry, playing area, gym, pools etc., and facilities such as common rooms with computer or laptops, Television, and WIFI provided for all the students where they can ease for the access. Many rooms are also associated with bathrooms.

5. Convenience Food

Availability of free food for lunch, dinner, and breakfast in campus dining hall for all the students, is a cherry on top. Fresh and delicious pre-prepared food adds up to the comfort for students, as a good food in no amount can be reason of relief.

Cons of Living in a Dormitory

1. Privacy Issues

One of the biggest issue of living in a dormitory is lack of privacy. Many people are prone of living in a silent and peaceful environment. Being surrounded by others all the time is not all fun and amenity.

2. Conflicts

Students from different background, having different mentalities and habits living together and sharing showers, bathroom, rooms etc. can be quiet intolerant for those who don’t like to share things with other. Therefore, many conflicts may arise between roommates, friends, and other members. Living together with friends and mates in a dormitory is a roller coaster ride of emotions, learning, and pleasure.

3. Pandemonium

When you are living in a hustle and bustle there is a lot of disturbance around. Althought there are rules and regulations and staff tries to maintain the harmony. However, you can expect to listen to the noise of music, smashing doors, uproar voices. It can be very annoying at times when you wish to study or concentrate on your work.

4. Isolation and boring Routine

Living in the same place can become boring and isolating day by day. There might be phases where you start missing your home and family. Dealing with the same people in the dormitory, classes and cafeterias can be a purpose of transition in mood and homesickness.

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