Parents and Teachers Communication – A Need for Better Grades of your Child

Parents and Teachers Communication – A Need for Better Grades of your Child

Both the parents and teachers are the key players in a student’s life. While teachers nourish a child with academic knowledge, parents fill them with life lessons. For the continuous growth and development of a child, it is important that both the parents and teachers interact with them regularly to know their thoughts, help them share their emotions and feelings.

But, do you know that it is equally important for the teachers and parents to communicate with each other? Many studies emphasizes on the importance of parent-teacher communication.

Parents and Teachers Communication – A Need for Better Grades of your Child_classiblogger

It is often a struggle to maintain a good working relationship between parents and teachers.  It is an important part of a student’s success. As parents, it is important for you to know the teachers well and involve with them to ensure they are working in the right direction for their kids. Likewise, teachers should interact with the parents to help them the thin and thick about their kids.

Interaction is also important to avoid clashed between the parents and teachers. When it comes to parent-teachers communication, there are three prime aspects to focus on: expectations, communication, and realizations.

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Both parents and teachers have certain expectations for each other. While parents expect teachers to guide their students towards success, teachers want parents to support the learning that happens in school. Both of them have expectations for the academic performance and behaviour of their kids both in school and at home. When these expectations are communicated well, a synergy will take be developed.

Their relationship will have a strong impact on the student’s learning. It is important for the teachers and the parents to communicate effectively because when expectations are clearly communicated, it develops a better understanding of their roles in their relationship.

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You might be wondering what does communication has to do with your child’s success. Just think, how often and what kind of feedback would you like to hear about your child at school? Are you waiting for your child’s teacher to start the communication? What’s the need to wait? Why aren’t you the first to initiate? Do you know that actions speak louder than words?

When it comes to your child’s academics, some actions are perceived as “involved” by the teachers. For instance, if parents attend the PTA meetings at school, visit school functions to see their child’s performances, those parents are considered as involved.

On the other hand, if a student comes to school neat and clean, well-dressed, and completed homework, teachers presume that the parents are actively involved in the process of helping the child in academics. And if the parents do not show their interest in all these things, teachers feel that the parents are not involved in their child’s learning.

Here’s where communication plays a key role. When teachers and parents communicate with each other well, you get to know about the child’s performance and learning progress. You know more about childcare needs, and other issues and even ways to deal with them? Remember, communication is a two-way street and you’ll have to cross the streets to help your child/students succeed.

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Experts have realized from their experiences that both parents and teachers need support of each other. They should have a mutual respect for each other. Also, they should understand each other’s focus and goal. This is important for a child’s success.

As parents, you have a genuine desire for your child to be successful at whatever they do. Similarly, teachers want their students to perform well in their academics and become a good human in life. Always remember, assumptions are harmful and perceptions are often imprecise.

Trying to understand each other by communicating the expectations is the key in having a powerful cordial relationship. When a child feels supported by both parents and teachers, they will have more advantage in their ability to be successful. In short, it’s a win-win for all!

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Wrapping Up

So, whether you are a parent or a teacher, play your part honesty. Set your expectations. As a parent, try to know and understand the expectations of your child as well as their teacher. As a teacher, let your students and their ways. Lastly, try to keep your perceptions and parents understand your expectations.

Try to communicate those expectations to each other, that too, in respectful assumption out of the parent-teacher relationship. Realize that the common desires, concerns, and results of both parties are the same. For students, success is their ultimate goal, and a good parent-teacher relationship is the key to achieve that goal.

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  1. Hey Nirmal !
    Thanks for this informative post, Yeah am agreed that, teachers and parents are both play an important role in child life to become successful person and both have equal writes to build the student personality and both deserved same respect from the student side, we should not forget that if they have right on student or child then child or student have also some rights to them..

    1. Hi Junaid,

      The relation between student and teacher is very important for their future. If it goes good, there future will also be good. Teachers are the creator of mankind and a nation. 

      Anyway thanks for dropping your comment here. Keep Coming Junaid.

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