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Must-have daily habits of successful bloggers - Classi Blogger

Must-have daily habits of successful bloggers

Blogging is not going to make you rich, famous or get you a job. This means that you have very little incentive to set up a blog, and even less incentive to maintain it. Most blogs do not last two years. The most common scenario is that people start their blog with lots of enthusiasm and lots of ideas, and as the weeks go on they start to forget their ideas or they use up their ideas.

Within six months they are forgetting their weekly blog post and the blog posts become more intermittent. The blog attendance that started out poor will only begin to get poorer and the blogger will start to wonder why he or she is even bothering to write. Then the ideas dry up completely, and this fun act of blogging turns into work, until finally the blogger gives up.

What can a blogger do to stop this happening?

Are there thing a blogger can do to improve attendance?

Are their things that a blogger should do routinely?

Consider the tips below.

Give yourself a slap every morning

This should be the daily habit of every blogger who takes their blog too seriously. You have seen them online. The people who take their blog so seriously that they monitor and police their comment section as if it were Guantanamo bay during an earthquake.

If you are starting to take your blog too seriously then you need to give yourself a slap. A blog is something you are doing for free. It is not the mark you are going to leave on this earth because once you stop maintaining it, you are going to lose it all when the hosting service expires (or crashes).

Grab yourself a notepad or note taking app

If we can learn anything from the Napoleon Hill books (think and grow rich series), it is this: the more you obsess over something, then the more ideas you will have about it. Napoleon Hill did over 20 years research on the habits of successful people, and he noticed something about successful people, from the cleaner who made herself productive, to Andrew Carnegie, the guy who changed the face of the US steel industry.

He noticed that successful people obsess about their goals and will think about them throughout the day. This leaves them open to flashes of inspiration during the day. It is a common ailment of programmers who have to find a pen at their sister’s wedding because they remembered something they want to add to their program.

You need to carry a notepad or a note-taking app, because you need to start thinking about your blog theme more. You need to keep it near the front of your mind, to the point where things you see or hear will give you ideas for your next blog post. You will discover that the more you obsess over your ideas, the more ideas will follow and spring to mind at the most odd in inopportune times.

Install an RSS feed and maintain it

It is vitally important that you install an RSS feed (if you haven’t already), as your return viewers are the ones that are going to power your blog. It is not powered by new visitors, or the people you pull from Google or Facebook. Your traffic numbers are powered by repeat traffic. It is powered by the people who use your RSS feed. Which also means that you must optimize and maintain it to the best of your ability.

If you are unsure of the value of your RSS feed, then you really need to start an analytic metric for how many visitors arrive via your RSS feed. Because, these are the people who you are truly having an impact on.

Check your comments on a regular occasion

You can do this in order to reply to people and maybe stimulate a bit more traffic and banter. But, the best reason for checking your comments is for ideas, for amendment suggestions, and for new topics for new posts. People may correct a few facts on your blog post, or they may bring up things that you had not thought of. Your comments can be quite useful in evolving your blog and helping you to create better blog posts (and come up with new ideas).

Kate Funk is author of this article, a passionate blogger and online tutor at

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  1. Nice share. The points you have shared should be adopted by the newbies to be a better blogger. Carrying a notebook is must for a blogger.
    Thanks for the share 🙂

  2. Ajay Singh says:

    Hii Funk
    these are basic needs of a good blogger ,this post will surely help new bloggers and will charge up so many frustrated authors

  3. All things are expressed in beautiful way .. Thank you for sharing this beautiful post

  4. Hey Nirmal,
    First of all cheers for this excellent post…
    I really liked your first point to give yourself a slap everyday…

    1. Hi Ansh,

      Glad to see you again. Slapping will helps to remember something. Thanks for your like on “First Point” Ansh. Hope to see you again.

  5. Hi ,
    Newbies are very aggressive but after day by day aggression will became down words. But succession rate doesn’t count this thing. Its need make your aggression balance continuous for successful blogger.

    1. Hi Amit,

      Thanks for your comment. Keep on reading and comment like this for my post. Expect to see you again.

  6. Hi Nirmal,

    Point of bringing Notepad is very important.Even in professional life we keep diary for updation of work.I like this point and it gives a useful advice or support for a successful blogging career.


  7. Hello Nirmal,
    Nice article, i actually love reading it. My blog is my business center, so i secure and protect it like my own baby. i don’t accept any kind of comments and all my comments are always moderated. i always check my blog for broken links so it’ll help me and my blog. you should always take care of your blog and be proud of it. thanks 🙂

    1. Hi Baba ji,

      Glad to see you on my blog. As a blogger, every blogger should have to care about their blog, like you. It will leads to success.

      Thanks for sharing your ideas. Keep on contributing comments on my blog.

  8. Bishnu Subedi Nishan says:

    Hello Nirmal Sir,

    Thank you for great sharing, you’ve mentioned some very useful points, every blogger should follow this habit !

    You are really a REALHERO 🙂 Have a great time ahead !

    1. Hi Binshu,

      Welcome to my blog. Your blog is simple, nice and informative. Within 6 months, you have got a good rank in alexa. All the best for your blogging.

      Thanks for your appreciation binshu. Keep on contributing.

  9. yup.. i am totally agree with you Nirmal Anandh ji , this list will help me a lot before a month i had started this and helped me a lot…

    1. Hi Umesh,

      I am very happy to see that, this post is helpful to you. Thanks for your comment.

  10. Thanks so much bro for listing the proven method becoming successful in blogging. I really like your spirit.

  11. Really I am not aware of few things which you’ve listed here, thanks Nirmal,

    Will try to do it, keep writing the good posts like this for your readers 🙂

    1. Hi Nirmal,

      Welcome to my blog, after a long time. Am always trying to provide better post for my readers. I won’t deceive my readers. Thanks for your comment and i am glad to have a guest post from you for my blog.

  12. I especially agree with the idea of having a notebook or similar item. For me, it’s the Notes app on my iPhone. Sometimes, a great blog post just pops into my mind as I’m going about my day, and if I don’t write it down then and there, I’m bound to forget it. I’ve been angry at myself a few times for doing this, but now that I’m using my Notes app to write my ideas down, it’s happening far less often than it used to.

    1. Hi James,

      Using Notebook is a best idea for me. Thanks for sharing your experience here James. Keep on reading.

  13. says:

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