Most Desired Smart Phones in India

Most Desired Smart Phones in India – A Simple Review

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Recent developments and surveys reveal that most of the Indian population are taking big strides towards the usage of Smart Phones nowadays. This is because Smart phones are higher end cell phones which differ a lot from the traditional cell phones due to its added advanced features. Nearly six out of ten people own smart phone today due to its features like GPS Tracking system, social networks, video call and much more.

With the data from the Google Trends and online research firm TNS Australia, Inuxu, a Digital media reporting company, a recent report has been released based on the top most brands of Smart phones in India.

Based on the report the list follows here:

1. Samsung:

Desired Rate in India: 31.78 %

The first and foremost top brand in India is Samsung whose market is really going great in its current position. This South Korean electronics company has held its number one position in India as well as all over the world.

The company offers with different handsets with different specification and points. Among them the most desired smart phone of Samsung is Galaxy S Duos which has a desire rate of 19.05 percent. And the next most desirable mobile of Samsung is Galaxy S4 which is currently breaking records in the high-end Smart phone sales.


2. Apple:

Desired Rate in India: 31.35 %

The Apple brand has a stable position in the Indian market. Though its latest iPhone 5 seems to be quite expensive for the Indian taste its previous releases such as iPhone 4 and iPhone 3G and 3GS are quite popular in India with a desire rate of 19.45 percent and 20.82 percent respectively. Since this Cupertino Giant has offered many special discounts, zero processing EMI’s it has achieved most of the market place in India.


3. Nokia:

Desired Rate in India: 11.40 %

The Nokia brand is going strong at its current position and the report says that there is 70% of chances to replace the top brand on this list.
Thanks to the Lumia series of Smartphone that runs on windows operating system. This phone has made the Nokia to regain its popularity again in India.

Among the Nokia phone Lumia 920 has been rate as most desired Smart phone with a desire rate of 22.03 percent. Then the recent Lumia series 520 is the lowest costing Smartphone around 9000 that runs on the latest Windows 8 Operating system is also one of the desired Smartphone in India.

4. Sony:

Desired Rate in India: 8.84 %

Sony too is offering different ranges of Smart phones at different prices and specifications. Its Xperia ranges of phones such as Xperia Tipo, Xperia J, Xperia neo L, Xperia U and others has mid range offerings and available at reasonable prices. In addition to this, its high-end Smart phones like Xperia Z Ultra, Xperia ZR are most desired smart phones in India.

5. Micromax:

Desired Rate in India: 8.71 %

This Indian mobile manufacturer is currently growing into a competitor for the international brands. Though it has started to offer budget Smart phones with its release of Canvas 4 it also offers high-end smart phones with all new technologies like pin a video to the screen, blow or shake to unlock the screen, video pause as soon as the user takes his eyes off from the screen and so on.

6. HTC:

Desired Rare in India: 6.99 %

The most desired Smart phone of HTC is the HTC EXPLORER that prices as low as 7500. Other mid range smart phones are Wildfire S, Desire-C, V,X, VC and others are very famous in today’s market.

7. Blackberry:

Desired Rate in India: 5.95 %

Once a leading Software maker has now bowed its head down to Samsung and Apple’s market. Blackberry’s latest Smart phones like Z10, Q10 and Q5 are getting good response from the consumers.

8. Karbonn:

Desire Rate in India: 2.52%

This is also an Indian Mobile manufacturer which has released many Budget Smart phones at various prices and specifications. The recent budget Smart phones Smart A1 and Karbonn Smart A5 that gives Android experience at a low cost starting from 5000.


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