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Measure Your Social Media Engagement with These Five Tools

If you’re looking into leveling up your social media campaigns this 2019, you may want to invest in the right tools. Among all marketing strategies, social media marketing remains to be the most cost-effective. It still has the widest reach, which makes it worth the investment.

Compared to the paid advertising, social media marketing allows business owners to increase both visibility and brand awareness minus the need for any direct payment. As mentioned earlier, if you want to up your game and level up your social media campaign, you will need high quality marketing tools in your depository.

These tools will help you efficiently schedule your posts, search for shareable content, can help in creating unique images, measure how effective your campaigns are, and analyze how to utilize those insights. All these will help you improve your social media campaign.

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If you’re looking at sticking to a schedule while recycling your old posts, then MeetEdgar is the one for you. Make it easy for MeetEdgar to rummage through your posts by organizing them according to category and creating a schedule for each content. The recycling of old posts begins once it’s done rummaging through all of your past content.


Buffer is one of the most sought after social media marketing tools in the industry. It allows you to schedule posts across different platforms. You can also specify posting patterns such as “weekdays”, “Mondays”, or “every day”. It’s also a great tool for those who want to follow up on their posts and assess what elements made them effective.


Brands that are still taking their baby steps will definitely enjoy the services that Canva has to offer. This tool helps establish one’s online identity by improving visual content. As a matter of fact, brands can use Canva for social media images and can make unique, engaging and interesting visuals for social campaigns.


Average social media marketers who want to take it slow and explore where their campaigns will take them can check out Hootsuite. This marketing tool is free, with paid access to special features. Posting content can be scheduled in advance on various social media platforms. It also features analytics to get a clear picture on the performance of each content.           

Sprout Social

Sprout Social is ideal for social media marketing campaigns managed by teams. It allows directional control and multi-level access, which means teams from the lower level can delegate tasks and coordinate with other members. Aside from having an analytics platform, Sprout Social also allows post scheduling and listening to get a clear picture of the demographics of each social media platform.

The Internet is abundant with tools that will help brands improve their social media marketing strategies. Just look for the ones that suite your needs. If there’s a need to invest, know that it is okay because this will allow you to gain access to features that will further improve your visibility online. All investments and efforts will be worth it in the end.

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