Lord RAMA Spiritual and Motivational Quotes   

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Lord-RAAM-RAM-Motivational-Inspirational-Quotes-Classiblogger-RAAMITSOLUTIONS-Madurai00015 [Tweet “Obstacles are things a person sees when he takes his eyes off his goals. – Lord Rama – ClassiBlogger”]Lord-RAAM-RAM-Motivational-Inspirational-Quotes-Classiblogger-RAAMITSOLUTIONS-Madurai00014 [Tweet “He never remembered what he gave to others. – ClassiBlogger RAMA Quotes”]Lord-RAAM-RAM-Motivational-Inspirational-Quotes-Classiblogger-RAAMITSOLUTIONS-Madurai00013[Tweet “He never spoke foul languauge – ClassiBlogger RAMA Quotes”]Lord-RAAM-RAM-Motivational-Inspirational-Quotes-Classiblogger-RAAMITSOLUTIONS-Madurai00012 [Tweet “He never played games that involved luck – ClassiBlogger RAMA Quotes”]Lord-RAAM-RAM-Motivational-Inspirational-Quotes-Classiblogger-RAAMITSOLUTIONS-Madurai00011[Tweet “He indulged in pleasures without transcending social norms. – ClassiBlogger RAMA Quotes”]Lord-RAAM-RAM-Motivational-Inspirational-Quotes-Classiblogger-RAAMITSOLUTIONS-Madurai00015[Tweet “He never thought about his greatness. – ClassiBlogger RAMA Quotes”]Lord-RAAM-RAM-Motivational-Inspirational-Quotes-Classiblogger-RAAMITSOLUTIONS-Madurai00015 [Tweet “If someone comes and criticize him, he listens about his disappointment and educates him softly to erase his misunderstanding. – ClassiBlogger RAMA Quotes”] Lord-RAAM-RAM-Motivational-Inspirational-Quotes-Classiblogger-RAAMITSOLUTIONS-Madurai00015 [Tweet “He will now expect the other person to speak first. He himself will smile and start the relationship. – ClassiBlogger RAMA Quotes”]Lord-RAAM-RAM-Motivational-Inspirational-Quotes-Classiblogger-RAAMITSOLUTIONS-Madurai00015[Tweet “Hatred should cease along other one’s death. You should never hate a dead man. – Lord RAMA – ClassiBlogger Quotes”]Lord-RAAM-RAM-Motivational-Inspirational-Quotes-Classiblogger-RAAMITSOLUTIONS-Madurai00015[Tweet “He never wasted the money he earned. But spent them in such a way that is useful for everyone. – ClassiBlogger RAMA Quotes”]Lord-RAAM-RAM-Motivational-Inspirational-Quotes-Classiblogger-RAAMITSOLUTIONS-Madurai00015 [Tweet “We have no right to ask when a sorrow comes, why did this happen to me? Unless we ask the same question for every joy that comes our way – Lord RAMA – ClassiBlogger Quotes”]Lord-RAAM-RAM-Motivational-Inspirational-Quotes-Classiblogger-RAAMITSOLUTIONS-Madurai00015 [Tweet “He was a well wisher, just for his people but each and every creature on earth. – ClassiBlogger RAMA Quotes”]Lord-RAAM-RAM-Motivational-Inspirational-Quotes-Classiblogger-RAAMITSOLUTIONS-Madurai00015[Tweet “Be yourself above all above all, let who you are, what you believe, shine through every sentence you write, every piece you finish. – Lord RAMA – ClassiBlogger Quotes”] Lord-RAAM-RAM-Motivational-Inspirational-Quotes-Classiblogger-RAAMITSOLUTIONS-Madurai00015

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