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List of Websites to Sell your Old Gadgets

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As the world updates itself every minute, everyone wishes to stick to it. In order to that, each one has at least a few old electronic gadgets lying around your house that are ready to be recycled. Rather than letting your old devices to collect dust or just throwing them outside there are more useful ways to dispose your retired gadgets. You can either recycle them or sell them to make a little best cash that can perhaps help you in the next electronic purchase.

In accordance to that, let’s see few of the best sites to sell your old gadgets. Since the popularity crown shifts to one product to another in no time, the desire of the users also shifts accordingly. Thus, here is the list to let you know which are the best websites to sell your old gadgets. It helps you to sell your old gadgets at a good margin.

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It is one of the newest re-commerce sites which offer a unique platform for both buyers and sellers to transact pre-owned products. The website has numerous options such as buy, sell, repair and refurbish. Moreover, the products which are for sale usually undergo a process of internal testing and certification which involves 13 checks.  Ynew has planned to open new showrooms in Hyderabad this year and later it is planning to expand it to other cities as well.

For more details check on:


This site which was started in July 2008 has become the India’s largest online and mobile classifieds portal. This site provides the local community with a platform to help them buy, sell and also to rent their products. It has numerous number of categories and sub categories ranging from mobiles, real estate, cars, services, jobs, entertainment and much more. Currently present in 900 cities across India and was formerly known as

To check on this site visit:

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This is the other best site to sell your gadgets at a good margin. This site not only allows you post or access the city-specific listings but also area-specific.  This site also allows you to attach photos and upload videos related to your advertisements. The additional features in this site is easy design to post rich ads, control your selling, buying and display your ads in other social networking sites.

Check on:

eBay India:

This site is more popular in buying stuffs than selling the goods. But this is also ranked as the best site to sell your goods. If you want to sell your product here, fill the details, title, description, new or used one, along with the payment mode you need to select to receive your money from the buyer. This site also allows you to highlight your ad with several additional features.

Check on:


It is the simplest form of online classifieds. After a simple registration you can access and post your listing and also take part in forum discussions. You can post your listing across any geographical location and can transact with any interested buyer.

Check on:


It is one of the free classified sites where you can post your advertisements for free. is owned by Clickindia info media private limited. Similar to the other sites this one also has all possible categories like Mobiles, jobs, entertainment, Real estate, Automobiles, etc.

To know more about this site checks on:

With all these options of selling the old gadgets, there is really no reason to keep them around your house. These sites will greatly help you to get rid of the old outdated gadgets and replace with new one.

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      Because of the emerging technologies, nowadays people are using more number of electric and electronic products. After get bored by using the product, they decided to sell it to others for reasonable money. To sell and buy the used products, we can use the mentioned above sites.

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