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List of useful websites for Bloggers


Every Bloggers strive hard to improvise their blogs in every aspect such as look and feel, content’s quality, timely updates, using apt pictures for your post, etc., Yes, every Blogger has understood that reaching the audience can be done quickly only through timely communication. Here is the List of Useful Websites for Bloggers.

Since Internet is active throughout 24 hours, you can make use of it vastly to build more improvised website. You can enhance your website with appropriate tools and generators. They are created to help your website in many ways.

Here are the lists of few important websites that may help you to improvise your blog effectively.

Get the latest New/Tips/Tricks:

With all those blogs available with perhaps any information you search for, how can you make your own blog to stand out?

This can be done only by updating yourself with enough number of latest tips, tricks and news than the other bloggers. In order to help you that, these websites may serve you the purpose.

Mashable: is a leading source of news, resources and information for the current and upcoming generation. This site reports with the latest digital innovations, and it empowers and inspires all people around the world. It has around 34 million monthly visitors and 14 million social media followers which have turned into most engaging digital networks in the world.

Visit: Mashable

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This is the daily email newsletter that gives you everything that you need to start the day. theSkimm is co-founded by two former NBC news producers who saw void in the market place and decided to deliver the news in a perfect way.

Visit: The Skimm


This is a non-profitable organization devoted to spread ideas, usually in the form of small and powerful talks. It covers almost all the topics right from technology to global issues in more than 100 languages. This site welcomes anyone who is seeking deeper understanding of the world.

Visit: TED

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For your pictures:

Usually any blogger will be having a problem to choose the wise and perfect pictures to your blogs or any posts. You may have doubts regarding where to search for best pictures for your blogs. Here are the lists of few such sites which may be helpful to you.


This site makes creative tools for Photo editing and graphic designing with which you can rock the universe. You can create your own imaginary pictures with own design ideas, style and spot-on brilliance. Get to this site and take up PicMonkey’s photo editor, graphic design features and collage maker to new heights.

Visit: Pic Monkey

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This is another online photo editing tool just like the above one. It is also available as mobile app which can be downloaded from the Google play store. Out of many platforms you have in the internet market, Pixlr is the online platform that allows you to add neat effects to your photos.

Visit this site at: Pixlr

Blogging/Social Media:

Here are some useful sites that may help you vastly to develop your blogs in blogging field. It helps you to reduce your pressure in blogging field.

Grab My Button Code Generator:

Helps you to share your blog buttons with others. “Grab my button” code generator is a very essential thing for your blog. If someone likes your blog, they can simply grab your button and place it on their blogs to share it with others.

To learn how to  implement this, please visit: Google Docs

The original website is: My Cool Realm

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Buffer is an online platform that helps you to manage multiple social networks at the same time. You can quickly schedule contents from the web, collaborate with team members and analyze rich statistics on how you post must be.

Visit: Buffer App

Google Adwords Keyword Tool:

This site will be very helpful to practice SEO. It helps to decide on the Keywords/Phrases for your blog posts. It is like a workshop which helps to build up a new search network campaigns or expanding new ones. Whether you are beginner in this field or even an experienced one, you can make use of this tool.

Visit: Keyword Planner


Alexa is the product of

By using this tool, we can calculate the ranking of our blog worldwide and within your country, linking of your site with other websites, wayback machine etc…

You can install Alexa to your browser by Click Here.

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Above are the lists of important websites for the bloggers. Any blogger who wish to be successful in his field can visit the above sites and make use of it to the fullest.

Glad you like this post.

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