List of Noise Monitoring Companies in Singapore

List of Noise Monitoring Companies in Singapore

List of Noise Monitoring Companies in Singapore

Noise Monitoring is the process of measuring unwanted sound which is not suitable to the human ears. The human ear responds to the sound level which is greater than ten million times than the softest.

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In some countries, usage of mower, loader, chain saw, grinding machine are high and to calculate the noise level, some companies are offering services like Noise Monitoring, Sound Monitoring, Sound Level Meter, Mom Noise Monitoring, NEA Noise Monitoring, Air Conditioner Noise Monitoring, Sound Measurement, Noise Measurement and Calibration Service.

Given below are the List of Noise Monitoring Companies in Singapore.

1. Asia Instrumtation Limited

Blk 147, Serangoon North Avenue 1, #02-423, Singapore – 550147.

2. SGS Testing & Control Services Singapore Pte. Ltd.

3 Toh Tuck Link, #01-02/03
Singapore – 596228.

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Tel: +65-6379 0111 

Fax: +65-6779 0527


3. Ryobi Geotechnique International Pte. Ltd.

58A Sungei Kadut Loop #04-06,

Ryobi Industrial Building Singapore-729505.

Tel: +65 6369 7100
Fax: +65 6362 5848


4. Acoustical Laboratory Pte. Ltd.

144, Upper Bukit Timah Road, #08-02,

Beauty World Centre, Singapore-588177.

Phone: 65-6465 6212                      
Fax: 65-6465 6223

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