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List of Engineering Courses – Future is yours

Here is the List of Engineering Courses and details about engineering courses. This will be very useful for the students who are interested in studying engineering.

What is Engineering?

Engineering is a study of practical application of both Science and Math to solve problems around the world. It improve our lives & the way we communicate to others, work, stay healthy, sportive, energetic, travel, entertain others & themselves.

Who is Engineer?

In simple, engineers are called as “Problem Solver”. Who can solve any kind of problem in a simple way is known to be engineer. They make things work more effective, efficient, quick, with or without expensive by using latest technology.

Here are the list of “Engineering Courses” to help you with the process of selecting a course, what you would like to study. Before doing any task, we should have ambition (or) aim to reach the correct destination. So, here we have to choose, which course is important for our career. We are the responsible person for our own lives & future.

List of Engineering Courses:

1. Aeronautical Engineering:

Ryan Aeronautical, FR-1, Fireball
Ryan Aeronautical, FR-1, Fireball (Photo credit: San Diego Air & Space Museum Archives)

The Aeronautical Engineering deals with design, construction, testing, operation and maintenance of commercial and government aircrafts. Manufacturing, research and development is also an integral part of this course.

For doing this course, one must have an innovative mind, good eye contact & willingness to take up challenging works.

The job opportunities for this course is mostly in public sector, when compare to the private sector.

2. Automobile Engineering:

1901 Ford "Sweepstakes" Race Car
1901 Ford “Sweepstakes” Race Car (Photo credit: The Henry Ford)

It involves in the activity of designing, development, manufacturing & maintenance of automobiles. Nowadays, the rise of number of vehicles leads to more opportunities in the field of automobile engineering.

The Automobile Engineering become specialized, because it includes modern technology, electronics & computer applications like CAD, Autocad etc..

The curriculum covers, classification of different vehicles based on the body, load, fuel, wheels, axles, design of vehicle, position of engine, steering, thermodynamics, two strokes & four strokes petrol and diesel engines, lubrication, strength of material, electrical engineering, vehicle dynamics, tribology, instrumentation etc…

The job opportunities are in manufacturing industries, workshops, graphic designing, defence and other marketing divisions.

3. Biomedical Engineering:

2008 Biomedical Breakthrough Essay Contest
2008 Biomedical Breakthrough Essay Contest (Photo credit: NWABR)

It deals with the applications like ECG, EEG, ultrasound testing, scanning, MRI, ultraviolet radiation & laser operation tools. It builds a bridge between electrical engineering to human lives.

The subjects covered here is, clinical physiology, biomedical fluid dynamics, transport operations, linear systems modeling in physiology, digital techniques in analysis & modeling, circuits & instrumentation, computers in medicine, medical physics, medical instrumentation etc…

The job opportunities are in research laboratories, medical centers & manufacturing plants.

4. Computer Science & Engineering:

Boston University Intern
Boston University Intern (Photo credit: IntelFreePress)

This engineering course deals with the design & construction of computers, hardware, software, developing, communications & computer based systems. The computers have entered in to the everyday life of people.

The curriculum mainly focuses on the theories, principles, mathematics, traditional electrical engineering, designing, coding, testing, networking, database & analysis. It also deals with developing software using programming languages like php, c, c++, java, dotnet, html etc…

The job opportunities are in software companies, networking companies, networking jobs, public & private sectors, teaching etc…

5. Electronics & Communication Engineering:

Army engineers spur development of tactical mi...
Army engineers spur development of tactical microgrids (Photo credit: RDECOM)

It deals with electronic components, communications & circuits. It is one of the fast developing discipline in engineering.

This course covers the areas such as solid state devices, network theory, communication engineering, telephone, fax, pulse circuits, integrated circuits, digital electronics, VLSI, computer architecture, microprocessor, radio, television engineering, electronic instrumentation, radar etc…

The job opportunities are available in radio broadcasting, television units, telephone exchanges, electricity board, public sectors, telephone departments, computerized organizations, hardware, software, satellite communication, mobile network companies etc…

6. Information Technology:

WSIS Forum 2013 - Information Technology Indus...
WSIS Forum 2013 – Information Technology Industry and GDP in World Economic Crisis (Iran University of Science and Technology) Drivers and Future Landscape (Photo credit: itupictures)

It integrates data equipment, planning, controlling, collecting, storing, processing, encoding, transmitting, analyzing, testing, receiving, printing text, audio, video, multimedia etc…

Job opportunities are, database administrator, system analyst, system programmers, software developers, information system managers, networking operators, software consultants & developers, software engineers, web designers, multimedia, printing industries, manager, BPO, KPO etc…

7. Chemical Engineering:

The Chemical Engineer
The Chemical Engineer (Photo credit: thekevinchang)

The chemical engineering deals with the design, construction, operation & manufacturing machineries for creating chemical products like dyes, paints, soaps, acids, drugs, plastics, fertilizers, rubber & processed food etc…

Job opportunities are available in petroleum companies, pharmaceutical manufacturing industry, chemical industries, paint industry, fertilizing industries & various other related manufacturing industries.

8. Industrial Engineering:

Industrial Engineering Lego lab
Industrial Engineering Lego lab (Photo credit: crazytales562)

The industrial engineering deals with development, improvement, implementation, evaluated integrated systems of people, money, knowledge, energy, material & process.

The industrial engineering is the combination of mechanism and management.

9. Energy Engineering:

Renewable Energy Homestead 008
Renewable Energy Homestead 008 (Photo credit: pennstatenews)

The energy engineering is the combination of mechanical & electrical engineering to consume the man power. It is also solves the problems of extracting, collecting, utilizing & developing energy to satisfy the human needs without destroying the natural environment.

The career opportunities are in wind, wave, hydro & solar energy areas.

10. Environmental Engineering:


Camp Bondsteel - One environmental success aft...
Camp Bondsteel – One environmental success after another (Photo credit: USACE Europe District)

It is the application of science & engineering principles to improve the environment, to provide healthy & pure water, air & land for human beings and also for other organisms.

11. Mining Engineering:

Talking to the Mining Engineer
Talking to the Mining Engineer (Photo credit: AlishaV)

The mining engineering deals with the extraction of ores from the earth for processing & utilization. It involves in the process of exploration, discovery, production, processing, marketing & rehabilitation.

Jobs available in mining centers, mining companies, construction companies etc…

12. Production Plant Engineering:

Corus, Teesside
Corus, Teesside (Photo credit: One_Glass_Eye)

This course deals with machine tools, manufacturing systems, plant design, tool & die making, components, equipment, piping, material flows, layout of plant or computer systems, quality control, robotics etc…

The job opportunities are available in manufacturing industries, process control units, design organizations, technical managers etc…

13. Agriculture Engineering:

English: High class residential housing A new ...
English: High class residential housing A new residential housing development only completed in the latter part of 2006 on land formerly used for agriculture and an agricultural engineering works. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The agriculture engineering solves the problems related to sustainable agricultural production. The job opportunities are available in management, sales, research & development area.

14. Instrumentation & Control Engineering:

microfilter (Photo credit:

It is responsible for designing, developing, installing, managing & maintaining equipment which is used to monitor engineering systems, machineries & process.

Genetic engineering, Metallurgy engineering, Geo informatics, Material science & engineering, Mechatronics engineering, Pharmaceutical engineering, these are the other available engineering courses.

For a complete list of Engineering Courses, visit:

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