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Latest Trends in Smart Home Building Projects

Latest Trends in Smart Home Building Projects

Smart homes continue to gain popularity due to the high demand for security devices and homeowners’ need to improve energy efficiency. It’s no surprise that many firms in the smart building space are using LED lighting systems, smart meters, etc. Also, devices like Amazon Alexa and Google Home are now common in the average American household. This means that the way we live is just about to change drastically.

What’s the future of smart home technology?

The smart home market is estimated to grow by 25% by 2023. This is attributed to the use of robotics and artificial intelligence. Maybe you’re using some kind of AI-powered voice assistant gadget to forecast the weather. In a smart home of the future, AI platform will be used to automate the various gadgets. According to ABI Research, consumers will spend $123 billion on smart gadgets. This explains why manufacturers are putting their research and development behind home security gadgets.

When you adopt smart home technologies, you can grow your commercial establishment with ease. Here is a detailed guide on how to grow a construction business.

The latest trends in smart home building:

Assisted voice technology

This is a type of software that responds to spoken commands. People are now buying home devices like Alexa, Siri, and Google Home that can be used to talk to your smartphone device.

Human-centric lighting

HCL technology is gaining popularity in many homes as it brings the best qualities for space. The systems combine LED lamps and fixtures with intelligent light control to change intensity and color temperature. With a press of a button, homeowners can now create a more relaxing environment. The objective of human-centric lighting is to accentuate the architectural features in your home that affect the mood.

The concept of smart lighting is not new to many of us as it brings high-energy payback. When we are tired, our brains usually tell us it’s time to rest. Human-centric lighting can help us hack that biological clock by alerting us when to sleep or wake up.

Expansion of artificial intelligence (AI)

The ever-expanding AI applications continue to change the way we live in our homes. You can have multiple devices that you juggle between different apps or operate multiple appliances like oven, TV, air conditioning systems, etc. Just imagine you’ve arrived from work and then a system detects you’re just about to get home. In response, the air conditioning unit sets the right temperature. And as you enter the home, the curtains pull up and the lights turn on. Brilliant, right! The use of AI gives a better user experience to smart home residents.


Security is always a major concern in many homes. Today, you can buy a smart lock and program it according to your needs. And based on specified identifiers, a visitor can be granted or denied access. Most smart homes also use advanced cameras and surveillance systems that allow users to securely monitor their homes.

While it’s scary to know that installing smart devices in your home can bring insecurity, you can use technology to monitor any issues that may arise. The latest trend is bio-metric authentication. This is where you use a fingerprint, facial recognition, eye scanning, etc.

Going off-grid

Smart grid applications continue to get more popular. An example of an off-grid solution is the Lumin Energy Platform which includes data analytics, smart panel, and management system. The system offers a wide range of benefits for your household. This can include controlled power storage, energy consumption monitoring, and control of electrical appliances. When Lumin storage is paired with a solar system, a household can operate off-grid to reduce carbon footprint.

Building management

The advancement in smart home technology allows for a new level of management in homes.

Real-time cloud visualization

A homeowner can access real-time data of a building when he’s far away. What’s more, facility management personnel and building engineers can get alerts and real-time visualizations from buildings. This is arguably the most widespread trend in the smart building industry.

Predictive maintenance

Building managers can now save in maintenance costs by switching to a predictive maintenance model. For instance, sensors can now be placed around boilers, radiators, and pumps. Through this model, the user can set an appliance to work in a specific way. And once a threshold is met, a warning is set to the user to fix the problem before it escalates.

WELL- Certification

WELL is the first building standard that focuses on human health/wellness. It was launched in 2014 and follows an international assessment procedure. WELL encourages people to improve the standard of air quality, use natural light, and live active lifestyles. It also measures building attributes like comfort, nourishment, water, and mind. If a building meets all the requirements, it’s given a WELL certificate.


A bundle is a wireless digital thermostat, smart hub, or a smart plug that you integrate into your building.

Intelligent parking

Some commercial buildings are equipped with cameras that sense when the parking lot is full or empty. These automated sensors send a signal to the users. This allows visitors to reserve their parking space on time.

Technology integrator

If you’re just getting started with a home automation system, you may not know the best technology for your situation. Perhaps, you’ve done your research and discovered the best additions for your space. Well, if you want to eliminate any guesswork out of the equation, you should work with a technology integrator.

Some of them have been around for decades so you can be assured they will do the job right the first time. Secondly, a professional technology integrator is usually a member of a certain organization. When you have many smart devices in your home, you don’t need someone who will do plug and play.

In most smart home projects, coordination is key. That being said, you need an integrator who will manage your projects from the beginning to the end. A professional will not only make your system work to full potential but can also combine different devices in a single interface. Of course, you want to work with someone you can call out when you face a problem.

An integrator has vast knowledge in the construction industry and can link you to many projects. Here is how to get a construction job in your area.

Final word

Smart building technology is here to stay. While it may seem expensive to buy gadgets and install them in our homes, they reduce costs and provide better comfort. For those who rent commercial spaces, this technology will lead to higher rents and property values.

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