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Jobs After 12th – Possibilities to Look Into

   Jobs After 12th – Possibilities to Look Into   

The Indian education system is quite domineering. There is a fierce race to be the best and reach the top of the success ladder. This drive for success and money has led students away from seeking further education and more towards getting a job right after finishing 12th. And these days it is not an impossible thing to do.

There is a huge assortment of jobs for 12th pass in India. Gone are the days when landing a job at a huge corporate firm was only a possibility for the MBA and B.Tech students. Instead, students succeeding to find jobs after 12th is a very common thing.

Let’s take a look at the most popular jobs for 12th pass students:

Data Entry Jobs

One of the most popular options for jobs after 12th is to work as a data entry operator. Data entry has been around for a really long time now. But in recent years, most of the companies have been outsourcing their clerical work. As a result, Data entry jobs have resurfaced. A data entry operator is responsible for inputting data from various sources into a computer database.

All they look for in a candidate is that they should have excellent typing skills and the ability to meet tight deadlines. You have the option to work either part-time or full-time as per your terms. This is one of the most sorted jobs after 12th because it requires minimum qualifications and flexible work hours. The salary for data entry jobs is somewhere between 10-15k along with additional incentives.

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Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

BPO is one of the fastest-growing sectors in India. It provides job opportunities for freshers with minimum qualifications. As a result, BPO is an amazing option to consider as a job for 12th pass students. BPO jobs require candidates to handle inbound or outbound calls and attend to customers/clients. Just like data entry, BPO also has some bare minimum requirements for considering a candidate for the job.

In order to be eligible for a BPO job, you need strong communication skills, organization skills as well as great problem-solving skills. The basic salary that a 12th pass student can get at a BPO is somewhere between 13-16k plus additional incentives and benefits. Those working in night shifts can earn between 18-20k.

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Primary School Teacher

Another option to consider for jobs after 12th is to work as a Primary School Teacher. If you have an excellent academic record and a fluency in the English language, then you can easily become a teacher at a primary school. However, for this career, it is important to have a mindset of imparting knowledge. Not everyone has the patience and skills to be a great teacher.

That being said, working as a teacher is a great way to give back to society by educating the future generation of our country. The initial salary of a primary school teacher is somewhere around 8-10k. In some private schools, however, you can even earn more than 10k.

Check out complete list of School Teacher Job Vacancies


Big MNCs are always looking for talented salespeople. They provide the option to work in sales jobs after 12th. All they need is for you to have a flair to sell their products, great negotiation as well as communication skills. Working for such companies right after 12th will help you in gaining great experience as well as creating a fulfilling career graph.

The starting salary of a salesman is somewhere between 10-12k along with great performance-based incentives. Additionally, working for a huge sales company can help you in earning a great salary quite early in your career.


Those students who want to improve the society we live in and work for the betterment of their country can work in NGOs. NGOs offer more than just voluntary work. You can work at NGO jobs after 12th as a professional. However, in terms of monthly earnings, this job won’t get you so far. In terms of learning though, this is a great option to consider for 12th pass students.

Moreover, if you want to pursue higher studies while working for NGOs, it is totally a possibility. The starting salary that you can earn at an NGO is somewhere between 6-8k but once you have gained six to seven years of relevant experience, your monthly income can go up to 50k.

Event Manager

Event management is an exciting career opportunity for those who seek thrill in their work. There is no monotony in this profession. You are responsible for organizing various events like concerts, weddings, corporate functions, parties, etc. As a fresher, it will be difficult to handle everything about an event alone. So it is best to work under a professional who can act as a mentor and help you in obtaining industry exposure. Once you have gained enough experience, you can work on your own.

To be successful in this career, you need to be outgoing and have a genuine interest in hosting and planning events.  In terms of salary, when you are working under somebody the average monthly earning will be around 6-8k. However, as an experienced professional when you are working solo you can easily earn up to 80k or more.

Police Constable

There are options to consider when searching for jobs after 12th even in the police department. As a 12th pass, you can apply for the post of a police constable. However, unlike most professions, this job demands you to be physically fit if you want to apply for it. Even though you might only receive a satisfactory salary in this job, when you consider the learning curve and the career graph it grants you with, this job will seem worth it.

As a 12th pass, you can easily earn somewhere between 15-20k per month. Once you have gained relevant experience, the future prospects of this job provide profitable opportunities and promotions.

Gym Trainer

With the rise in the trend of staying healthy and fit, we are surrounded by people who are health conscious. They are willing to do and pay whatever it takes to stay fit and healthy. That is where gym trainers come into the picture. Gym Trainers are responsible for guiding people, especially the ones who are just starting out, on workouts and diet plans. However, after 12th it might be difficult to start something on your own. So just like in event management, you need to work under some professional and gain relevant experience before you do your own thing.

Once you have gained sufficient experience and saved up some funds, you can even start your own gym. When you are starting out your monthly earnings could be around 6-8k but as an established gym owner/trainer you can earn more than 50k per month.

Contrary to popular beliefs, working after 12th is not a bad option. As long as you are following your passion and putting your best foot forward you will be greeted with success. It might be a year from when you start out or more, but hard work always pays off. So don’t stress too much while making a decision, you are still young and allowed to make mistakes. Just remember to learn from them and rise smarter.

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