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How to Use Email APIs to Send Emails?

Emails are the primary method of communication between businesses and customers these days. Whether it is B2B or B2C, emails are the standard method of communication between two parties and integrate many other parties by looping them in the thread of conversation.

Emails are an effective tool to communicate interactive messages with links and images to the customer. Emails are also one of the cheapest forms of communication tools. The use of API has helped email campaigns by cutting down on costs and helping the businesses to send email API using simple integrated software.

These software or applications can work with the systems already in place and help the business to communicate effectively and more efficiently with their customers. The integration of images, effects, multimedia, and interactive links makes emails one of the key forms of communication with customers and clients.

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Types of Emails

There are many kinds of emails but the two main types of emails that are used by businesses are  Transactional and the other is mass marketing.

Transactional emails are the most common type of business-related emails that are sent by a business to their customers such as Registration emails, Password reset emails, shipping emails, bills, OTP emails, etc. These kinds of emails are more personal and are sent using a Send Email API so that the email can be white-labeled but also is automated by the business using a simple API service.

Mass marketing emails are sent by the business to remain in touch with their customers and to help them recall the brand as often as possible by sending them push notifications, newsletters, subscription details, offers, schemes and other interesting campaigns run by the business.

This kind of email is mostly used by retailers and mega brands such as Apple, Microsoft, Samsung, etc., to help stay connected with their customers over the long run.

An Email API is one of the most useful tools for the business to help stay connected with their customers as they can seamlessly integrate with the existing software framework of any business and can cut down plenty of man hours spent by developers to create personal customized automated email systems.

These email APIs are very cost effective and can be easily edited and manipulated to send customized emails for customers without any additional coding. The email API is also capable of giving out complete information and statistics such as:

  • Total Emails Sent
  • Total Email Bounce
  • Emails Marked Spam
  • Email Sending Capacity
  • Rate of Email Sent
  • Open, Click and Complaints Tracker

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Advantages of Using Email API

Email API helps in business in many interactive ways and some of the most important advantages are mentioned below:

  • Cost efficient method of sending emails via a simple API application
  • Can be integrated with existing Business framework
  • Tracking of various email related data (Analytics)
  • Dashboard with complete analysis of Click, Open and Complaints
  • White Labelling of Emails for easy tracking
  • Easy Billing and Pay as per Use policies
  • Multiple Domain Access for sending different kinds of emails for different target audiences
  • Email List management for Subscription details
  • Encryption and Security of Data

These are some of the most common advantages. Features of the Email API differ from one to another based on the kind of API chosen by the business. It is by far one of the easiest technologies for business to connect seamlessly with customers with complete personalization options.

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