How To Provide Amazing Customer Services Through Social Media?

How To Provide Amazing Customer Services Through Social Media?

In this day and age, the salience of social media platforms is on the pinnacle because public platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc. not only let you have quality time but also enable you to do crucial business-related tasks like generating leads, providing customer service, etc. with aplomb.

These days, social media customer service is in quite a demand because SM users can easily avail support from the brand while going through posts shared by friends and other people. As revealed by recent reports, 67% of customers get in touch with the company via social media channels with the expectation of unprecedented support service.

The value of social media customer service cannot be neglected because organizations that overlook support requests on social media platforms usually face 15% higher customer turnover rate.

The major problem associated with social media support service is you are always supposed to provide best-in-class resolutions in a short time span. To make sure that customer expectations are always met, most of the businesses avail customer care services from eminent contact centers or BPO companies.

In case you are one of those business owners that take care of customer service operations on their own, the following tips will help you to deliver unrivaled social media customer service:

1. Keep your conversation concise

Customers always want support interactions to end quickly, no matter which service channel has been selected for help. As far as digital support mediums are concerned, expectations related to prompt resolutions get amplified.

To deliver swift resolutions, you have to close customer interactions quickly. For that, you must stick to the point while assisting customers. But sometimes support agents forget this factor and involve in a lengthy conversation, which not only affects business productivity but also makes a negative impact on customer satisfaction somewhere.

This is so because when you keep customers involved unnecessarily in support interactions, it causes frustration. Plus, the number of service requests in a queue also multiplies with every minute support agent waste during ongoing customer interactions.

In case support requests go unheeded, negative reviews are bound to come out and tarnish the brand image. If leaked reports are to be trusted, 88% of customers break association with those brands that are incapable of providing swift resolutions on social media channels.

2. Power up service agents with first-rate training

To win customers’ hearts, it is salient to have deft support agents in service operations. Having all support agents at the same expertise level, providing first-rate training to them is instrumental. By and large, businesses running an in-house call center think handling support requests over social media platforms, thus, they don’t take things seriously and pay the price in the later stages.

On the contrary, specialized customer care service providers make sure that their agents are fully trained. According to recently conducted surveys, a nimble support agent can handle 2 to 3 social media customer service interactions at one time. This should be enough to understand the value of high-quality training.

3. Never rule out the prominence of negative feedback

To be honest, no support agent likes to receive negative feedback after trying so hard to meet customer expectations, but as we know, keeping everyone happy isn’t practically possible. Of course, customers don’t enjoy giving negative feedback; they rate their service experience negative when support agents make silly blunders unintentionally.

Businesses handling customer service requests often put their focus on positive comments as they help them to streamline the factors customers liked during service interactions. At the same time, they miss the trick by ruling out the prominence of negative feedback, which can really help to know hidden factors acting as an obstacle to the delivery of prodigious solutions.

Therefore, if you want to keep customers happy while handling service requests on social media channels, always study negative feedback and try to rectify the hidden errors.

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  1. Social Media is the best platform for selling products and services. It is also medium tool as a bridge connection between the seller and customers regarding the issue, concerns and inquiry.

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