Not only is difficult to find the best guest-blogging opportunities, but you might also even break the chance of having the opportunity to guest blog on the site based on your manner of approach.

In this article, you will discover the 7-step strategy for uncovering the best sites for guest blogging.


Before you start the process of finding and qualifying sites for guest blogging, you must:

1. Have a niche-related blog

Also, your blog should be professionally designed and must have rich content. Most content editors will want to be sure that your writing style is suitable for their audience, you have unique knowledge that you can share with their audience and the general quality of your blog before they can accept your guest post.

2. Have a complete and relevant social media profiles

By checking out your social media profiles, site editors can remove SEO agencies who typically have zero social profiles and thousands of fake followers.

Hence, it is important that each of your social profiles have a complete bio and a link to your site.

Note that the authenticity of your profile is more important than having lots of followers.

After you’ve completed your social media profiles and you’re sure you have a niche-related blog, here are the seven steps you can implement to uncover whether a site is good or bad for guest blogging:

Step 1: Have A Checklist To Determine The Value Of Any Guest Blogging Site

Here’s simple 4-step checklist you can use:

Your target blog for guest posting opportunity must have:

  • Content related to your industry or business
  • An online authority that shows they still appear in search engine results
  • A large pool of engaged audience
  • An audience similar to your target audience

Step 2: Identify Your First Ideal Guest Blogging Site

This website could be:

  • Your competition
  • A site you regularly visit because you have common characteristics
  • A site where you’ve written a guest post and had valuable ROI
  • Your site provided you are popular in your niche and have millions of readers monthly.

Step 3: Look For Other Sites With A Similar Audience Like Your Ideal Website

Though you can do this manually, you will save time by using Alexa’s audience overlap tool to find such sites.

It even contains an overlap score which indicates the degree of that site’s audience overlap with your ideal website. The higher the score, the higher the overlap and vice versa.

This tool makes it easy for you to find guest blogging sites with your target audience.

Step 4: Use Broad Traffic Metrics To Qualify The Sites

Simply put, we want to find the website with a good flow of traffic out of the ones listed above. Apart from sharing your target audience, your target guest blogging site should have a large amount of traffic. Thus, you can access a larger pool of your target audience.

Again, Alexa’s audience overlap tool makes this a breeze.

By ticking the filter: ‘show only sites with similar traffic levels,’ you can identify the sites with large volumes of traffic and eliminate those with a limited volume of traffic from your list.

Step 5: Use Other Metrics To Qualify The Sites

This step is included because the purpose of your guest blogging will be a factor in determining whether or not your target guest blogging site is qualified.

The metrics are:

  • Traffic metrics

With this metric, you have to consider the rankings, trends and the authority of the websites. If the page views and the global ranks are on the rise, it is proof that the website is gaining influence and has a growing audience.

  • Engagement metrics

This indicates user interaction on the site. You can choose to guest blog on the site provided it has a high number of page views, a high amount of time on sites and a low bounce rate.

  • Traffic source metrics

This metric indicates the sources of traffic to these websites. These sources can be through search, social media, backlinks, or direct.

If ranking high in search engines is your major goal for guest blogging, you can choose a site that ranks high in the search engines before choosing a website that ranks high in social media traffic.

Step 6: Ensure That The Sites Match In Topic Relevance

Run the competitor keyword matric in the audience overlap tool on the list of potential guest blogging sites you uncovered in step 3.

This matrix displays the main keywords used by each site to get traffic from search engines and rates the strength of each keyword.

Since this metric displays the number of sites ranking for those keywords, you can use the results to determine the significance of that term in that niche.

Use the filter options to identify the most common topics among the sites and exclude irrelevant terms.

To make it easy to perform the analysis of these metrics, use Alexa’s audience overlap tool.

Step 7: Identify Potential Guest-Post Topics

By now, the best guest posting sites out of the list you uncovered in step 3. However, you can still uncover possible topics to pitch those websites. Enter the domain into the keyword gap filter of the competitor keyword matrix, include the previous data you entered for the keyword matrix report.

This will generate a report of keywords not yet available on the site you entered but which is available on other sites with a similar target audience.

Hence, you can generate the best and relevant pitch topics for the target guest blogging site.


Regardless of the information being spread around social media circles, guest blogging isn’t dead. You only need the right strategy.

When you can identify the best websites to guest blog, your outreach efforts will yield the best ROI. You can build relevant connections (which is not always easy), gain more authority online, and reach your target audience.

Make the process of finding and qualifying guest blogging sites easy by implementing the seven steps above.

Author Bio:

Ayushi Choudhary is a Jr. Content writer working with Ranking By SEO. In her corporate life she write many blogs and articles on SEO, Link building, SMO and many more.

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