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How to Get Brainstorm Content Ideas for Your Blog - Classi Blogger

How to Get Brainstorm Content Ideas for Your Blog

A blog to be successful requires fresh content. It means posting new content all the time. So if you are struggling with having new ideas, it is not a surprise, especially if you have been working on your blog.


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But still, you can’t just abandon it. You need to keep writing new, interesting, original, and engaging content. So how can you keep get brainstorm content ideas for your blog? By using some (or all) the suggestions below.

# 1 – Talk to your friends. Over a beer. Or a coffee. Or a cup of tea.

You know that feeling that when you finish working you want to talk to your friends about anything but work? Just forget about it. Your friends are a great source of fresh ideas and great content for your blog. And youdon’t need to set up any meeting with them. Any time you meet them, bring up the topic you are working on and let them speak freely. And keep your pen and notebook nearby you.

# 2 – Chat with your family (especially the eldest)

Another fantastic source of information is your family. Especially your grandparents. Does it sound weird? Well, believe me, it is not, less into technology the person more likely is to give you a brand new point of view regarding any topic you want. Of course, you won’t be copying what they say wordper word, it is all about needs and expectations, really. And that would be a type of plagiarism, anyway.

# 3 – Research on Reddit

Reddit is a great source of brainstorm ideas, so you should check it out. There, people speak freely about any topic, without worrying if what they are saying makes sense or not. And there is much less showing off going there compared to Facebook or Twitter. So use the search bar and find the right community to join in so to get new content ideas.

# 4 – Ask on Quora

But if you are looking for some B2B or a more specialised type of ideas, you probably will want to know and see what you can find on Quora. This online community is full of answers to any questions you can have on several topics, so go ahead digging away. Or, if you have anything in mind, just ask your question and wait for amazing pieces of advice.

# 5 – Doodle away

Doodling is a proved way to wake up your brain so it can make new connections and be more creative. How it works exactly nobody knows, but it does work, especially for people who find writing a bit daunting, and might need the support of an online writing service, such as Lord of Papers So stop pacing the place around, grab a piece of paper, and doodle way. It can be shapes or words. And something useful will come up from it sooner than you think.

# 6 – Do some research on online communities

Another great source of information is online communities on Facebook and other social media networks. Do some research and check those where your audience used to “hang out”. Read their comments carefully, but, especially, their doubts about your topic. This way you will know what they consider as valuable and shareable content, and which type of posts they are looking for at the moment.

# 7 – Check your competitors

Yes, there is no problem with doing it. Your competitors’ blogs are as public as yours, so you can have a look at their content and check if you are missing something. Of course, you won’t copy their ideas. However, there is nothing wrong in realising that there is something you haven’t covered yet and created your own content – with your unique point of view – about it.

# 8 – Watch content from experts

Another thing that you will want to do is watch videos on YouTube or Vimeo with experts of your industry. As you know, not everybody is a writer, and some topics are just better explained out loud. So do look for interviews, talks, and courses offered by the best gurus and top executives of your field, and write down any ideas that you can get from them.

# 9 – Look at Google Trends

Google Trends is another great source of information when it comes to brainstorming. There you will know which topics are trending (as the name gives away) in your industry so that you can take some ideas from there. And the best thing is that this tool can provide you with great predictions and it is often ignored by bloggers – meaning that is very likely that you will be the first to talk about it.

# 10 – Have a look at your Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools

Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools are two amazing tools that can help you with many things. It will tell you more about your target audience, about your traffic, and about your most valuable posts. However, have you been using it to give you some content ideas? Well, if it is not, then you should. It is there that you can find several insights just looking at which pages your visitors read and which keywords they are typing in your content.

The bottom line

There you got 10 tips on how to get brainstorm content ideas for your blog. At least some of them will be the solution for your problems from now on. So get back to work and try them all.

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