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How to Download and View an e-book on your Desktop?

Almost everything is digital in today’s world. Be it money, be it a library, be it a wallet, name it, and you have it. Do you want to read a book so bad but you don’t have it with you? Don’t you worry! It is a digital world, and so are the books. This article will guide you through the steps of how you can download and read an ebook on your desktop. So get ready with your desktop and follow the steps.

  1. Install the free Adobe Digital Editions– to download and read any ebook, and you will need software. There are many software’s out there but, we recommend the free Adobe Digital Editions. It gives the best user experience, and most major publishers use this software to proofread their books.

Click the following link to download and install the version of ADE for your computer:

The ADE Installer.exe file will be downloaded to your computer. Once downloaded, double click on the file and follow the directions to install ADE.

Click on “RUN” if you get a windows security warning pop-up.

You’ll be prompted with the ADE license agreement. Read the agreement(optional) and click on “ACCEPT.”

  1. Download the ebook file- after you have successfully installed ADE on your computer, click on the e-book link to begin the download process. This process should download the URLLink.acsm file.

Once downloaded, click on the saved (URLLink.acsm) file to open Adobe Digital Editions.

  1. Authorize ADE to download the e-book- you will have to authorize your computer with your Adobe ID to download and read the e-book. Assuming that you don’t have an Adobe ID, you need to create an ID. But, if you have an Adobe ID, enter the credentials and click on authorize.

To create Adobe ID:

  • Click on Adobe ID from the drop-down.
  • It will direct you to the Adobe website, where you can create an Adobe ID. Fill out the form, and you’ll have your credentials for your new Adobe ID.
  • Enter with your credentials and click on authorize.

After authorization, ADE will automatically download your e-book. ADE will automatically open after your e-book is downloaded. You’ll now be able to read your ebook with Adobe Digital Editions on your computer.

Now one might think, these are complicated steps. But, this is a one-time process which sure does involve a lot of steps. It’s just like how you would have to go and buy a book before you can read it in the comfort of your home. Next time you have to read a book, you can directly launch ADE and read your book. Just like how you would open and read any physical book. Follow the steps to launch and start reading your e-book next time directly:

  1. Directly launching ADE and reading your e-book- now that your computer is authorized with your Adobe ID, the next time you want to read an ebook, you won’t have to go through all the steps from the start. You can directly launch ADE from the start menu and start reading the book that you downloaded previously.

If you want to read a new book, you will have to click on the link to the e-book file, as you did previously. Open the file in ADE, it will automatically download your ebook, and you can then start reading.

Click on Adobe Digital Editions in the start menu to launch ADE.

  1. Install .Net Framework- on rare occasions, and it is possible that your desktop might not have the correct version of the .Net Framework. Should the case be it, you will be prompted to install the correct version of the .Net Framework during the installation process. Also, use this fanfiction downloader to avail incredible offers.
  • Click on ‘YES’; if you’re prompted, this will direct you to the download website.
  • Click on download to download the .Net Framework installer file.
  • Once you save the dotnetfx35setup.exe file on your computer, run it.
  • Restart your computer.

Now, you can generally launch ADE and read your ebook directly.


These might seem like complex steps to people who aren’t even remotely connected to the digital world while they just read through them. But, they aren’t as tricky as they seem while reading. Read it while you’re trying to download and read ebooks on your desktop. Even a Luddite will find it easy to download and read e-books after reading this article. No matter how complex these steps might seem to be for you, they will save a hell of a lot of money and effort. Now, you can be a book lover and not have to worry about storage. Because now, all your favorite books are in one place, on your desktop. Why do you need a bookshelf when you have a desktop?

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