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How to Deal the Negative Comments on your Blog

How to deal the Negative Comments on your Blog

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This is one of the fears that every blogger have. Even so many new bloggers switch off the comment section for this reason. But why should you be afraid of these comments? It’s a great shame to miss out the whole comment section just because of some possibilities to get bad ones.  So, if you face such negative comments here are few tips that may help you to deal with the negative comments.

But before that, you must strictly be patient even if you find any negative, angry, nasty comments regarding your posts.

So How to Deal your Negative Comments?

Just understand that there are some ways to deal with this.

Establish a Written Policy for Blog Comments:

Setting very clear boundaries to your readers mentioning the types of comments that are allowed in your blog. If you delete any negative comments you come across, then you can show the reader or that commenter about the policy you have already mentioned.

For example, you can mention like this below:

Comment rules:  Your comments must be cool. Rough or rude comments will be deleted. Please do not put your URL in the comment text and please use your personal name or initial and not your business name. Have fun and thanks for adding to the conversation.

Similar other example, one of the renowned medical center “Mayo clinic” has the comment policy for all its blogs as below:

Comment rules: We encourage your comments on our blog and hope you will join the discussions. We cannot respond to every comment.  We review comments before they are posted, and those which are off-topic or clearly promoting will be deleted. We also expect a basic level of civility, disagreements are fine, but mutual respect is must, and abusive languages are out-of-bounds.

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Moderate the Comments:

Nowadays, you can find many day-to-day blogs have “comment moderation”. This means that, the comments you post must be verified and accepted by the site administrator.

You can even ask the name and email id before commenting, and then hold their comments for moderation. This will help you to black list any particular IP addresses that may continuously pass negative comments.

Ignore the hostile comments, but respond to the legitimate concerns:

If the comment is negative but legitimate. Try to respond to them in a polite manner. Try to address their issues by replying them that you will do it better as far as possible.

If the comments are more negative with harsh and rude words better ignore them or delete them. This is not a great response from your side, but certainly a possible one. Simply ignore the negative comments on your blog. Do not respond them or do not even show any signs of consideration.

If you are confident about your content, do not consider these negative comments. This is one of the quite normal thing that is happening in the blogging world. So do not worry about this.

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Delete them:

The simplest way to address the negative comment is to delete it or (to trash it in WordPress terms). You have the rights to delete any negative comments that may affect your reputation.

In addition to the deletion, you can privately message the person who left the negative comments.  Ask them do not repeat this again and the try to explain your part.

Deal with the Trolls Swiftly:

The actual definition of a troll is the blog commenter who is absolutely not interested in the discussion. They will be angry, rude or arrogant and never acknowledge other’s opinion or comments. When you find such persons, deal with them swiftly like:

  • When you first suspect anyone to be a troll, email them personally. Thank them for their comments and explain your comment policies. Warn them not to put such comments again. Most of those who left meaningless messages will be shocked by the personal outreach. Some may reply and others just disappear.
  • Public warning only after personal contact.

Even if the troll continues to leave such messages even after the personal mail, you can warn him in public to adhere to the comment policies.

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Probation via Moderation:

If the above two steps fails, then you can put them on probation. Add the commenter’s name, email id and IP address to the Moderation queue which will block the person having that IP address.

If you wish to ban a particular IP address then you can refer the following link :

Thus, now you could handle the negative comments that come your way!

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  1. Hi Nirmal,
    Thanks for your elaborate post here. Negative comments on our blog really let us aware about the negative things in our blog post. But if we publish them on our blog, it will ruin our trust and brand. So, i agree with your point to Delete them. But with these negative comments we should also learn how to enhance our blog post further and should make best of our efforts to make the post in such a way that nobody would be able to find out any negative points in our blog post.
    Ovais Mirza

    1. Hi Ovais,
      By negative comments, we have to understand what’s the mistake we have done in our post. We are having option to publish or not to publish the negative comments. Am saying that, we have to correct the mistake and in future have to take care about the mistakes.

      Yes. If we publish the negative comments, it will surely ruin our trust of the blog. We are having responsibility about, what to publish.

      Glad you like this post. Thanks for dropping your valuable comment here. Keep coming.

  2. Hi Nirmal,

    You’ve come up with a nice post for the bloggers to handle negative comments. I do agree with your points except deleting the bad comment. Instead of removing such kind of comments, approve them and give prompt replies. This would improve our credibility and I used to do the same. Thanks for crafting such an useful post for us 🙂

    1. Hi Nirmala,

      It’s unbelievable to see your comment here. Anyway thanks for coming.

      Yes. I agree with you, instead of removing bad comments, we can give prompt reply, here i am saying that, delete the negative comments that affect your reputation. I am not ask you to delete all the negative comments, delete the comments which affects your blog. That’s it.

      Glad you like this post. Keep coming.

  3. Very well explained. I also don’t agree with deleting them. It is better to respond to build and earn trust and long term relationship with your readers.

    1. Hi Bilal,

      Building proper relationship with others is an important task for every blogger. Commenting is one of the great way to get more readers to our blog.

      Glad you like this post. Keep coming.

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