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How to Choose The Right Technology Stack for Mobile Apps

Your innovative idea won’t be able to transform into a solid app solution until you’re on the most appropriate technology stack. The stack of technology includes technology that will speed up overall development and deliver smooth and seamless and enjoyable experiences, while keeping within budget.

With the strong competitiveness of the App Store, it’s crucial to speed time-to-market as well as enhance user experience.This isn’t possible without a tech stack that doesn’t meet your objectives. The stack must provide high-quality security, increase the quality, and include the correct features to the product.

We will walk you through the details to take into consideration when choosing the right tech stack, and how it affects on the general process of developing mobile apps. process and approach.

What is Technology Stack?

It’s a stack of technology where you mix the different tools, frameworks, technologies and languages to build robust mobile or web applications to help businesses grow. When it comes to mobile app development, the tech stack can be divided into four major categories:

  • Frontend: User Interface is vital for companies because it is the primary interface between the users and businesses. Frontend technology and tools are utilized to create a user-friendly interface that improves the user experience.
  • Backend: The connection between an interface with the data must be seamless. It is vital to create smooth interactions. The backend technology can help facilitate these interactions, increase rendering and permit requests to be addressed within minutes.
  • Development: Platform for Development for mobile applications allows you to create tests and deploy solutions across different operating systems. It is possible to integrate third APIs of third parties, use BaaS (Backend as a Service) and use various tools that aid in rapid app development and deployment.
  • Support: The support technologies and tools can optimize performance, improve security, and increase app use.

Commonly Used Mobile App Technology Stacks

Depending on the mobile application kind and the operating system you choose, you may choose from a variety of different mobile-specific technology stacks.

Android Tech Stack

This can help create the development of an Android-specific application that is native to Android. app. Through the open-source platform you can enjoy the flexibility and capacity an app for mobile requires.

The Programming Languages

  • Java
  • Kotlin


  1. Eclipse IDE: You are able to use the Android developer tools plugin created specifically for Eclipse IDE to set up your app, connect APIs, and create the user interface.

It is equipped with a specific range of tools and techniques to emulate, develop apps as well as testing.

  1. Android The NDK: The native application developer kit (NDK) is a technology stack component that lets developers to program with C and C++. You can utilize native libraries and programming languages to create the mobile application.
  2. Android Studio: This is a well-known and extensively utilized Android application development tool. It includes the ability to edit code and complete to Kotlin as well as Java. It’s an editor with a visual interface that lets users to create templates that allow you to add features, and speed up development.

iOS Tech Stack

It is possible to use the technology that are in this stack to build applications for iPhone, iPad, and iOS-specific devices.

The Programming Languages

  • Objective-C: This specific programming language for iOS is an environment for running programs that is dynamic. It comes with an object-oriented caliber which makes programming simple.
  • Swift: One of the most well-known programming languages specifically designed for iOS It is the basis for the development of a majority of the apps that run on this platform. It is simpler to program and troubleshoot and provides a lot of accessibility.


  1. XCode: It offers the developer every tool and technology needed to create an iOS-specific application. It provides the required support for designing, coding and testing.
  2. Appcode: is an extremely powerful IDE that allows you to speed up the development of apps. It is among the few development environments with utilizes a third-party monitor.
  3. UI Kit: If you’re looking to provide a quick and smooth user interface it is possible to create using the UIkits.
  4. SwiftUI: It is the perfect fit for the more advanced version of iOS interfaces.

Hybrid Tech Stack

By using the hybrid technology stack you can create app solutions that work on each of iOS and Android which are encapsulated in web-based applications.

A few pre-built frameworks and tools allow you to create a fully functional application for this platform.

  • Cordova: It can develop JavaScript-based solutions for apps with HTML by using this tool. In order to build your apps you can add hardware components, such as sensors for accelerometers, GPS or speakers. You can build a strong server-side app using this tool.
  • Ionic: It is possible to create applications that utilize relevant web technologies like HTML5 and CSS with this software. It comes with built-in elements and tools to increase efficiency and speed-to-market.

Cross-Platform Tech Stack

If you are planning to release applications for both iOS as well as Android simultaneously, then you must consider an approach to development that is cross-platform.

  • React Native: If you are looking to build a native-like cross platform solution, then you should consider using the the React Native framework. It allows for an easy and seamless user interface.
  • Flutter: With Flutter it is possible to build high-performance app solutions that are fueled by the business demands. With the support of the community it is possible to create an app that is functional.

How Can You Choose the Best TechStack for Your Project?

It’s important to select the right technology stacks for the app development project. There are a numerous factors you need to consider before the selection process.

App Requirements

Each app is unique. For instance an app for productivity could be distinct from a booking app. Their requirements are distinct. Therefore, the app’s functionality, features, and features may change between apps.

It is crucial to think about the requirements of the mobile app you’re creating before you decide what framework, library and the software you will make use of to develop. It is important to consider the experience, feature and performance that you need to establish the technology stack.

App Goals

What is the objective of your mobile app? If you’re processing massive amounts of data and require an application that can render quickly and efficiently manage the shipping. This is the case for food delivery and booking apps.

However the case is that your application is more focused on managing data, it may require more technology and tools. Based on the priority you place on it is, you may choose the appropriate technology stack.

Multi-Platform Needs

If the intended audience for your business is available on both platforms, it’s recommended to build for iOS or Android simultaneously. It is essential to develop the technology stack to enable seamless experiences on both platforms.

Based on the needs of your customers and the device depending on the device and customer, you could choose an open technology stack or the hybrid stack.

Security and Safety Needs

Security is essential when designing an application that is data-intensive. To avoid cyber-attacks and vulnerabilities it is essential to think about the security of the application. The choice of a secure technology stack plays an important function.

It’s best to choose a security-focused framework that makes sure your data is secure and safe. It must be a clear and efficient framework that documents every aspect of security-related development.

Support for Current Tech

It is vital to select the technology platform that’s compatible with and aligned with the most recent technology. For instance If you decide to select a tech stack, you should choose one that is capable of incorporating the latest emerging trends like AI, ML and AR.

When you check compatibility, be sure you are able to scale your application into the next step without difficulty.

Timelines and Budget

When you are developing an application, you determine the timeline and budgets prior to starting the creation. This estimate is dependent on the scope of work and business requirements of the client. It is essential to select technology that allows you to accelerate development while staying within your budget.

The technology you choose for your business must be able to meet your requirements. You can, for instance, select a cross-platform technology stack for startups with a tight budget and timeframe.

Team Expertise and Experience

If you plan to build it yourself or outsource the development, make sure to check for experience and expertise within the specific technology stack. If you’ve made the decision to develop an iOS-only application, you need a team that has proficiency within this stack.

The functions in the App

If you want to build specific capabilities or features in your application, you must make sure that it’s feasible. For instance, you could not be able to use certain device components in a cross-platform app framework. In this case you’ll need to restrict the capabilities or modify the technology stack.


A well-designed technology stack will assist you in creating a successful solution. It is vital to know the right technology stack.

  • Your app needs
  • Your goals for business
  • The market that is targeted
  • Features and functionality to your application

These four factors can help you determine the best technology stack for your mobile app. It is crucial to understand the capabilities of your internal team and decide whether they are able to create your app with the technology stack. If not, then you can consider for outsourcing the app application solution.

You’re in the right spot if you need an experienced vendor partner that can evaluate, strategize, build and launch your mobile application. Expert App Devs is a great choice. Expert App Devs We provide exceptional solutions that work with the needs of mobile app development.

Contact us to bring your ideas to reality.

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