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How Enterprises Can Use Chatbots to Increase Sales

You wish to buy something online, you select a product, you read about the features, could not find the required details, and ultimately you leave the page. How often it has happened to you? I know many of you would relate to it.

Not only with a product shopping but any research regarding a service can lead you to a point where you abandon the page in the lack of proper assistance. You are not the only one, but there are many like you who lose interest in a website or a mobile app just because they don’t get the desired attention.

And, this is where the Chatbots come in rescue.

How Enterprises Can Use Chatbots to Increase Sales - classiblogger

Before we move further to discuss how Chatbots can help enterprises in increasing sales, let us take a quick note of what Chatbot is. A Chatbot is actually a software which interacts with users, answer their queries and is also capable to manage their requests.

In a nutshell, we can say that Chatbots are used as a requisite tool which helps businesses to deal with customers one-to-one or in a personalized manner.

Growth of Enterprises with Chatbots

We know that artificial intelligence enabled bots are able to deal with the customers. This, in turn, would surely bring profits. Here are a few of the analytical data that strongly supports the growth of enterprises with chatbots.

– A huge amount of$4.5 billion is going to be invested by the businesses on intelligent assistants by 2021

– Over 80% of the businesses would have some sort of chatbot automation implanted by 2020.

– Companies from internet software space use Chatbots the most (65.1%).

– 37% of Americans claimed that they would use Chatbot in an emergency.

5 Ways How Businesses Can Leverage Through Chatbots and Increase Sales

Better Customer Interaction

Do you know the fact that 89% of messages which needs a  brand’s response are actually ignored? As the modern Chatbots are equipped with artificial intelligence, hence it can easily identify the customer’s requirement based on the searches and cursor positions. According to which it provides a personalized experience to the customer

The customer, in turn, makes them feel like interacting with a human and hence it makes the conversation interesting. Bots show the result based on the desires of the customer which hence has a higher chance of a conversion.

24/7 Availability

Chatbots never sleep, and this is probably the reason why businesses are embracing this technology very fast. Even 64% of Americans say that the 24/7 availability of Chatbot is its best feature.

With the right assistance at the right time, any lead can turn into a business. When Chatbots are on duty businesses can actually handle customer’s query 24/7. With this virtual assistant no query is left unanswered (keep it mind unanswered not completely resolved).

Lower Operational Cost

Chatbots contribute in a constructive way and hence are capable to lower the operational cost. For instance, if in an e-commerce app chatbot, the user is looking for women wear, then the chatbot can provide the link of that page.

Further, if the user finds difficulty in making payment then the bot can redirect the query to the sales and marketing department. In this way, a bot can work as a salesperson which can deliver the best and personalized information to the user.

We are not claiming that bots are going to replace humans. Of course, they are not. But, they are going to simplify the marketing strategy by providing the data collected from user behavior and interaction, which can be further used to provide the looked-for service to the customer.

Showcase New Product and Services

‘Would you like to try our new feature ….’. This is what a business Chatbot will tell the customers to inform and lure them about the new launch. 

Chatbots are really smart at marketing. It works on the strategy,’ don’t find customers for your products but find products for your customers’. It showcases new products and services to the customer which they would hardly look out for in the site (if they are not much curious). Businesses can integrate data in Chatbot in such a way that no user should leave the conversation without the info about the latest launches.

Can Provide Recommendations to Prospective Customers

47% of people said that they would buy a product as per Chatbots recommendation (a HubSpot report). Sometimes visitors hover over the entire site but still could not find what they are looking out for. They can turn into the Chatbots and get the pre-eminent recommendations.

For instance, a user wants to book a travel package but don’t know what would be the best time to visit the place then the bot can give assistance and help the client to book the tour at the best time.

Bots can actually provide the best recommendations to the prospective clients which can bring great business profits.

We can quote the example of Sephora here. Customers interact with the brand through its Chatbot and get a recommendation for makeup. Not only this, they request reviews of a particular product which ultimately helps them in making the final purchase. This increases the customer’s engagement with a brand to a much extent.

Signing Off

Chatbots have solved many purposes of businesses so far and we can count the ‘sales and marketing’ as the top feature of Chatbot for them. The main reason behind this great success of Chatbots in enterprises is that the technology is embraced by users and businesses too. The user-friendly approach of Bots ultimately provides a big share in lead conversion.

Enterprises are still working to make the experience even smoother day-by-day. Not to forget the contribution of mobile app development companies which are continuously trying to make the user experience even smoother (by integrating the right data) every time they interact with the bots.

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