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Guide on Mobile App Development & Maintenance Cost

Mobile apps have become the most important marketing tool for businesses. If you are in the app development business, you know that cost is a key factor. This article provides a complete guide on what to research before selecting the right business strategy based on cost, time, and quality. It also shows how much money an average company needs to spend on mobile app development and maintenance programs for their target audience.

Factors Affecting Mobile App Development

The cost of developing a mobile phone application can vary based on the type of app, its features, and the number of users who will be using it. The following factors drive the development costs for applications:

Type of App

There are different types of mobile apps available in the market. Some apps are for entertainment purposes such as games and others are meant for productivity purposes such as banking or call center apps. The type of app depends on the functionality required by the user and how much business value it adds to their lives.

Features Needed

Mobile applications have varying feature sets that make them unique from one another. For example, some applications provide a range of services while others provide one main service like accessing your bank account balance or making an international call through WhatsApp Messenger. The more features a mobile application has, the higher its cost will be.

Number of Users

The number of users that are expected to use your mobile application also affects its development costs. If there are millions of people who intend to use your application then you need to test it thoroughly before releasing it into the market so that you can avoid any issues

Mobile platform

The most important factor to consider is the mobile platform. You need to choose between Android and iOS as per your business needs.

Development time frame

Developing an app for both platforms can take a long time, especially if you have to create it from scratch. If you want to develop an app on one platform only, then you will have to spend less time and get it done faster.

Platform requirements

To make sure that your app performs well on different platforms, you must check the requirements of each device before developing it.

Mobile App Development Cost

The cost of mobile app development can vary based on the complexity and scope of the project, as well as the type of development platform you choose.

The goal is to get your app in front of consumers as soon as possible. This can mean hiring a professional developer who will take care of all aspects of developing your app from start to finish or partnering with an agency that has a team of designers and developers.

The cost of mobile app development depends on many factors like

  • Type of app you want to develop – business or personal?
  • The number of users you want to target with your app – 100,000 or 1 million?
  • The number of different devices does you want to support – Android, iOS, Windows Phone, and more?
  • If you are planning to develop an enterprise-grade app then the cost will be higher compared to an average consumer-grade app.
  • The type of developer, and whether you need to hire an external agency or in-house team.

The following is a breakdown of how much it costs to develop an app:

  • Feature App Development: $10,000-$30,000
  • Designing App: $1,500-$5,000
  • Developer Cost: $10-$20/hour
  • Development services: $100 – $500 per hour (depending on complexity)
  • Design services: $50 – $150 per hour (depending on complexity)
  • Development platforms: Android, iOS, Blackberry, etc., range from free to several thousand dollars per platform depending on features needed and complexity.

 Factors Affecting App Maintenance Cost

The cost of maintenance depends on the number of users and their level of usage. The more active the app, the higher its maintenance cost will be. Additionally, other factors affect the maintenance cost of an app. These include:

User retention

The more engaged users are with your app, the more money you’ll spend on maintenance. You can reduce this cost by increasing user engagement, for example with newsletters or monthly updates.

Number of users

The greater the number of people who use your app, the more likely it is to have issues and require maintenance work. If you have a small user base and few users log in daily, you may not need much in terms of support services or bug fixes. However, if you’re targeting a larger audience and/or have many daily visitors who use your site frequently, then you’ll be paying more to keep your app up-to-date with bugs and security issues.

Scope of work

If you have a large project in mind (such as an enterprise-class solution), then it will likely cost more than if you’re just building something for yourself or a small business.

Number of devices supported by your app

The more devices your app supports, the higher the cost of maintaining it. You need to have a dedicated team of mobile developers to maintain all these apps in different languages, timelines, and platform versions.

The language used in the app

If you use multiple languages in your mobile app, this will increase the maintenance cost since you will have to hire more people to translate each language into different locales. For example, if you have an Android app with English and Hindi featured languages and you want to add new features or make changes to your existing code base then you need to translate all those features again so that they can be deployed on both these languages at the same time. This will increase your maintenance cost significantly as compared to those apps which use a single language for all functions of their mobile apps like Google Play Store does for all its apps available for download on the Android platform only.


I hope you have got a rough idea about the costs of mobile application development and maintenance. You will get an exact idea of your costs when you identify the scope of work and the requirements. Knowing the essential aspects of your apps will help you plan your budget for the project.

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