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Five Things You Must Do IF Your IP Address Is Blacklisted

IP address or an Internet Protocol Address constitutes a unique set of characters associated with a computer network. The IP address identifies the network on the internet protocol for communication. Every computer or device has its IP address on the internet protocol, and an IP address for every device is essential for network interface identification and location addressing. For more information, visit

Just like every human has their identification card or number, every computer network has its Identification in the name of an IP address. An IP address is useful in sending and receiving information from different parties, and you can also use this address to track the user’s computer network’s location physically.

IP blocklisting is a method that is useful in today’s cunning world. It is used to remove specifically illegitimate or harmful IP addresses that might harm a computer network. IP blocklisting is for the safety purposes of the users, and it protects the users against any fraudulent or inappropriate websites or users.

Harmful attacks like phishing can also be prevented by IP blocklisting. Any website is IP blocked if the site’s content is deemed to be inappropriate. It could be anything from black market trade to pornographic material. Internet service providers can block the IP addresses if they think the site showcases sensitive subjects.

But what if your IP address gets blocked? Yes, it is a possibility, and there is no specific reason for that. Sometimes, ISPs might block it for some reason or the other. A misunderstanding needs to be dealt with a peace of mind. Hence it is essential to remain calm in a situation like this.

Identification And Origin

For every problem, there is a solution. But one must always start from the beginning to get a good ending. First and foremost, you need to identify the Domain Name System Blocklists (DNSBLs) that manage your IP address and find your IP address in their blocklist. It is a monotonous task, but that is essential in this situation.

After that, one needs to identify the cause as to why one got blocked. Most of the time, unsuspected and innocent users get blocked due to the attack by viruses. Sometimes, we receive spam files that might also lead to getting blocked. When these things happen, remove the virus from your computer network and also learn to distinguish spam files from normal files in the future.

Request For Removal

Before anything else, you must identify the IP address in which you are blocked. After that, you can send a request to remove your IP address from the blocklist. Few blocklists allow the self-removal of IP addresses, which will make your job easier. But before doing that, ensure the issues raised against your IP address have been resolved, which will prevent IP blocklisting the next time.


Patience is the key to every problem. Panicking will never get you anything. Do not let your emotions override the practicality. Getting your IP address blocked is a scary situation. But treat it gently. There is a good opportunity that your IP address got a timed ban that will get delisted from the blocklist in a short period, that too, automatically. So sit back and utilize the time to ensure that this problem doesn’t arise again.

Strengthening The Privacy

A virus or a spam attack by fraud is very common, and in many cases, they are the reason for your IP blocklisting. If the attack is strong and inevitable, there is not much you can do. But one can always start with the basics. These spammers attack our mail servers by using characters to identify commonly used passwords. Hence, build up a strong password that is not easy to guess. It will safeguard the privacy of your account and prevent such attacks.

It is a small start towards the strengthening of your privacy

Virtual Private Network

A virtual private network or a VPN service assigns your system a virtual IP address. This IP address is different from the actual one and allows you to continue your work when your original IP address is blocked. A VPN service is an effective solution at the time of IP blocklisting. Though this service is temporary, one needs to work on their original IP address once it gets delisted.

Getting blocked is not a big deal, and it is a problem that needs to be tackled intelligently. One needs to know everything before delving into the solution. Internet is a friend as well as a foe. So be aware of spammers and fraud people.

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