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Find Best and Free Images to your Blog

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Every one of the blogger might have come across the problem of choosing the best images that suits their contents and website. Also they could have faced other problems like not able to copy “copyrighted” images from other sites. Thus, you must probably know that you must take the images only from the sites that allow you for re-use. This normally means that they are licensed under “Creative Commons”, which is a kind of copyrighted license that allows you to use the images as long as you attach a proper attribution.

So it is your duty to check on the variants of CC license, and use the images appropriately. Let’s check out the six greatest places to find out best free images for your blog that can be re-used.

1. Fotolia:

This websites provides you with high quality images. But however, normally you have to pay for most of the pictures. But for others, every week selects three pictures and displays it in their site. It allows you to download it for free of cost. Who knows, those pictures can also be those which you are actually looking for.

Go to the site for more details: Fotolia

To check out the royalty-free images of the week check the following link: Free Pics of The Week 

2. Flickr:

You have almost come across this word before.To get the images under right copyrighted contents, you can make use of the specific groups like   “Free use” group in Flickr. This type of group may include only the photographs that are declared as “no copyright” and open to public.

However, you can make a advanced search to check out the “Creative Common” pictures. But remember, that this CC license differ from each other, so always you should pay attention towards what type of CC license you are about to use.

To know more about “Free Use” group visit: Flickr

To know more about CC license clearly, check this link: Sourcing Free Images for Your Blog

3. Freerange Stock:

You can make use of the pictures freely here, even without making any proper attribution. However, you cannot redistribute, repackage, or claim ownership of the images.

You can register in this website for free of cost and start searching for impressive images for your blogs. It contains high qualified images, generally JPG and clearly reviewed before it is posted. This site also offers you free textures that can be used while making any graphic designs.

To visit this site: Free Range Stock 

4. Google Image Search:

Google image search allows you to find images under Creative Common License. Before making a customized search it will ask you for the location if you are outside US. Only after typing your location it will display you with choices of pictures.

You can make a customizable search by choosing the type of CC license like re-use, commercial re-use, re-use with modification and Commercial re-use with modification.

Yahoo and Bing also have similar search operations as that of Google.

To visit this link: Google Images

In the search bar given, type the keyword of the image you wish to download. For example, “Mountains” will display various mountain photos.

5. Imagebase:

Imagebase contains wide variety of photos especially taken by David Niblack, a photographer kind enough to allow people to download his images for free.  The images downloaded from his site can be used for any purpose either commercial or non-commercial, without attribution.

Photos in this site are of high quality with high resolution. You can download the pictures without even registering with the site.

Do check the site at: Image Base

6. Panoramio:

This website will be a great helpful one for those who write travel blog. This site has photos organized according to the location, since its platform is based on Google maps. However, you make use of the photos after contacting the artists and asking explicit permission.

The best place to ask for the permission is the comment section or private messaging section that is found on the Panoramio site.  If the site owner grants permission to download it, you can better use it in your site.

To visit this site, please click: Panoramio 

Just visit all the above sites, and choose the one which suits your need. Change your blog into a professional one with these high-quality images.

Glad this post might be useful for bloggers who are searching images to post in their blog.

Your comments are most welcome.

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  1. Nirmal, I really like this list. It gives me different places to check out for images. I’m getting tired of the same place, Free Digitial Thank you for sharing these with us! I had not heard of Panoramio or ImageBase.

    1. Hi Lisa,
      Glad you like this list. Most of the bloggers and newbie bloggers are struggling more to find out the free images for their blog, so listed out this here. Panaramio & Image Base are best places to download the images. Keep coming and thanks for sharing your ideas.

  2. Hi Nirmal,

    You have shown us a perfect list by which I can check many place for the perfect images. Sometimes it’s really difficult to get the proper image for the blog post. But if we have list like this to find images then we don’t need to panic.
    We can easily find great images.

    Thanks for sharing this post with us.


    1. Hi Ravi Shankar,
      Glad you finally satisfied with my given list for downloading images. Thanks for commenting here. Keep coming.

  3. Hi Nirmal,

    Very nice list. I use and Flickr images most of the time. It’s very difficult to find images that is not copyrighted. I didn’t knew some of the sites you shared.

    Thanks for sharing this list with us.

    1. Hi Adithya,
      In flickr, most of the images are copyrighted. So, you can try this above mentioned list for images. Glad you like this. Thanks for made a comment. Keep coming.

  4. Also, please look at for thousands of public domain photos, especially travel photos and scenics. I’d Appreciate it if you could add it to your list of photo websites. Thanks.

    1. Hi Bob,
      Thanks for your suggestion. Keep coming and your comments are most welcome.

  5. Hello Nirmal,

    After reading this i have some more site in my list. All six are awesome and there picture quality also. Thanks for sharing you list but in above pera you write 9 sites to check out but you listed hear only 6.

    1. Hi Esha,

      Glad you like this post. Thanks for dropping your comment here, and also thanks for found out the mistake in my list. I ll rectify it soon. Keep coming.

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