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Features to take care before buying Smartphone

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Before buying smartphones there are many features which should always be kept in mind, this helps in choosing the correct smartphone according to the needs of the users. It helps the users to get the best features like a good camera, powered by a good processor and internal memory. So one must consider features such as


Before buying smartphone portability is supposed to be considered for the device you are purchasing. So when you are going for a smartphone one must see for how long it will work as a user who want to buy a smartphone which is a local product won’t work more than 6 months but a known brand will provide with more portability and the user can for sure go for a known brand with less features rather than a local brand with more features but less portability.

Operating System:

Operating system is one of the main feature which now users keep as a priority when purchasing a smartphone, OS helps the users in finding the right hardware for their devices and gives a much differentiated view of applications, so if someone wants to go for uninterrupted apps can certainly go for Android phones or high end services then iOS and if someone wants to try with something new then Windows can be a much better option.

Battery life:

Battery life should be considered as a upmost feature when buying a smartphone, as smartphones uses a lot of battery considering the amount of apps a smartphone have and the usage of internet with constant chatting, mailing and other work. So when one is going for a smartphone he she should consider how much battery support does the phone have, how much battery backup does it provide. For this feature users should buy a good brand smartphone as they provide with good battery which is 3000mAH or more which are best suitable for smartphones.

Storage Capacity:

Users generally buy smartphones so to store more stuff, utilize it for official purpose, play games, watch HD videos so for that a smartphones must have ample amount of storage. Storage capacity feature is now one of the major factor to be seen while buying a smartphone, a smartphone must have at least 8GB of capacity if expandable and if not then it has to be 16GB so that the phone can work for another 2-3 years without hanging much.

So users must see how much storage does the phone has and whether or not its expandable as with the storage capacity the life of the smartphone also varies.


RAM is now a good feature to be kept in mind while buying mobile phones, users must consider that today the significance of a smartphone is on its performance and for that device must have 2GB to 3GB RAM, this will help in loading applications fast, and switch from one tab to another or one screen to another. As low end smartphones doesn’t support with much RAM and only can get away with 1GB to 1.5GB.

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