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Examples of Best Personal Websites in 2020

Are you a businessperson or a student looking for a website? If yes, then this article is for you. A personal website is the best place to establish your brand and generate traffic. However, creating a website requires some technical aspects. You will need good design and layout. As a result, it is better to go through some of the best website examples be writerformypaper.com, so that you can have a rough idea of what you should create.

Examples of Personal websites to use

The examples given below are just ideas to help you correctly create your own website. Follow the strategies and tips used to make the entire process simple. We will start with some of the sites of best YouTubers and podcasters.

John Green

John Green is a well-known YouTuber in selling novels. The best idea you can take from him is how to compact the project showcase. John uses only one paragraph to explain every single detail his followers need to know. Such kinds of summaries are best to include in your website that will make visitors impressed to check on your content. Also, include links that will help the followers learn about your services.

CGP Grey’s website

Grey is a podcaster, YouTuber, and, most importantly, the co-founder of a community of digital creators known as standard. The best technique to learn from Grey’s website is the minimalist project list. He takes advantage of the “about me” page to link to his projects instead of explaining who he is.

Teju Cole

The incredible feature of Teju Cole’s website is its excellent design. Cole is a contemporary author whose website is an intrusive contrast to John Green’s. What you can learn from Cole’s website is how to present different work projects. Cole is a multi-talented person, and his website showcases different areas of his specialization.

Grant Baldwin

Baldwin is a professional speaker with a personal website. On his website, there is a forum for those who want to learn to speak in public and improve overall. The best idea to learn from Grant’s website is how to navigate without exhausting the visitors.

Rebecca Parson

She is a freelancer specialized in copy-writing. Rebecca does not waste time explaining unnecessary details relating to her services. Instead, she directly explains all the services she offers and her target audience. If you need her services, you are likely to subscribe directly to her website.

Elizabeth Lundin

Elizabeth is an excellent freelancer dedicated to her work. When you visit her website, you are welcomed warmly; something that makes you feel at home. The lesson you can learn from her website is creating an affirmative and inviting homepage. After a reader visits her site, they are then directed to a link showcasing the services she offers. This idea will attract and retain your targeted audience.


A website is an excellent platform to showcase your skills and services. However, how you present your site determines if the visitors will stay or leave. Use the above tips from different website owners to create your own and experience the difference.

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