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Do’s & Don’ts to get your blog noticed to others

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Starting a new blog is no longer hard since many have started stepping in to this field now.  But though they step into this, only few bloggers withstand in this field. Only few can shine in this blogging field.

Why is it so?

Have you ever fetched the reason for this?

The reason is the successful bloggers know many tricky full facts about blogging. Following those tips they greatly differ from other bloggers and become successful in the blogging field.

Looking at this, are you started thinking of what are those blogging tips?

If so, follow these steps below including both do’s and don’ts which can ultimately bring a great difference in your blogs.

The steps are: (Do’s)

1. Plan your blog perfectly before you start up.

2. Visit other blogs and sites related to yours and leave genuine comments on that site. Never worry about the number of response you get back, just post your real and genuine comments.

3. Sign up with as many social networks as possible like Facebook, Twitter, and  Linkedin. Share your blogs, recent updates, articles in those sites.  You will be surprised looking at the response you get and this the real way to get traffic to your site.

4. Participate in the forums and communities where your targeted audience gather. This is another tricky strategy to attract the people through your continuous participation in the forums.

5. Don’t spam and be a genuine participant. When people notice your dedication toward the topic they are automatically directed to read your site. When a single person checks on your blog, he/she will share it to their friends. Thus, this is also one of the best ways to get traffic to your site.

6. Visit the Free-to-use sites and post your content since it is free of cost. Tumblr, wordpress are free and easy to sign-up and they are designed to be well-optimized with search engines.

7. Use wordpress than blogspot since it has more features and said to be one of the best blogging platforms.

8. And most noticeable thing is to get a simple, unique, easy to remember domain name so that the visitors can remember easily.

9. In addition to this, one more important point is to show your personality in your blog such that the people realize that your blog is something different.

Until now, you checked out the do’s that can be done to make your blog effective. Now let’s check out the don’ts that should not be done during blogging.

Recommended: Create a blog using

The steps are: (Don’ts)

1. Don’t overload your blog with more widgets and better use clutter free themes.

2. Don’t allow too many ads in your blog since it may sometimes bring down the interest of the readers.

3. Don’t copy the contents from any other blogs or sites. The contents must be unique and interesting to read to get the traffic.

4. Don’t leave your blog’s link in other blogger’s comment since it increases the chance to mark your comment as spam. Moreover, it evidently shows that you are doing it for the traffic. So better avoid that.

5. And utmost the last thing is, even though your blog has not yet become popular do not give up. Instead keep on updating something with the intention that blog is to help people and not just earning.

Thus to conclude, follow these steps seriously and find your blog started to getting traffic. And choose the best SEO friendly and fast loading themes to your blogs such as Elegant themes and Themejunky. Moreover ultimately, learn SEO techniques to take your blog to the next level.

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  1. Nirmal your post was very helpful for a budding blogger like me and the way you have explained things simply .. it looks worth do able as well
    Thanks for sharing and adding me on Indi ..

    1. Hi,

      Thanks for coming here and also thank you very much for your appreciation regarding article.

      Keep on blogging. Hope to see you again.

  2. i’m a newbie blogger than this was a great help!! thanks so much

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  4. Hi Nirmal,

    You are on point, getting blog loaded with too much of widget will increase it loading time and this may send visitors away.Thumb up

    1. Yes Adesanmi, adding more plugins and widgets will take more time to load our page. First, we have to make a research or make a plan to decide whether these widgets and plugins are suitable for our blog.

  5. hii Nirmal,
    your article is salutable. means the way how you categorize do’s and dont’s is great. this is the best way to get something . but i have doubt in 4th point of dont’d that if we comment something then due to commentluv automatically a link of our blog put down on others comment box. then what should we have to do ?

    1. Hi Nitin,

      Thanks for coming again.
      “dont’d that if we comment something then due to commentluv automatically a link of our blog put down on others comment box”

      This means that, don’t make a comment often, till your comment should be consider as “Spam”. That’s it. Make your comment meaningful. Don’t leave a comment like “Nice Post”, “Nice Information”, “Thanks for Sharing” etc…

  6. What’s up everyone, it’s my first pay a visit at this
    site, and post is actually fruitful designed for me,
    keep up posting these types of articles.

  7. Useful tips buddy. But I would not say that WordPress is better than Blogger. For newbie bloggers and for those who don’t have very much money to spend, Blogger is the best platform. Great options, amazing templates, maximum security and yes….the best thing is that is completely free.

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