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Do’s And Don’ts To Ace Your Summer Internship

Today, internships are an important part of the course curriculum at colleges and universities. But even if it is not a requirement, it can prove beneficial for students. Not only you can learn some relevant skill but you can land up your dream job. Surveys revealed that employers prefer hiring interns as full-time employees if they perform well. Now as you embark on an exciting journey of becoming an intern, are you following the right path?

Whether it is an internship or full-time job, first-time jitters are always there. If you are scrounging the internet for that ideal success plan, you have come to the right place.As there are no rights or wrongs for anything, here are some tips and tricks you can follow to ace your internship.

Do’s And Don’ts To Ace Your Summer Internship-classiblogger

The Do’s

Ask questions

Interns don’t know everything when they start off and asking questions is normal. Never leave a chance to learn something new. Raise your queries about tasks assigned to you. The only way to excel at your job is to clarify your doubts with your supervisors or team leads. This also gives the impression that you are enthusiastic about the work you are doing.

Be proactive

Be vocal about the kind of work you want to take up and show your passion towards it. Do not miss this opportunity to showcase your talent and help the company achieve its goals. Be proactive in cases where your fellow intern might need your assistance to finish off the workload. But make sure you are meeting your deadlines and not letting your work gets affected.

Interact with your colleagues

Internship period usually lasts around 3 months and 90 days is a long time to spend time alone. Whether it is work-related or not, you will feel better by striking up conversations with your fellow interns. Proper communication with your colleagues will make it easier to work with them. You never know if you can make good friends with them and have some fun.

Set specific goals

Set measurable and specific goals during your internship. Break those goals into smaller parts so that it becomes easier to achieve them. Try not to fall through the cracks and stay organized. Do meet your direct supervisors once in a week to know how you can perform better.

Do enjoy your internship

While you will be learning or doing the inescapable grunt work which might get frustrating, try to enjoy the process. Do not forget that it is a temporary phase that most of the professionals have to walk through in their early years of career building.

The Don’ts

Don’t be egoistic

Don’t let your ego get in the way of learning new skills and a remarkable review by your boss. This can help you enhance your skills to pave a smoother way towards your dream job. While working under your supervisors, you can get an understanding of the industry you are willing to work in.Always remember that your supervisors more than you so do not try to belittle them. Do not let your ego control your learning process.

Do not exceed any boundaries

Being proactive is good but sometimes over enthusiasm can ruin your relationships with your colleagues or superiors. Although taking up new projects is good but take your time in learning new skills. If a task is assigned to you, then only take it up. Do not offend your colleagues by trying to show off your knowledge or meddle with their work.

Do not burn your bridges

Sometimes the company you are working with might not match your interests and skills. But do not cut off all ties once you are done with your internship period. You might need their recommendation for full-time opportunities. There is a possibility that you will end up working for that company in the future. Stay updated of their happenings through social media. Send emails occasionally to your supervisor to check up for prospective job opportunities.

Do not let the opportunities slip away

If your manager assigns you some work that is outside your scope and knowledge, do not refuse. Take it up and give it your best. This will expose you to new ideas and learnings while opening up multiple doors of opportunities. You might develop an interest in this new project and enhance your skill set.

Do not complain

Even if you are not able to complete the work assigned to you, do not go around complaining about it. Do not engage in any such activity which might land you in the bad books of your supervisors. Try to accept everything that comes your way with enthusiasm. Consider it a part of the learning process and grow your skills with it.

To sum it up, the first day of your internship can be exciting but equally overwhelming. Remember to make use of opportunities and showcase your skills. Follow these essential do’s and don’ts and make the most of your internship.

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As a technology enthusiast, Bella Williams contributes to open-source projects. She is also a Consultant for topmygrades and part time academic tutor at expertassignmenthelp and loves to write about students. When she not helping a student. She will be having a chocolate in different cities or taking a stroll down the beach. You can also find her on LinkedIn.

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