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things to know about joint entrance exam_classiblogger_image

All you need to know About Joint Entrance Exam 2016

The CBSE board examination are about to over and the science students will be eagerly waiting for the JEE examination day. Joint Entrance exam is conducted every…

build the neighbours_classiblogger blogger in tamilnadu_image

Being The Ideal Neighbor Without Compromising On Those Frequent House Parties

Unnecessary fights among neighbors among the flats in Bangalore are too common to be ignored. These pointless disagreements can rob you of your peace of mind, and…

Little girl plays with money_classiblogger_image

The Smart Way to Teach Children about Money

Money makes the world go round. The concept of money is certainly not new; even people in the olden days used various methods of payment in order…

how to manage money while travel_classiblogger_girl_image

How to Manage Money while Travelling

Ask any traveler and you will be told how ridiculously painful it is to be stuck in the remotest part of the world with no money in…

Best Paypal Alternatives_classiblogger_image

Rising PayPal Alternatives to Consider

  Credit card shopping has many obstacles. Different stores might not accept local credit cards, plus e commerce websites usually store user’s credit card data for future…

best selling autobiography in india_classiblogger_feature_image

Best selling Autobiographies in India

The lives of great people are worth reading and encouraging. Autobiography is commonly understood in terms of giving readers an insight into private lives of unique individuals….

buy insurance policy_classiblogger

Are You Going to Buy an Insurance Policy?

Are You Going to Buy an Insurance Policy? The basic idea behind the word Insurance is “sharing of risk”. Let us say there is one in hundred…

list of computer centers in madurai_computer training in madurai_classiblogger

List of Computer Centers in Madurai

Computer training is a very important thing in 21st century workplaces. The importance of computer training can be viewed in two ways. First one is, make them…

5 important things for your laptop_women_with_laptop_classiblogger_feature_image

5 Free Programs You Should Have On Your Laptop

If your laptop is looking a little bare, that’s totally understandable. Software can come with a pretty high price tag, and it’s not uncommon to end up…

Why is it important to have your own website

  Being a self employed professional comes with many benefits, one of these include not being answerable to anyone but you. You have all the freedom to…