Top 10 Quick Money Making Tips for Beginners

Look, everyone wants to make quick money and especially if you are a beginner. We are not here to judge, but yes, there can be many reasons for earning quick cash. May be, it’s a new year, your sister’s birthday or you want to save for your next month’s rent. So, whatever the reason may be, here are some special tips which will help you make quick earnings.

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Basically, in today’s scenario, there are lots of ways to earn quick money quickly and some of them will literally help you get healthy and other can inspire change in you. Some ways can get your voice out in the world and others can help you declutter your home.

One of the most commonly used way is to register yourself on various research paper writing websites like Essay on Time. These sites require many skillful writers who can do work in a shorter span of time and mind it they also pay well. Therefore, its nothing wrong in looking for new income streams and the more important it will help you make some extra money to pay your debts easily.

Below mentioned is the list of top 10 quick money making tips for beginners:

1. Online Surveys

One of the most commonly used method is doing online surveys. This is becoming rapidly common amongst students who fill online surveys in their spare time. Various research companies are always recruiting new members to answer such surveys. So, for a few minutes of form filling you can earn some money.

2. Share your info with Google

Another way to earn quick money is to simply share your info with Google, because various companies like Google will pay you to install their app on your cell phone and further this can continue for various months.

3. Return Stuff

Another innovative way to make money is to return your past purchases for cash. Basically, think about all the items that you bought in past 2 or 3 months that are still in their original box with their tags attached on or at least look brand new. Most stores will give you cash back with a receipt.

4. Become an Uber driver

Becoming a part time Uber driver is also one of the best ways to make money. It has been seen that Uber drivers make as much as some full time jobs if there are enough riders in the area. This means you can make good amount of money in just a few hours.

5. Online market trading

Nowadays you can also make a good amount of money with the help of various online market trading platforms. Various platforms like Plus500 offers free account set up for their CFD service which is worth taking it.

6. Get Paid to be in better shape

Now, the other superb idea to make money quickly is to get paid for becoming slim and fit. We all know that every year people make the same resolution and that is to get in better shape, but this year you will have some extra motivation when you will get paid for it. Further, if you are already in shape, then start a small camp at your nearest park. Trust me, people will really like it.

7. Sell scrap metal

You can also earn good by selling all your old scrap, which includes metals, iron and brass items. All these metals are very valuable and you can get good amount of cash by selling them. With this, you can also declutter your house easily.

8. Start your own website

Another easy way to earn money is by starting your own website. It’s like making money while you sleep. Yes, it's true. You can easily start your own website with Bluehost and that too just in 15-20 minutes.  Nowadays, there are plenty of ways to monetize your website easily.

9. Always open a 2nd bank account

This is the easiest way to earning money quickly. There are various banks which will pay you for just opening a bank account with them. Having multiple bank accounts will also help you to save your money at different places. So, you can say that this is a superb and less time consuming idea for earning money quickly.

10. Write and publish your Kindle eBook

Last but not least tip to make money quickly is by writing and publishing your Kindle ebook. Nowadays, with Amazon Kindle store, anyone can easily publish an ebook and make money through it. Further, the Kindle app is now easily available for almost any type of device.

Therefore, the above explained are some of the top 10 quick money making tips for beginners. So, just go ahead and choose some of them which suit your needs the best.

Easy Ways to Earn Money from Home

Today’s biggest problems with most of the people are that they are earning less as compare to their expenses. They don’t get enough money to bear all expenses, maybe your health is not good to do full-time job, you have a family and you cannot leave them alone for a whole day or you are raising kids and you are the only person to take care for them. Or you might be disabled or injured and it is difficult for you to leave home each day.

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If you are facing these problems, there is Good news for you that can solve your problem totally. You can earn money at home without going somewhere else. There are number of ways through which you can earn extra money. Frequent advancements in technology have changed the view to see the world.

Few years back it was just a dream for many people that they could have earned money at home, but the dreams have become true for many people and they are getting a very healthy amount of money by doing online jobs or using their expertise for their desirable purpose.

Transcription Jobs | Affiliate Earnings | Shorte.St | Reliable Websites

The following legitimate ways will help you to earn money at home.

Sell your words

Freelance writing is one of the best legitimate ways to earn money from home. The better your training and skills are, the better your freelance writing and projects will be. Freelance writers have a great variety of market from which they can choose. You can write for journals and magazines, either in print or online. You can blog for your own site or you can write for someone else.

The internet market is so vast for writing new article. Book publishers always look for the new books. People need white letters, sales letters, e-books, and website copy. There is a huge pool of work to do, and if you are really very ambitious about your passion, you can turn it into a healthy profit.

Sell Your Knowledge

Sell your Knowledge is another way to earn money. Sell your knowledge by teaching classes. You can give tuition classes and share your expertise to others For instance; there is a wide range of specific skills and knowledge for them people are willing to pay to learn like cooking, gardening, painting, stitching, dancing, singing, yoga, foreign languages and there are so many other things that people really want to learn.

Sell your creativity

If you are a person who loves to create beautiful things that mean you are worth to the world.Homemade products are growing trend for those who have expertise to create things. There is a huge variety of things that you can make and sell them online. Creativity has no limits you, just need to be a good creator. You can sell homemade jewelry, frozen and baking food items and many other things.

Sell your time and voice

If you have an amazing voice and it sounds good on telephone and you have an ability to deal someone nicely and politely and provide them quick and relevant information, you are really able to work for call center. You will receive calls at your home and provide information to customer on the behalf of your company.

Online Jobs 2017 | AdCash | SafeLinkConverter | Money from Blog

Sell your handiwork

If you have outstanding sewing skills, you have a pool of options. You can design and alter cloths, you can bring modification in designs and make them fashion for everyone.

You have an opportunity to grab the market by bringing unique combination of colors and designs. Except cloths you can also make money from other handiworks; custom bedding, bags, shoes, upholstery cushions, chair cushions, rugs, carpets and many other things.

There are so many legitimate ways to earn money, but that are not much easy for everyone. They require a lot of dedication and a lot of work. But if you are very serious and very passionate about doing this, turn your unique and creative ideas into a business and work from home for making them true.

About The Author:

This article is written by Anthony Anson who is a very qualified writer and he working for the students with assignment writing service company.

Adnow Review – A Great Way to Monetize Traffic of Website for Publishers

Advertising has become one of the true friends of branding. If you wish to make a brand, you must go for advertising it either offline or online. The online form of advertising is much cheaper than offline one and the reach is also diverse. Most of the popular advertisers of the world have flooded into the online form of advertising. They are always looking for some of the best ad networks to collaborate with for advertising. But, the ad network needs to be the best in delivering good results. One such ad networks to talk about are- Adnow.

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Adnow has been emerged to be an impressive ad network for both advertisers and publishers ( The advertisers are always looking to get their ads live on new publisher website receiving good traffic. The publishers are looking for a better source of income. Though Google Adsense is one of the best sources of monetization for the publishers, but still the lack of engaging widget ads makes the publisher to find a better alternative. The native ads of Adnow are engaging and impressive too. They tend to bring a higher CTR and therefore food money than traditional widget ads. We will discuss more on it on Adnow review below.

Make Money | Transcription Jobs | Click & Earn | Online Jobs | AdCash

Adnow – A Brief Knowhow

Established in 2014 by a group of Big Data & TRB specialist digital marketers, Adnow has now reached across 10007 countries and owns a network of 1700 advertisers ( and over 150K active publishers. This native ad network is working hard to improve its interface and the ads serving to provide a better user experience. Read on the Adnow review and know how the publishers can join this network and what terms that must be followed are.

Terms & Conditions to be a Publisher at Adnow

You need to fulfill certain criteria to be a publisher at Adnow. Though there is no minimum traffic requirement, but still, certain guidelines needs to be met. If you wish to get the instant approval at Adnow, follow these tips.

  • Your site must not have any copyright issue.
  • Your website should not have any objectionable content which includes adult porn, malware, adware, etc.
  • Your website must not be a promoter of any illegal activity.

Here are some of the points that you should follow in order to ensure that you should know in order to avoid account ban at Adnow.

  • To manipulate the number of clicks, avoid using the bots.
  • You must not provoke anyone to make a click on your ads or may not also do the same by yourself.
  • To generate the fake clicks, a publisher should not make use of proxies, PTC sites, and the auto-refreshing sites.

Ensure that you follow the above mentioned criteria in order to get a publisher account with Adnow and enjoy seamless benefits provided by Adnow to its publishers. Go on reading Adnow review and know about its important features that will make publishers opt for it.

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Adnow for Publishers – Top Benefits

The traditional widget ads on your website can be replaced using the native ads of Adnow that tend to bring more CTR and RPM. It is a better way to earn more money as compared to the traditional widget ads. Here are some of the best features of Adnow for publishers that will make you fall in love with it.

Easy Setup & Assistance

You start setting up your publisher account after signing it with Adnow and getting the approval as publisher. Moreover, a dedicated account manager is always there on your service with whom you can converse in the local language. The best thing about it is that the native ads can go live instantly.

Safety Check on Ads

The ads to be displayed on the publisher’s website are firstly moderated and then checked for any security threats. Once the no issues are found the ads are displayed instantly on the site of the publisher.

Improved CTR

You can expect the CTR to go as high as 2%. Yes you heard it right it’s 2% and that too for the widget ads. These native ads by Adnow are eye catchy and so a number of visitors are attracted towards them. The average CTR still remains at 1.15%.

Ad Customization

If you don’t like the native ads’ pre-moderated design then you are absolutely free to customize these ads in your own style. The size, color,font, number of rows &columns, and certain other aspectscan be changed as per your choice of selection.

Payments and Threshold

You will be surprised to know that the minimum threshold for receiving the payments is just $20. Moreover, you just have to wait for 7 days to get your payment processed. It follows the NET7 policy that is different from many other ad networks that exist. You can receive the payments through Payoneer, Wire Transfer, and also through PayPal.

Referral Program

This referral program is just for everyone. You can make out few bucks by referring any publisher of advertiser to Adnow. The referral must be done through your unique referral id.


A number of tutorials along with the knowledge base serve as the best source of information while you are using Adnow. In case of any query you can ask it from your dedicated account manager given to you or can join the Adnow’s official forum at to get your queries solved.

Final Say

The native advertising has become quite popular in recent times and Adnow is one of the few native Ad networks that are providing you with this form of advertising. It is very effective over the conventional form of widget advertising and catches more eyes comparatively. Adnow caters to the need of the publishers and delivers an exceptional native ad platform to be harnessed. If you are looking to replace your widget ads with more appealing and interesting ads then Adnow is the first choice you should opt for.

List of Websites Providing Transcription Jobs – Work From Home

Transcription jobs are the today's generation jobs that can be done from home in variety of fields like medical, legal, language and other general areas. Transcriptionists are the individuals who own self business and work on contract basis. The nature of transcription jobs is converting one type of file into another one that is demanded by Hospitals or Language centers.


For example, translating hindi files to English files or transcripting voice recorded messages of Physicians into written recorded format and so on.

The demand for these transcription jobs is high and thus most of the web services have started to provide transcription solutions for private hospitals, schools, language centers, entertainment areas etc.,

In order to help the beginners, below are the list of websites providing transcription jobs.


An excellent site that offers variety of audio files (runs for two minutes) to transcript into text format. It is best suitable for beginners since this site does not need any experience to work with it. It hires from all over the world and pays $14 for transcripting per hour audio file. $2 is paid extra if you are a constant visitor. It is a genuine website which pays regularly through PayPal when your maximum payout reaches to $10.


For more than 20 years, Tigerfish is the leading site for transcription jobs. It has clients from all over the world and hence expects skilful workers to transcript their audio files. High level of thinking and good typing speed is more essential for those who wish to try this site.


It is a site from US and Canada which invites seasonal transcriptionists who can work in the fields of medical, law and other private sectors. Workers are allowed to fix their own working time, work independently and can earn handsome money maximum $3000 per month.


This is a site for those who are master of one or more languages. It provides various transcription jobs in many languages. It also transcribes medical files, legal files, voice mail files, conference calls and phone recordings. It expects workers to have best typing knowledge to type the same accurately in a given time. Experienced workers are preferred more.


It is an excellent website to earn more money if you have good typing speed. Accuracy, speed and timeliness are the important factor to be a worker of this website. It pays $1 for the transcription of every 6 minute audio file and maximum payment per audio file can also be up to $20. After the maximum payout is reached Scribie pays through Paypal.

Diondata Solutions:

Workers who can type 60 words per minute are eligible to work on this site. Projects are scheduled as pieces and candidate must be able to manage multiple projects at the same time. Workers must have excellent written and verbal communication to get qualified in this site.


It offers two different types of programs such as office based and home based employee program which allows workers to earn from home. The highlight of this website is it provides all the facilities for the home based workers just like the office works such as sick leaves, casual leaves, maternity leaves, gratuity and appraisal.

Acusis Higher Standards:

Acusis Company has been successful in the field of medical transcription right from the year of 2001. They offer two types of works such as medical transcription and medical coding through all their offices located at Bengaluru, Mysore, Coimbatore and Chennai. It recruits transcriptionists through its 7 step recruiting process which filters most talented persons for the transcription job. Acusis is expertise in providing customizable solutions to the clients in patient care documentations.


It is a home based online transcription job which has its head office at Pune. It invites candidates from India, Philippines and UAE and already has more than 1000 medical transcriptionist across the world.  Transcriptionists are expected to work for full time with EdicatateIndia after the probationary period of 30 days.

Once the candidates are selected for transcription jobs they are asked to install their software which is easy to use, customizable and also can be worked through offline. Best rates in industry and friendly atmosphere can make Edictate as a perfect place to work.


It is a Secunderabad based company which provides medical transcription jobs and can be worked from home. Along with this transcription work it also provides medical coding solutions which are used by several hospitals and physicians. Beginners can take crash course for ten days to learn the medical transcription. Then they are able to earn up to Rs.12000 initially.

The Best Online Jobs for 2017

These days, the idea of looking for a job involves the internet. Dressing up and leaving the house for a classic 9 to 5 best online jobs is a concept that seems to be slowly fading and might soon be entirely a thing of the past. If you tend to be skeptical, don't be. It might sound unlikely, but it's true. There are many legitimate ways to earn a living working on your computer, without ever leaving the comfort of your home. The freelancer job market is flourishing, and here are just some of the professions you might want to look into.


Web Developer

With the web continuously expanding at a breakneck pace, developers of all kinds have been in high demand for years. Front-end, back-end, databases, administration – whatever you can do, there's  no doubt someone is willing to pay a premium price for your skills. No degree is necessary, just know-how and experience. The best part is, with so many resources, it is easy to keep learning and acquiring new skills. Developers have been the rock stars of the online job market for years, and that is not likely to change soon.

Virtual Assistant

What does a virtual assistant do? Well, more or less everything a regular assistant does, only online. Since most of today's businesses and communication has moved online, it makes perfect sense that assistant jobs would be outsourced. The job includes writing and answering emails, making phone calls, scheduling appointments, making purchases, creating content such as press releases, handling social media – in short – assisting your employer. Fluent English, great communication skills and a flare for organizing are the main requirements for this job.

Financial Advisor

There are plenty of people doing business or just starting their company that find financial talk to be just a lot of mumbo jumbo. That provides plenty of opportunity for financial advisors. A virtual financial advisor might do bookkeeping, help with financial planning and organization, set financial goals and explore investment options for the client. While a good head for figures and great organizational skills go a long way, a professional certificate IV in bookkeeping is a must have. While it requires some formal qualifications, this job is usually very well paid.


Speaking more than one language has always been a great asset – today more than ever. The reach of companies has been expanding from the local to the global, and with that comes a need for translation into every language imaginable. If you are fluent in more than one language, then this is the job for you. The clients' needs range in need from the literary to the scientific and technical translation.


In a sea of websites, blogs, e-stores and press releases, Google ranking is everything. And to achieve good ranking, content rules supreme. Brilliant writers are indispensable. If you have a way with words, writing is an excellent way to migrate your career to the web. There are many options. If you are particularly interested in a certain niche and want to create something for yourself, a blog is the right choice for you. If not, the market for freelance jobs is bustling and offering opportunity for every price range, type of work, niche and level of quality. All you need is a great command of the language you intend to write in, and at least some basic knowledge of SEO is always a welcome bonus.

With a significant part of our lives taking place online, and the globalization that it brings, it makes sense that the job market would become global and move online. Whether you are looking for a full-time or part-time job, a freelancing career has become a viable solution.

Dan Radak is a marketing professional with ten years of experience. He is a coauthor on several websites and regular contributor to BizzMark Blog. Currently, he is working with a number of companies in the field of digital marketing, closely collaborating with a couple of e-commerce companies.

AdCash Review: The New Way of Monetizing

The possibilities for all the bloggers has been changed and in the future, we cannot predict what will happen. According to a few bloggers, the structure of monetization will change and it will give a very good impact in the internet marketing industry.

Today we will talk about A one stop solution for monetizing and publishing the advertisement.

Let's discuss a depth about


AdCash is one of the leading monetization solutions for Advertisers and Publishers. If we say about Google Adsense and its other competitions, AdCash will come on that same list. Here we will discuss each and every possibility about AdCash. But first, let's check out what AdCash offers extra.

  1. Add formats for all types of devices.
  2. Anti-Add Block solutions.
  3. Multi Language support.
  4. Dedicated Android and iOS application.
  5. Real time Monetization.
  6. Multiple Campaigns.
  7. All 4 fundamental income models (CPM,CPL,CPA,CPC).
  8. Live reporting

In real values, AdCAsh is offering a lot more features for the Advertisers and its Publishers. The success of any add network depends upon its system, Advertisers and most importantly its Publishers. AdCash is very well organized and they have clients from such a very reputed companies like Alibaba,, SUBAGAMES, Big Point etc.

The Marketing Strategies of AdCash:

Previously it was described that AdCash offers all types of major Advertising solutions to its Publishers. Why we are talking about publishers, because they are the major entities for AdCash’s success. Let's talk more about the possibilities that AdCash is offering-

1. Cost Per Click:


AdCash offers CPC-based ads to its publishers. CPC stands for Cost per Clicks. It means when anybody clicks your adds then you will get paid by the merchant. Basically, Google Adsense provides the majority of CPC-based ads but AdCash is also one of the best competition of it.

2. Cost Per Mille:


You will get paid for every time your ad is viewed 1000 times. It’s the basic CPM rates and AdCash is also providing this very well.

3. Cost Per View:


The Video space is growing day by day and many publishers now choose the audio visual format for marketing. This is because people seems to like the audio visual format and its more efficient than text-based formats. AdCash also provides Cost Per View Architecture where if your video is viewed many times, that means you can earn a good amount of money for that.

4. Cost Per Action:


One best and unique features about this types of ads are that you can directly promote these types of ads through your properties like Blog, videos, and apps. Nowadays we  can find that the app market is growing very fast and it's efficient to monetize applications with AdCash’s ad network very easily.

5. Cost Per Lead:


Cost per lead is also one of the best ways to monetize for publishers. Cost per leads means collecting leads via any source of information like collecting email addresses, collection phone no etc. Email marketing is one of the prominent ways of digital marketing and it never turns its publishers wrong or disappointed. AdCash provides this features as well. If you can collect leads for the merchant then you will get paid for this.

This was the different types of adds that AdCash provides. Basically, all those types of ads are very effective for marketers and publishers.

Till now we discussed an its publisher’s benefits but if the advertisers cannot provide good deals then the publishers cannot promote their ads. This is the very basic funda of marketing. So, now let's take a look at how the advertisers work or what kind of features the advertisers get from AdCash.

The Advertisers benefits from AdCash:

The advertisers will also get a tons of features from AdCash. Let’s discuss them here.

1. Cross Platform:


Nowadays Publishers tries or tests different campaigns on different platforms. AdCash supports all types of major supports like Desktop, Mobile web, In App, or in stream media. Which is very much beneficial for the publishers as well as Advertisers too.

2. Powerful and Simple:


The success of any ad network depends on upon its simplicity and effectiveness. AdCash is very much simple and effective. The dashboard is well organized and campaign creation is very easier than that of other Add Networks.

3. Hyper Targeting:


Targeting means getting the best audience. Here Advertisers have the targeting options so that they can grab more profits from the publishers. Also, AdCash supports multi languages.

4. Real time Reporting:


Reporting is one of the ways that everybody wants to monitor. AdCash provides real-time monitoring solutions to its Advertisers as well as Publishers.

5. Ads Variations:


For success, you need to try different types of ads for your properties. Here advertisers can choose the best defining ads for their campaigns. All types of adds are mentioned earlier.

6. Structured Payments:


Payment is one of the major issues for some networks. But in this case, AdCash is maintaining this very well. They support all kinds of major payments vendor like PayPal, Visa etc.

These are the best features about AdCash.


There are massive nos of Advertisement networks. But among them a very few are recognizable. Because it is very much difficult to handle each and every point or assets very well and with discipline. In our case, AdCash is maintaining each and every format very well so that users can get the best in the class environment for Publishing as well as Advertising.

The Add Best Google Adsense is also provided the same features but which makes AdCash very unique is its Anti Adblock system. Nowadays lot of users use add block which prevents publishers to get the ultimate success. But AdCash comes up with a unique solution so that publishers gets the 100% profit throughout

8 Peer-to-Peer Sharing Sites That Can Save You Time and Earn you Money


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Peer to peer sharing, also known as “collaborative consumption,” is part of the booming sharing economy. The concept has seen tremendous growth in recent years. With the chest-beating success of companies like Uber and Airbnb, hundreds of copycat startups are looking to cash in on a piece of the growing pie.

Thankfully, there are also ways for average folks to cash in as well. Ordinary people are utilizing these platforms and services to make extra cash that can help make ends meet, afford luxuries andhome improvements, and even help them tackle student debts or other loans.

The typical sharing economy sectors include car sharing, music sharing and downloads, peer-to-peer accommodation, staffing, crowdfunding, and peer-to-peer lending.

But there are other niches as well.

Here are eight sites you may not have heard of that can help you put your skills, services, and assets to good use.

Fon is a global WiFi network of aiming to connect the world and provide sharable access anywhere and anytime. With Fon, you can list your own location with the site and also take advantage of a network of 20 million global hotspots.

Companies like RVshare offer a platform for owners of recreational vehicles, travel trailers, and other camping vehicles to list their fully insured assets for rent to their peers. CNBC reports that peer-to-peer RV rental is a fast growing industry. Many younger families are willing to try out various models and rent for their vacations in order to test the waters. Fewer millennials are ready to buy their own used travel trailer or RVwithout knowing if the lifestyle suits their family.


image credit:

Spinlister, currently rebranding as Liquid, is another company that aims to make recreation more accessible to all. The site makes it easier to rent out sports equipment you’re not using to your neighbor. The sharing startup, which started out with just bicycles, now hostswater, surf, and snow equipment.

AnyHire is a site that specializes in the lending and borrowing of householditems such as cameras, tools, electronics, or even musical instruments.For example, if you have a band but don’t use your equipment year-round, you can list your things for rent on the website when you’re not at band practice or playing gigs.

Websites like DogVacay offer services that are cheaper than a kennel and offer a more home-like and cozy environment for pets. For animal lovers, it gives the pet-sitters the chance to house animals for as long as needed, and provide extra tender loving care to creatures who are missing their owners. Plus, you’re getting paid. That means you’re making some cash on the side of your other responsibilities by just being a good pet parent for a few days.

TaskRabbit, is an online marketplace for people to post their profiles and locate local helpers to assist with needed tasks. The platform connects users to reliable and safe help right in their own neighborhoods. The helpers known as “rabbits” are interviewed and given background checks before being added to the website. The platform currently boasts over 4000 nationwide "rabbits" bidding on tasks.

Poshmark is a peer to peer sales clothing site that lets users shop both ordinary and boutique-like curated closets across America. Photos of items or outfits are uploaded to the site and available for sale. The site also boasts closets of celebrities like Ashton Kutcher, who donated all the money from his closet sales to one of his favorite charities, Thorn.

image credit:

Zaarly is our final peer to peer marketplace. It focuses on facilitating the creation of user-constructed “stores” for their skills and services. Whether you’re great at making homemade cakes and cobblers, or know how to repair dishwashers, as a user you can market your services via the Zaarly website. Beware that with this site the store ratings and feedback are both monitored. Users are removed from the platform if they don’t meet high standards of service on a consistent basis.

Of course, always use your common sense. Avoid offers that seem too good to be true, be sure to check ratings and recommendations on both sides of any transaction, and stay safe, smart, and alert when meeting anyone new in public.

If you are looking to serve, rent, or borrow, and are especially keen to connect with your neighbors and put money in their pockets, then taking advantage of the sharing economy is right for you.

Little Tricks To Help You Make More Money From Your Blog

Why do people blog?

Most likely it is because they have something to say in this or that regard.

But how long can one stay motivated on enthusiasm alone?

It can be hard to stay motivated and sustain your blog when your only reward is the sense of accomplishment. One needs something more material, something to help you pay your bills and justify the amounts of time that you dedicate to writing your posts and promoting your blog.


It may be worthwhile to put a little disclaimer here. One may argue that putting any actual effort into monetizing your blog is not such a good idea. It may ultimately lead to utter commercialization which can be viewed as something unethical or even downright evil by some. So, if you share this idea to some extent, be advised to first sort out your feelings and decide whether you want to monetize your blog or not. If not – don't read any further.

Now, every blogger has his or her own ideas on how a blog can be monetized. This article sums up several little tips and ideas on how to earn more money off your blog.


The most obvious way to earn money from your blog is to place ads and the most obvious means is ad networks like Google Ads. You might, however, want to do a little research to see what other ad networks have to offer. When choosing an ad network, consider the following factors, your niche and your number of visitors (actual and expected).

When choosing spots for placing ads on your pages, be consistent and considerate. On the one hand, you do not want to have your entire page covered in ads since this may compromise the user experience and annoy your audience away. On the other hand, the ad should not be placed somewhere barely visible just out of fear of annoying the reader.

It is also possible to earn some commission from online shops like Amazon by placing links to the products they sell on your blog. Here you need to take care that the links were relevant and not irritating. There are a few tricks here:

1) You can opt for deep linking. This means that the links to the relevant products will be placed in the article proper. For example, the article about the things to take into account when choosing headphones can include links to the headphones that you suggest for these or those purposes. This way, your reader will be able to instantly go to the online store and buy those headphones, thus generating some commission for you.

2) You can also place links in your sidebar. It seems the most effective way since sidebar appears on all pages, so the reader is always exposed to it. These links don't need to be too creative. For example, if your blog is dedicated to gardening, you can create a new link category called “My Top 11 Books on Gardening.”

3) Remember to localize ads. In most cases, it will be strange to expect all your readership to originate from just one country. There are plugins that allow you to control which links are to be shown to people in different countries. For example, a person from the UK will be directed to, while a visitor from Germany will see the link to This way, your reader will not get disappointed and irritated to have clicked on a link to a product that they cannot buy. Instead, they will only be directed to usable links.

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If you are an experienced blogger, you should be an expert in what you blog about. So, why not write an eBook about it and sell it on your blog and on eBook platforms like Kindle? You might as well consider rewriting some of your older posts into the chapters of your book.

If the book is successful, some publishing houses may show interest in buying the publishing rights to it.

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Once you have decided that your blog needs to generate income, you should not be shy about it. If you put ads on your blog, have them in a visible place. If you request donations, let your reader be constantly reminded that these donations are needed to keep their favorite blog alive. Even if your earnings from your blog will be quite modest, you become vulnerable to being called a sell-out. So, be ready for it and embrace it.

Most people start blogging to express their passion for the topic they choose, and they genuinely enjoy writing about it. Now, what can be better than having your calling not only keep you inspired and engaged, but also pay your bills? This is the ultimate self-realization to which all people aim. Having mastered the tricks described in this article you will surely be on your way to self-realization as a blogger.

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How to Make Money with Advertising on Your Blog

How to Make Money with Advertising on Your Blog-classiblogger-blogging tips

Every blogger dreams about gaining some form of recognition. And every blogger expects that sooner or later his blog will start bringing them money. The majority of already existing blogs bring nothing to their owners. Moreover, some popular bloggers do not even use their blogs to make money. But there’s a fine line, you know. Some content creators are only after dem dollars. They always look for the possibilities to make as much money as possible turning their blogs into advertising platform with ads only. And naturally, they lose readers, hence no one wants to only see ads.

Everyone have different expectations from their blog, but if you want your blog to be profitable, you’ve come to the right place.

So how can you find a balance between ads and actual posts? Today we’re going to talk about basic ad possibilities any blogger should be aware of.

How to use ads and not lose traffic

Before we talk about types of ads you can use on your blog, we need to talk about traffic your blog generates. No ad will bring you money if you don’t have enough traffic. So if you have just started a blog and don’t have followers or views, there is no point in using ads just yet. Traffic equals revenue.

So how can you know when it’s time to incorporate ads into your content? Well, if you have more than 1,000 views daily, it’s time to start thinking about it.

Other important aspects you should also consider to understand your traffic better is to check the number of unique visitors, how much time they spend reading your blog, amount of page views etc. To get to know your traffic rates, use Google Analytics.

Another tricky thing is actually placing ads and making sure you’re not losing visitors at the same time. You need to be very careful and aware of how frequently you use ads and how much place they  take up on your blog. Do you remember an early 00’ies sites full of pop-up, annoying banners? Nightmare. It is better to use fewer ads, but choosing  the ones corresponding to your blog’s topic, interests of your visitors, or at least those which scare away all of your audience.

When you’re sure that you’re getting enough traffic to bring you revenue, it’s time to choose types of advertisement for your blog. There are several types of online advertisement that work perfectly for blogs.

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Banners or Direct Ads

This method is pretty straightforward if you’re looking to introduce ads into your blog. Your revenue will directly depend on the click rate, so you need to be sure you’re getting enough visitors. This particular technique was quite popular several years ago, but today I wouldn’t call it very effective. Nowadays, most Internet users use various ad blocks. It means that instead of the ad they see a blank space that says it’s an ad. But if you’re just starting with ads, you can try this method and see if it works for yourself.

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Affiliate links

This is a kind of ad which you use in your posts. It means that you include a link to affiliate website into your post. If people who read it click the link, you basically get money. To make your conversion bigger, include links to the relevant content. For example, if you want to include a link to some marketing resource, it is better to write a post about marketing and how that particular site helped improve your marketing. Make it believable – the more it will look like an ad, the fewer clicks it would get. Have some respect for your audience and make sure you’re not selling your readers garbage.

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Sponsored blog posts

Everybody knows that popular bloggers are not shy to write for money. In fact, it’s one of the most popular ways to make money on a blog. Not to mention, that  it’s one of the easiest ways to make money. You just need to make sure that the number of sponsored posts does not exceed the number of your own posts.

The price of sponsored post depends on your blog’s popularity and rank, your traffic, and of course what budget a company, website or another blog have to spend.

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How to make ads bring revenue

The main thing you need to know in order to make money on your blog is that any ads you place on it should be relevant to your audience. There is always a temptation to put an ad that will bring you tons of money but is irrelevant to your readers. But if you can’t resist, make sure to at least not to throw it in their face too much. Always promote the things you like and your visitors will too.

You should also be aware of your ad’s statistics. By doing that, you’ll quickly figure out what works for your blog and what doesn’t, and will be able to change your strategy in order not to lose revenue.

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Top 10 Must Have Tools for Freelance Writers

In order to be competitive, a freelance writer has to produce a great value of high-quality texts within a short period of time. It is quite challenging. There is a range of great tools that make freelance writers’ life much easier and using them is a smart decision; here is a list of 10 great tools helpful for freelance writers.

Top 10 Must Have Tools for Freelance Writers-classiblogger

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1. Tools for Fast and Accurate Typing

This is a thing to begin with because fast typing is extremely important for a successful freelance writer. It is needed to complete tasks quickly. If you do not want to lose your thoughts while struggling to press buttons with one finger, you should get one. There is a range of programs that you can download.  It will takesome time to learn to type fast and accurate but it is worth efforts. 

2. Writing Software

There is a bunch of writing programs.  LibreOffice Writer, WriteMonkey, FocusWriter, and other great options can become a good alternative to Microsoft Wordif you think about using something else. Some of them are for free, which is also a good advantage. The convenience is that you should be looking for. Check whetherthe chosen writing software has all the needed features or if there is an opportunity to download missing features to your PC separately.

3. Dictionary and Thesaurus

Quality content has to match certain requirements; one of them is the use of synonyms for the same word repeated often in your text. Thesauruswill help you to find words for the substitution. When writing on a specific topic requiring deep knowledge of certain terminology, you cannot survive without using specialized dictionaries. A wide range of online services is available. You can use them to find the needed sources for free and you can also pay your attention to paid pieces of software if you find them more convenient.

4. A Quote Highlighter

This one is an extremely useful tool. Many online services offer to buy dissertations, essays, research, etc., and if you work for one of them, you should really get this tool because it will save your lots of time and effort; you will only need to write the text and mention the source and the program will do the rest.

5. A Grammar Checker

Lots of writing programs have a grammar checker included, the quality of those checkers may vary but they usually provide great help. Try to search for the best solution. If you are not 100% satisfied with the quality of the program you currently use, you should try out another piece of software. Grammarly is one of such solutions. It may not be perfect but it conducts more effective checking than Microsoft Word does. 

6. A Plagiarism Checker

A freelance writer cannot survive without using plagiarism detection software; some of such pieces of software can conduct checking online and some of them require installation. Usually, the choice of aprogramdepends on clients’ requirements. You may need to use several different plagiarism checkers in your work.

7. A Readability Checker

Those programs allow you to create easy-to-read and interesting content, and all you need is to write your text and use the special program to check your writing. Such a tool helps in providing high-quality works. You will receive results on the readability of your text with suggestions what should be corrected.

8. A Word Counter

One of the advantages of Microsoft Word is a word counter, which is a very useful tool for everyone who is at least somehow is engaged with writing, typing and so on; a number of writing programs do not have it and if you use one of them, you should obtain the needed software. A variety of online services are available for these purposes, such software should help you receive results really fast.

9. A Time Management Tool

Effective time management is vital for a freelance writer. You may regularly find yourself extremely busy with completing different tasks and a time management tool will allow you to finish your work on time. Also, you need it to spare time for day-to-day activities. It does not matter which one you choose, you should get it and use it.

10. Calculation tool

Getting paid is your final goal, so it is important to conduct recording of your work and calculation for your payments in details. You can simply use Excel. There are also other pieces of software that you can use to fill in with the information on what type of work you have completed, how many words it has, what your payment per word is, and, eventually, the total amount to be paid. Sharing it online with your client is a good thing.