Relation Between Tools And Technology With The Homo Sapiens 

Looking at the past you may then to think about the connection between tools and humans. You may wonder was it the humans who made the tools or did tools make the humans. There are several scientists who have this view that the Homo sapiens species or the humans were the first cyborg that evolved over the ages as an outcome of technology.

Timothy Taylor, a renowned archaeologist and anthropologist at the University of Bradford in the United Kingdom, said in his theory that humans evolved from the proto-human primates simply because they knew how to use tools.

Relation Between Tools And Technology With The Homo Sapiens - classiblogger

Explaining his theory of this evolutionary path of humans Taylor further said that the use of tools suggested and supported the fact that in the olden times, as well as today, the concept of “survival of the weakest,” prevailed. He said that:

  • Technology allows humans to amass biological deficits such as loss of the sharp fingernails and heavy jaw musculature that gave rise to the cutting tools and stone tools respectively.
  • Such changes resulted in the lowering down of basic aggression and facilitated the increase in manual dexterity for both males and females.
  • Such biological deficits are not only the matter of the past, he says and it even continues today. For example, human eyesight these days on an average is worse than that of the early humans that lived 10,000 years ago.
  • He also pointed out that just like other animals do, humans do not usually adapt to the surrounding environments. Instead they adapt environments to them.

All these facts and explanations point at another confusing aspect. Since the Neanderthals are considered to be symbolic thinkers that probably made art and had also designed exquisite tools with the bigger brains that they had, does that make them smarter?

No, it is just that humans are more extended through their technology even though most of the people in this planet live in cities rather than villages.

Evidences to prove

There are a plethora of evidences that corroborates this fact and show that there has been a significant overall decrease in the size of the brain of humans as compared to those humans living on this planet about 30,000 years ago. The alarming fact is that this trend seems to be continuing.

  • There are several reasons for it but the most significant one of all is that humans can outsource their intelligence. They do not need to remember a lot of things as the Neanderthals had to because now the humans have a computer to do that for them.
  • That means, the technology and tools have eliminated the need for the humans to maintain such an expensive and often dangerous biology any more. It signifies that over the passage of time, humans will continue to become less intelligent, biologically.

However, Taylor is not the only one to believe in the fact that tools of some specific kind came to existence even before the Homo sapiens.

In his book Catching Fire: How Cooking Made Us Human Richard Wrangham said that making fire and cooking food was a human-making technology. He argued that:

  • It is easy to digest food that is cooked rather than eaten raw and it also far less likely to cause any disease.
  • It also provided immense amounts of energy needed by the bigger brains of humans.

This over time resulted in a smaller and much weaker digestive tract in comparison to the previous ages.

Comparing Taylor and Wrangham theory

However, if you compare both Taylor and Wrangham theories you may find that both of them may be correct. In fact, there are several tools and technologiesthat may have combined to influence the evolutionary path of the Homo sapiens.

  • Paradoxical as it may sound, both Wrangham and Taylor suggested in their report rightfully that humans are technological by nature which is why humans are also sometimes referred to as Trans-humans.
  • Another staggering fact about the revelations of these two specific theories is that humans are certainly not the outcome of the evolution just as the way other primates are. If the Taylor and Wrangham’s theory holds true, humans are the evolutionary product of the technological pressure and its selection on a species.

They say that erectus developed from habilus because of technology and, concomitantly, the Homo sapiens evolved as a classthat maximized the use of technology.

This means, if you believe technology is natural and the Homo sapiens are the natural product of this technology, then there has to be a specific boundary between the two. Is it the human beings themselves? Wow! In other words, it would mean to be human means to be cybernetic because all humans are the species that is specifically born of technology. Period!

Tools of mankind

Since humans are used to tools and technology you will find that most use some kind of tool or the other in their daily life activities. Right from the cooking range to the refrigerator, from the mobile phones to the ceiling fan, you possible cannot imagine a human being living with the using any type of tool at all.

Moreover, the use of technology is also extensive among the humans. Not only you use technology to gather information or news, you also use it to plan your next moves to make it work best for your benefits. For example, if you want to get rid of your debts you will not choose any option without going through a variety of reviews such as debt consolidation or debt settlement reviews and weigh the pros and cons of each to select the right way to get rid of your debts.

That means since the time human beings started to exist and till the time they will exist, they will continue to use different tools and technologies just to make their life better and improve its quality.

Therefore, inventing tools may have been the biggest challenges to humans throughout history but it is necessary for the mankind to survive putting in less effort and time in any specific activity.

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Marina Thomas is a marketing and communication expert. She also serves as a content developer with many years of experience. She helps clients in long-term wealth plans. She has previously covered an extensive range of topics in her posts, including Money Saving, Budgeting, Cryptocurrency, Business debt consolidation, Business, and Start-ups.

7 Tools to Help Better Design Your Website

A worker is only as good as their tools. This may be somewhat debatable when it comes to web design as skills and knowledge are paramount, but still, the quality of the tools help.

When it comes to web design tools, there are plenty to choose from, but the quality varies significantly. Whether we are talking about image optimization or themes and apps, researching which are the best ones can nearly be as much work as building the whole site!

So, we’ve compiled this current (for now) list of seven tools for website design trends 2019 which will help better design your website.

7 Tools to Help Better Design Your Website-classiblogger

1. Squoosh

This accurately but cutely named app from Google is a free tool that allows you to compress any image without having to sacrifice its quality. Squoosh is excellent for pretty much everybody but especially for web designers who are concerned about site speed, as you should all be!

This easy to use app is just a drag and drop interface with a slider that edits the level of compression. This app works both off and online and will save you a bunch of time!

2. Adobe XD

One of the best vector design and wireframing tools around is Adobe XD, built by, you guessed it, Adobe. It offers a suite of drawing tools, as well as tools for non-static interactions, feedback gathering,  and mobile or desktop previews.

Another cool feature is the device-specific artboard which has a customizable size that allows for the importing of various other UI kit. This software also integrates seamlessly with Creative Cloud and gives you a host of Adobe libraries so you can use it with Photoshop or Illustrator with ease.

This program is great for projects as it encourages team collaboration and allows for easy communications and markups.

3. PixelModo

PixelModo is essentially a graphic designer in your pocket. Having the right graphics, that avoid copyright issues, can be a challenge to anyone who is designing their own website and doesn’t have any unique photo stock.

PixelModo is an easy-to-use design tool which you can use to create high quality, unique graphics. It has several million high-quality images that are royalty-free and easy to alter for your own designs as well as being very well designed itself. The interface is intuitive, and you will likely get a lot of benefit out of this little beauty!

4. CodePen

While building your site, you will need to do a lot of testing and CodePen is the easiest way to do that effectively. Great for HTML, CSS, and JS code snippets this program is an online code editor and open-source learning environment.

This is handy for developers of all levels as not only can you test code snippets but you can also get feedback and tips from the online community. You can expand this with the full CodePen Projects Integrated Development Environment which lets you build websites in your browser.

It features easy drag and drop web files, as well as templates and debugging tools, everything you need really!

5. Avocode

This one is a blessing for all of the front-end developers as it is the easiest way to code websites or apps that have been designed in other programs like Photoshop.

The best part for Photoshop users, in particular, is that Avocode is a plug-in for the program meaning you can work much more efficiently. The program automatically analyses your files, importing them into the app, then you are given full control over the export. Elements in the design are then selectable for you to paste the code into your text editor.

6. Vaunt

Our favorite on the list! Vaunt is the app you need to nail your websites color scheme. Let’s say you have an image for your business or brand; Vaunt will match your entire site color scheme.

The only catch being it is available for Mac and nothing else. Vaunt uses a clustering algorithm which examines your image, identifies the dominant colors then blends your site! It has an easy-to-use drag and drop interface and is very simple when learning how to get the best out of it.

7. Linksplit

Finally, this tool will help you with A/B testing. Linksplit lets you split traffic between two website variations and offers a decent free trial period.

You just enter your URLs, and Linksplit generates short test URLs that you can share with customizable rules available for each one.

This and the other tools above should make the designing of your website a much simpler task, while also ensuring you finish with a high-quality result!

Author Bio:

James Silverwood is the digital marketing manager for Perpetual Strategic Services which is the fastest growing Website Design Company in Jeddah. He helps clients grow their web visibility through all aspects of digital marketing.

Instagram Influencer Marketing Essentials for Social Media Marketers

Instagram influencer marketing has gathered a lot of traction in recent times even as marketers try every trick in their armory to get closer to their target audience and connect with them. According to research, it is already a $2 billion industry, market watchers predict that it will grow fast to become 10 billion in the next couple of years.

Despite its widespread adoption by large brands and it emerging as a viable career option for many Instagram users, many people are still not very clear as to what influencer marketing really is and what impact it can have on your business. Some insights into the concept that will serve marketers well in 2019 and the years to come:

Instagram Influencer Marketing Essentials for Social Media Marketers - classiblogger

What Is Instagram Influencer Marketing

Instagram influencers are those people who have a large number of engaged followers due to their celebrity status, domain knowledge, or any other attribute that provides a reason for their followers to respect them and love them so much that they are amenable to taking their advice or recommendations.

Businesses in virtually any industry will be able to find a number of influencers that their target audience looks up to. The emergence of this aspect of influence has opened up a huge opportunity for marketers looking to make a better impression of their product credibility and brand reputation to potential customers who may not perhaps be convinced that the product has the attributes they seek.

Influencer marketing on Instagram or for that matter on any social media is akin to what brand ambassadors are used for by marketers in traditional advertising, only social media allows a far greater degree of interaction that is not possible in conventional print and TV advertising.

Also, influencer marketing has gained enormous momentum because it allows brands to reach potential customers in a way that is more genuine than compared to traditional advertising. Influencer marketing involves building up relationships with targeted influencers who can recommend products or services to their followers with who they have a loyal and strong relationship that cuts across many aspects of their lives. Taking an Instagram screenshot of the brand sponsorship post is also a popular way of spreading the message among the followers.

How Much Do Influencers Charge

As is common with all services, influencer charges also vary a lot depending on a number of factors like the industry, the number of followers, and the engagement rate. The rate of engagement is more than the number of followers because unless the influencer has a hold on the follower base, the money invested in influencer marketing would just be wasted. According to industry studies, brands work out exclusive arrangements with influencers who can demonstrate engagement rates of upwards of 10%.

Typically, influencers may quote a dollar figure per post for every 100,000 followers; while the figure may not seem impressive, you need to factor in the fact that many of the top influencers have followers running into millions. The earnings are often good enough for them to treat their income from brand sponsorships as their primary income. While only a top brand would be able to afford a star influencer like Kylie Jenner who charges up to $1 million per post endorsed, smaller businesses are often quite happy to work with smaller influencers but who command respect in a narrow niche.

Who Is an Influencer?

Just about anyone can be an Instagram influencer; the only criterion is that you should have a reasonably large but highly-involved follower base. The extent of your influence over your audience will decide how successful you can be as an influencer. If you can demonstrate that people take your suggestions seriously, you could be a very valuable proposition for a brand wanting to make inroads into a fresh target audience. Brand managers will generally research you and your account to ensure that your followers represent their target audience and the following and engagement is authentic.

The genuineness of Instagram influencers is often called into question because there are many influencers who are not above using bots and sophisticated software programs to automatically like and comment just like human followers. The problem with these ghost followers is that they are not real people and brands cannot sell to them. However, to the trained eye, spotting fake followers is not very difficult as they only respond to posts of people in a specific target demographic or posts that contain a certain hashtag. Also, their response is standard and does not start a genuine conversation like an actual follower.

Genuine influencers will also not accept random brand sponsorship contracts because they have a real follower base and need to take into consideration their interests failing which, they are liable to ruin their own credibility and provoke follower attrition.

Genuine influencers also like to craft their own content for the brands they endorse rather than just push across a communication from the brand. At the end of the day, influencers have to ensure that all their posts reflect their own personality and should not appear to be out of place. This is the reason why influencer marketing is more of collaboration than just a commercial relationship.

Working with Instagram Influencers

If you are a brand wishing to cultivate Instagram influencers to increase your brand awareness or bottom line, you need to first decide on a budget because a sustained involvement with an influencer can be pretty expensive. Often micro influencers with a smaller following may be the answer for budget restrictions.

You also need to figure out whether the influencer is a good fit for the brand and whether the followers represent your target audience. Then, you need to perform due diligence of the Instagram account to measure the engagement rate and spot inconsistencies that become apparent when followers have been bought or bots used to artificially elevate the account performance statistics.


When brands face intense competition for market share, it can be a wise idea to move away from playing a price warrior or investing heavily in traditional mass marketing tactics. Influencer marketing for brands, both big and small, has already proven its effectiveness. While the results may take some time in coming, the impact is usually far deeper into the consciousness of the target audience.

Author Bio: Karen is a Business Tech Analyst. She is very responsible towards her job. She loves to share her knowledge and experience with her friends and colleagues.

Modern Form 2 SMS Marketing is a Strategic and Continual Process

The primary intent of marketing is to reach out to more and more clients and the most effective way to do so is by making the most out of SMS marketing. However, the process is not as simple as you may think and certainly does not involve and end with sending SMSs at random to the people out there.

Modern Form 2 SMS Marketing is a Strategic and Continual Process - classiblogger

You have to follow a specific strategy so that it helps you in several other aspects such as to determine:

  • The type of customers to target
  • The type of message to create
  • The right time and day to send these messages
  • The specific technique to follow
  • The right type of gateway to use
  • The right kind of tools and software to use and
  • The ways to monitor the messages and analyze the results.

All these consideration will ensure that you reach out to more and more people out there easily and more effectively and thereby increase your organic traffic and chances of conversion. In addition to that, you will need to follow a specific strategy as under.

  • When it comes to SMS marketing strategy, you will first have to formulate a plan for your approach. Next up, you will have to determine the tools to use such as ‘Plug-n-Play’ code samples, mass text message app and others. This will ensure that your integration of SMS with traditional marketing does not become a headache but is more effective instead.
  • Using of proper SMS gateway will keep things simpler and more result oriented which is why you will also need to choose some of the best and top software packages to integrate SMS properly with any system so that it works perfectly as desired across all channels and platforms.
  • Since SMS marketing is a strategic and a continual process, such an organized approach will reduce the chances of errors and lapses that will eventually and inevitably jeopardize the final outcome of it.
  • Using on or off systems and form 2 SMS will enable you to send out text messages through your website that will contain the product description and contact details. Since this is a two way approach, it will also help you to collect the mobile numbers in the process. This will help you in a great way for your future marketing campaigns.

Apart from extracting names and email addresses from the incoming text responses, you may also ask for a few additional data in the response while running a SMS campaign. To extract all such data in a more usable format you can use the best nifty excel tool.

The SMS pricing

Is price is what you are worried about as you should be being a responsible business owner, do some research to find out the lowest cost provider but make sure that they do not compromise with the quality while sending the SMSs in bulk.

Also make sure that you check the direct connections to the networks so that you can use it safely. Remember, there are lots of grey routes out there which may not be a good choice for your SMS marketing campaigns, national or international.

Reliability is the key in such services because SMSs now are more of a commodity in the industry apart from being the most important tool to reach out to different people. Therefore, it is important to ensure that your text messages are reliable enough so that the recipients has increased trust in your brand and feel that they will be playing an important part in your marketing campaign.

About form 2 SMSs

The best thing about the form 2 SMSs is that you can send these through your website. The form 2 SMS is an extremely effective tool for SMS marketing that has a highly configurable form script. This script will help you in different ways such as:

  • Help you to capture mobile numbers of the customers
  • Send URLs to the recipients
  • Announce reward schemes
  • Provide product information
  • Let them know about your contact details and
  • Prove them with any out of stock information

In fact, it will help you to inform your customers about anything that you want and all of these in just a simple text message. As it is with all SMSs, the form 2 SMSs also have a high readability to the extent of 98% as compared to simple emails that have a readability as low as 22%.

The working process of the form 2 SMSs is a lot similar to the working process of a general email newsletter sign up that you come across almost all websites these days. All you have to do is simply add a short mobile sign up field on the site. From this you can collect different facts, info and data of your customers and use these later on to send your future offers, product info and current news. It is ideally a very simple, quick and most effective SMS marketing process.

Enter into a new world of opportunities

Using the form 2 SMSs, you will be able to explore a new world of opportunities that will help your business in a great way. The form 2 SMS also has an optional ability to store in your account all those numbers collected that requests for more information automatically.

Following this process you will be able to know about and use according to your need:

  • The sender ID
  • The company name
  • The mobile number
  • The text message
  • The information sent
  • The name of the recipient or group to add this number to for future use
  • The redirection URL after submit and much more.

All the time you will be able to stay on the same page with your customer and establish a connection.

Since the script is free to download you will also be able to keep you marketing cost within your predetermined budget when you use the form 2 SMS for that matter. All you pay for is for the text messages that you sent and that too at a very low and affordable rate.

The Explanation about why Hadoop is ruling

Hadoop, the open source and a software platform are managed by the Apache Software Foundation who has been established as the very helpful source to store a vast amount of data efficiently in a cheap rate. But what it Hadoop exactly and what has made it so special?

Fundamentally, it’s a method for storing large informational data crosswise over conveyed groups of servers and then running it through “circulated” examination applications.

Explanation about why Hadoop is ruling - classibloggerIt’s proposed that your Big Data applications will keep on running in spite of when singular servers or bunches come up short. Plus, it’s likewise intended to be effective, in light of the fact that it does not require your applications to carry extensive information to your system.

The framework of Apache Hadoop software allows for the scattered processing of huge data sets across clusters of computers using plain programming models. It has the design to scale up from a distinct server to thousands of machines, and each of them is offering local calculation and storage. Rather than rely on the hardware system to distribute high-availability, the software library is planned to detect and manage all the failures at the application level and is delivering a highly accessible service on top of a cluster of computers, though each of which has the probability of failure.

If we examine deeply, there’s even more magical at work. Hadoop is an almost completely modular composition that makes it incredibly flexible, which means you can swap out almost any components of it for a diverse software tool. That makes the architecture extremely supple, as well as strong and efficient.

Evolve of Apache Hadoop

Google’s MapReduce is the main inspiration which is applied to part an application into little divisions so that it keeps running on various hubs. Mike Cafarella and scientists Doug Cutting has made the called Hadoop 1.0 and propelled it in the year 2006 to help transportation for Nutch web index.

By 2012 November it was available to the public through Apache Software Foundation. As part of its modification, a second version has also been launched after long revision form Hadoop 2.3.0 on twentieth Feb 2014 and has some major changes in its framework.

MapReduce introduction and Data Processing Framework

The information handling system or the data processing support is the instrument that allows you to work with the details. As a matter of course, this construction is based on Java and termed as MapReduce. Reasons why individuals hear more about the MapReduce side of Hadoop instead of HDFS:

  • It’s the tool which really gets prepared information.
  • It has a tendency to make people crazy while working.

In a “typical” normal database, information is found and examined with the aid of questions, based on SQL. On the other hand, Non-relational databases make use of questions not just on SQL; rather utilize other inquiry dialects to drag details out of the stores.

But don’t be mistaken thinking that  Hadoop is simply a database: It has the mechanism to store data and to pull data out of it whenever you have the necessity, rather the truth is that Hadoop can be defined something more than mere information warehousing framework – It consists of MapReduce for data processing.

The working phenomenon of MapReduce is based on job series, and every job comes with a specific Java application that actually went deeper into the details to extract the required data. When data seekers prefer to use MapReduce, they can enjoy high-end power and flexibility; the additional complexity includes tremendous unpredictability.

One more component is there to make Hadoop that makes it one of a kind: All of the capacities portrayed here go about as appropriated outlines.

A database utilizes a variety of machines, and the work will be partitioned out in this process. The greater part of the information sits on at least one machine, and the majority of the information is housed on the set of servers.

On the Hadoop group, the details present inside MapReduce and HDFS framework are kept on each machine in the group. This comes with two rewards: it adds recurrence to the framework in the event that one machine present in the group goes down, and it extracts the information after preparing to program into comparable machines where information is put away, which speeds data recovery.

At the end when a solicitation for details come in, the MapReduce generally makes use of two segments, a Job Tracker that is usually available on the Hadoop ace hub, and Task Trackers that is available on every hub inside the Hadoop arrange.

The course of action goes directly: The Map part is put into practice by the Job Tracker partitioning figuring employments up into characterized parts and moving those occupations out to the Task Trackers in the group where the required information is put away. When the action is running, the right compartment of information is simply reduced back leading to the Hadoop group, and then joined the data set varieties available on the majority of the bunch’s equipment.

Why must you have Hadoop?

The blast of Big Data has enforced the organizations to use all the technologies that could help them to handle the complex and formless data in such a method so that they can use maximum information extracted at once and they are analyzed without any delay or loss This need grew the advancement of huge information innovations that can procedure different tasks on the double without a disappointment. Here is a portion of the highlights of Hadoop as recorded underneath.


Hadoop has seized the Big Data market by making a big storm and the multinational organizations are also getting benefitted by its reliability. Though there is more to judge if it is the single player who will dominate the market or not, its continuous improvement has made it a good choice for the big companies. is one of the leaders to provide 24X7 support and on-demand services of consulting to the organizations.

Top Apps That Small Business Owners Can Use for Boosting Productivity

Setting up a small business and running it successfully can be a tough ask. Entrepreneurs generally have to start off by themselves and need to handle everything from production to marketing, accounts, inventory management, logistics, and financial planning on their own. According to inc, successful entrepreneurs have the ability to stay focused on the job and are able to prioritize tasks and manage time effectively.

Top Apps That Small Business Owners Can Use for Boosting Productivity-classiblogger

Given the volume of tasks that they need to oversee, it can be helpful to use the great variety of business productivity apps that allow the entrepreneur to stay on top of all the important tasks more easily and use the time saved to focus on business growth. Some of the best small business productivity apps detailed:


Asana is a very useful project management app that allows you to create projects, set the goals, and manage all the steps involved in the process. The app allows you to create different boards so that you can move tasks from one to another, as they are finished and also facilitates communication among the team members involved in each task via conversation threads. The app also builds in visualization tools for making better sense out of team calendars and project timelines.

A multi-faceted productivity tool, Asana empowers small business owners with the ability to manage all-important tasks using one single platform. It also provides easy integration with other business apps like Gmail, Google Drive, Microsoft Teams, slack, etc. While a free version is available for download, the paid version with the full set of features and tools is priced at $9.99 per month following a free trial period.


Basecamp is projected as the universal solution to all business management issues. It provides communication tools that you can use to coordinate with your team members or engage in communicating throughout the company. You can set up different projects with each having their different sections so that you can manage the process better; you get a list of things to do, a message board, a task scheduler, a specific place to save and store all your files, as well as a chat provision for general communication with your team.

The app makes extensive use of threaded communication, which makes it very each for users to follow the progression of the individual subject or even the entire discussion with just a quick look. At $99 per month, it is more expensive than many other apps in the market, however, many users swear by its integrated features that enable it to deliver a better solution than its competitors do.


Developed by Microsoft, One Note is ideal for small business owners who have the requirement for compiling voluminous information on multiple projects in one place. The notebook layout is easy to operate and very intuitive as it divides each project into sections that you can customize.

The app has a lot of nifty features that users will appreciate; for example, a note copied from an online source will automatically include the relevant URL for ease of referencing it later. The app is compatible with both smartphones and tablets with users having the convenience of being able to use a stylus to input data into the program. The app is free to use; however, you do need a subscription to Microsoft 365.


Tide is a free app that delivers soothing sounds to relax your mind and also keeps tabs on how long you are working and how long are the breaks. The app incorporates the Promodoro technique of time management that recommends working for half an hour and then resting for five minutes. The app helps your mind to remain fresh, focus better on the task at hand, and not fall prey to procrastination. You can also use Tide to help you to get sleep that is more restful.


With Todoist, you can build a list of all the things that you have to do and then track them. The app makes it very easy to create a new task and log in under a project that has been already created or even create a new project. You can then assign the task to someone and set a time for it to be completed.

The main purpose of the app is to log in all the important tasks so that you do not need to remember about it until it needs to commence. The visualization tools that the app provides are quite impressive and allow you to track the progress of the tasks at a glance. The app does not provide advanced document management or messaging features that you can find in more advanced project management apps.


This app provides a very simple way for small business owners to manage and monitor invoices. The app has a feature that lets you create professional-looking and customized invoices that match your business sector. Clients that need to be billed the same amount every month can be invoiced automatically. Very usefully, the app lets you accept credit card payments on your smartphone.

On the expense side, the app lets you organize and track expenses and create completely customized financial reports like balance sheets and profit and loss statements. The app works on both Android and iOS phones and is also compatible with desktops.


Slack provides a useful instant messaging platform that allows you to organize the conversations of your team members in different channels that may be either private or public. You can even message them directly if you so wish. The app has a simple drag-and-drop feature that allows you to share documents and images in the chat itself for easy access by the chat participants. The app allows unlimited users and automatically indexes and archives all messages, files, and notifications so that retrieval is very simple.


Small business productivity apps that come in a large variety to address different issues and concerns of entrepreneurs can make life easier by offering technology-backed features right in their smartphones. When entrepreneurs are hard-pressed for time, using these apps can significantly boost their efficiency and allow them to boost business operations without stress.

Learn All About Programming through Programming Assignment Help

Learn All About Programming through Programming Assignment Help-classiblogger
image credit:

Technology and innovation have become a part of our daily lives now. Every industry today is becoming digital, incorporating computing systems and networks. As a result, tech skills are highly demanded in the industries. There is always a need for programmers who have the power to create the best!

Hence, if you have chosen computer science or computer programming as a subject in your school, college or university, you have already taken the first step to a bright future. But what if you are facing problems in learning to program on your own? Well, programming assignment help can make things better. Let us see how.

What is Programming Assignment Help?

To help students understand the complexities of programming languages, many programming assignment help services are available online today. These are generally a group of programming experts who have in-depth knowledge about the programming curriculum taught in schools and colleges.

These experts take a student’s queries and provide with explanatory solutions at an affordable price. Students can provide a deadline by which they want the assignment solutions and the assignment helpers ensure that the students receive the solutions on time.   

How Programming Assignment Helpers can help you learn Programming?

Comprehend your programming questions easily

Many times students face issues in understanding the programming requirements. As a result, they are not able to come up with correct solutions. A programming assignment help can make them understand the requirements of the programming questions easily by providing them with correct solutions. As students would go through the assignment solutions, they will be able to understand the questions in a better way. In case if students find that the solutions are incorrect or incomplete, they can seek assistance and get their answers reviewed by these experts once again.  

Get better with the syntax and semantics of programming language

It is important for a student to understand the syntax and semantics of a programming language. It not only helps them in writing correct code but also in understanding the unique features of a particular programming language. The assignment helpers provide accurate solutions to the assignment queries to the students along with proper documentation which in turn helps the students understand how to write programs and the important things to consider while writing a program.    

Learn to code faster

There is clearly no point of spending hours on solving complex programming questions when a student has no idea how to code. Taking help from a programming specialist makes it easier for the students to understand what approach to follow while solving a programming question. Instead of wasting time in attempting a question without any clue of how to find the solution, students can delegate their assignments to the experts and spend time studying the topics.

Solve programming queries without the hustle   

Students generally have no idea about planning a code. The practice of unplanned coding can be harmful in their professional career or when students learn advanced programming. Along with efficiently written assignment solutions, students can ask the assignment experts to share the drafts of their assignments and understand how they actually planned the solutions. Students can thus learn about the possible solutions to a problem and why the assignment writer chose a particular method of finding the solution. This is also known as code optimization.

Debugging is not difficult anymore!

A crucial aspect of programming is testing. Students often have no time to debug code on their own. Sometimes it becomes difficult for them to understand the meaning of an error in their code and hence they are unable to rectify it. Programming assignment helpers can make the code written by students error-free. They can also specify the meaning of different errors that were there in the code and how they resolved those errors.

Understand someone else’s code in a breeze

Sometimes students are given questions in assignments in which they have to find errors in code. There might be times when students have to dry run a code and provide its output. Other types of questions that students may encounter in assignments could be understanding the code and implementing it in a better way.

Students who find such tasks difficult can seek help from programming masters and hence find correct explanations. Students can ask the assignment writers to explain their approach on solving the question and hence learn how to comprehend a code easily.

A major advantage of seeking instant assignment help for programming assignment is that they are experienced and well-learned people. They know how to provide explanations for complex questions. They keep themselves updated with the current trends in programming and hence can provide correct solutions to all the programming queries of the students.

So why waste your time in crunching those typical algorithms when you can find the right solution within time? Instead of getting panic with your next programming assignment, seek assistance from an expert right away and learn for your best!     

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Take Your Business to the Next Level with Instagram Analytics Tools

Experts have predicted that in the year 2019 businesses would be devoting a lot of energy and time to Instagram analytics and optimizing their posts according to what they come to know from the data. If you are looking to keep track of ROI from Instagram, it is essential to use an important Instagram analytics tool for helping you in boosting engagement, getting more views on Instagram Stories, and enhancing sales.

As per socialinsider, “Analytics are powerful because they can tell you when and how often people are interacting with your posts, viewing your profile, and many other key factors that should influence your overall Instagram marketing strategies.”

Take Your Business to the Next Level with Instagram Analytics Tools-classiblogger

If you wish to boost engagement and increase the number of followers, remember that it would all start only by clearly understanding Instagram analytics. The data you derive from Instagram analytics must be used as an inspiration for your content strategy.

Once you have managed to understand Instagram analytics and are comfortable about it, you would be modifying your strategy for generating content that your followers would be engaging with and creating a profile that would surely entice your target audience. Here are some useful Instagram analytics tools that could prove to be pretty helpful in 2019 to add a whole new dimension to your business.

Instagram Insights

These are supposed to be the built-in insights that you would be getting with the Instagram business account. With the help of Insights, you could easily see fundamental statistics relating to your profile views, posts, and conversions. You could also, obtain important data and information on Instagram Stories and that may include website clicks, reach, and more. You may get in-depth analysis and statistics about your target audience including their gender, location, busiest time during the day etc.

These highlights quickly illuminate your substance procedure and bolster development on Instagram instead of permitting your adherent check to stagnate. For instance, Sprout could enlighten you regarding the way that your recordings or client produced content is absolutely killin’ it. Thus, you can post business as usual or switch up your substance in like manner.

Simply Measured

Simply Measured despite being a free tool is quite meticulous and provides three distinct reporting areas and in-depth statistics about engagement. You could analyze total engagement, the way engagement would be measuring up to the past Instagram posts, and engagement even as a share of the total followers. You would be obtaining a scorecard which would be ranking your overall Instagram performance over a given time period. You could get in touch with a reputed digital company to get real Instagram likes.


Previously called Statigram, this is supposed to be a really old Instagram analytics tool and offers fantastic follower growth charts, calculates your comments and likes on an average, allows you to see your most-liked pictures over time.

Union Metrics

Union Metrics is a highly meticulous one and is fairly simple to use. It would assist you in mastering the art of posting at the perfect time, choosing the right hashtags, and the kind of content to emphasize. The coolest feature of Union Metrics is supposed to be the fact that it reveals the ‘biggest fan’ and keeps reminding you to engage persistently with all your followers.

Association Metrics is a powerful promoting knowledge stage that enables brands to follow their possessed media and industry patterns. Beside Union Metrics’ full suite of highlights, brands can exploit the stage’s Instagram Account Checkup for nothing. The checkup gives an itemized report including your best hashtag, most committed devotees and normal post commitment.


Previously referred to as Just Unfollow, this Instagram analytics app would be helping you finding potential followers by identifying users who seem to be related or connected to your present followers, hashtags, and content. Furthermore, you could identify unfollowers and even inactive users.


You must use one or more analytics tool for helping you to sharpen your skills in chalking out the perfect engagement strategy. You may choose one more effective tool for revealing your content features and thereafter, filter performance. You must examine every week your performance levels. It is integral to keep track of Instagram Analytics if you wish to carry on as a successful brand.

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Most Frequently Made Mistakes by E-Commerce Businesses on Instagram

Instagram has been growing at a rapid speed and has managed to surpass the incredible 1 billion user record and has obviously, become the favorite marketing destination for various businesses and brands. However, some businesses have managed to successfully leverage the power of Instagram as a superb marketing tool while others are left to wonder what is going wrong.

Today there are a host of marketing and social media platforms and it could prove to be pretty challenging for some business owners to identify the right platform for focusing their endeavors on so that they are able to boost sales and enhance ROI. Even if they are able to identify Instagram as the perfect fit for their products and their targeted audience, often businesses do not have a clue as to what mistakes they are making on Instagram.  Here are some common Instagram mistakes made by e-commerce businesses.

Most Frequently Made Mistakes by E-Commerce Businesses on Instagram-classiblogger

Mistake #1: Not Having a Shoppable Feed

One of the greatest frustrations that businesses experienced previously was actually the fact that you were not allowed by Instagram to incorporate clickable links into your posts alongside the pictures of the products you have posted. However, thanks to some new tools such as Hootsuite, or any other product tagging tools that have been introduced to make it convenient for e-commerce retailers to sell and online consumers to buy. For instance, actually, was the very first e-commerce platform which made it possible for customers to go to the product page directly from an Instagram post or product picture.

Pages that can’t become to form any connections on your site. You should change your subject to guarantee that all pages are reachable from the route. You can see whether this is an issue by contrasting your page database and your creep. On the off chance that any pages aren’t found amid the slithering, they aren’t getting connected to.

Mistake #2: Having Several Steps to Conversion

Even if your Instagram posts are hash-tagged or product tagged to perfection, it is of utmost importance to consider how easily or quickly can customers buy products and check out. One of the fundamental rules of e-commerce sites is to make every step faster and easier otherwise; visitors would be bouncing off before you even realize it. You must keep in mind that the phenomenal success of Amazon has been attributed to a great extent, to its super-convenient one-click checkout. Instagram is accessed mostly on mobile phones and so the audience is known to have smaller screens and definitely less patience. As an Instagram marketer, it is essential for you to consider whether it is easy for users to browse and purchase products from your page.

Mistake #3: Purchased Fake Followers & Likes

As per hootsuite, “When you buy likes and followers, you’re only hurting yourself. Buying Instagram followers and likes is really the equivalent of fraud since many ‘influencers’ who do this are making money and receiving product based on their follower and engagement numbers.” People who are buying likes and followers are running the risk of serious legal ramifications and discrediting their business or brand.

To comprehend not just which of your items buyers care about yet in addition how they need to see them, add Pin It catches to each picture, not simply the default picture buyers see when they first arrive on that page. At that point, examine which adaptation is being shared generally much of the time.

For example, are shoppers bound to impart pictures to a white foundation or dark? Do they favor the model with or without a night sack? Wearing a grin or grave look? Soliciting these sorts from inquiries can empower you to gather profitable bits of knowledge around what your clients seek to claim just as how they want to see the items that line your social and computerized racks.

Many organizations often get trapped in the business of buying likes and followers. However, it is no doubt, one of the worst mistakes.  Instagram could be implementing a shadow ban. We know that a shadow ban implies that Instagram would be hiding your hashtags basically from the public to avoid exposure to a wider target audience. In such a situation, only your followers would be seeing your post.


Avoid making the above-discussed mistakes so that your brand could get immensely benefitted from the Instagrammers worldwide. Seek assistance from social media experts if you are not getting the kind of success that you had anticipated.

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Top Brands Share Tips on Building a Robust Brand Presence on Instagram

Instagram has achieved phenomenal growth and success over the last few years and has fast become a powerful and versatile social media platform for marketing a business and promoting a brand. Instagram is consistently promoting retail, beauty, fashion, and even food and more. Instagram presently has over 1 billion MAUs and 500 million DAUs. In reality, the number of DAUs has more than doubled to 500 from 200 in just a few months or even less.

Brand Presence on Instagram classiblogger

However, according to forbes, the most enticing fact for various businesses is that over 80 percent of the total Instagram users are following at least, one business or brand on Instagram. People are engaging with brands on this powerful marketing platform 10 times more as compared to Facebook, 54 times more as compared to Pinterest, and 84 times more as compared to Twitter. On the other hand, it is interesting to note that 71 percent of brands are having accounts on Instagram as when users follow a brand 75 percent would possibly take action.

We know that having a consistent and robust Instagram presence would be building solid and thriving brand awareness and creating long-lasting relationships that lead to organic growth on a long-term basis. We know that numerous brands are vying for your attention and Instagram is the best way for a brand to stand out successfully from the rest. Let us explore some expert branding tactics on Instagram from top brands.

Focus on the Use of More User-Generated Content

Brands could be using Instagram for a host of reasons like enhancing brand awareness and boosting engagement with specifically, the target audience, promoting their services and products for the purpose of social selling. One of the premium brands on Instagram, Adobe is using the platform clearly to boost brand awareness and spike Instagram engagement. Moreover, they seem to be having an incredible strategy for helping them achieve their goals and objectives and the strategy is that they are totally dependent on user-generated content.

Brand Presence on Instagram classiblogger 1

This definitely generates fabulous content for their specific Instagram profile and even promotes their services and products in a highly effective and efficient way such as via word of mouth. UGC could be an unbelievably robust marketing tool if you could inspire users to create it, for instance, Adobe certainly established an impressive team of brilliant brand ambassadors who are consistently promoting the brand whenever they use the hashtag while posting the image. Adobe consistently encourages user-generated content from their audience. You could do the same by starting a user-generated campaign just like Adobe.

  • Choose a theme, for instance, people using or wearing your products in fascinating ways.
  • Choose a fantastic hashtag and better make it crisp, short, easy to write, and catchy.
  • Promote your specific user-generated campaign successfully on your Instagram profile with videos, images, and stories and even in your bio for encouraging and tempting people to participate.

In this context, you could boost your brand by seeking the brilliant services of gramblast for real Instagram likes, views, and followers.

Put Your Products on Display

One major reason why businesses use Instagram is that they could successfully display and showcase their top products and even services and consistently drive more and more traffic directly to their website and boost sales indirectly. This strategy is implemented by Califia Farms and we know that the brand has gained phenomenal success. Califia Farms showcases various types of dairy-free products like almond milk coffees, dairy-free yogurts, and creamers etc. They follow a simple but very effective strategy.

They are sticking to promoting their products on this robust social media platform in a manner that works best on this platform that is with enticingly-plated foods. They use amazing pictures of food to drive more and more traffic to their official website and effectively inspire and impress their target audience with the various ways their products could be used. They use recipes and photogenic foods and so the pictures look splendid and they are truly mind-blowing.

The foods simply look delicious and the pictures of yummy foods are accompanied with detailed recipes and the followers realize that they could have access to the recipe by going straightaway to their bio. Once they go about clicking the link provided in the bio, they would at once be taken to the webpage where all the recipes are listed basically in chronological order.

Visitors would just require clicking on any recipe they need an at once, they would be redirected to the official website of Califia where they would get the full recipe. There’s a lot you could learn as a marketer from this effective branding strategy especially if your intention is to demonstrate your brand values, boost brand awareness, and showcase company culture. There are lots to be learned about effective branding on Instagram from Califia.

Find effective ways of showcasing all your products and various ways how they could be used by people. Use pictures and short videos.

Boost your site’s traffic by offering a good incentive to your followers and fans to go to your bio and click the hyperlink.

Showcase the Culture of Your Company

Water is supposed to be charity organization of repute. However, it has plenty to teach marketers both non-profit organizations and businesses about branding strategies on Instagram if your primary objective is to showcase the culture, vision, values, and even the humane side of your company.

Water is known for posting varied content consistently on their Instagram profile, however, their chief focus is primarily on the kind of work they are doing and all the people who make it possible to get the job done seamlessly. They are happy to share behind-the-scenes moments and they enjoy flaunting their interns in action. The branding principles to learn from them are:

  • Consider going behind-the-scenes to raise consumer curiosity and interest and focus primarily on generating content which complements that theme. Use good quality pictures and short videos of your interns or team developing an innovative product or creating a new project.
  • Demonstrate your brand values. Showcase via pictures, stories, and videos, the values upheld and supported by your brand.
  • The spotlight must necessarily be on your customers. Create effective case studies and post pictures of customers using your products.


You could explore a treasure trove of branding ideas and principles when you observe what brands are doing on Instagram for grabbing people’s attention and compelling them to take the right action.

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