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Call Centers Leveraging AI-Driven Services! - Classi Blogger

Call Centers Leveraging AI-Driven Services!

   Call Centers Leveraging AI-Driven Services   

With the evolution of new technologies and advanced systems, call centers have modified their solutions. Modern technologies like artificial intelligence, the internet of things, machine learning, etc. have modernized the traditional call center practices.

With the introduction of AI, several modern techniques for simplifying business processes have been presented. AI has notified new ways of boosting call center practices and easing customer support services.

Call centers in India emphasize on the significance of using AI-driven technologies for call centers. This is because, with AI, the need for manual agents’ assistance is minimum; rather the tasks are easily simplified with automated functions saving capital for the organization too.

AI helps call centers attain maximum customer satisfaction with automated functions and some best practices help BPOs improve customer experience. With AI, the next action can be automated that eventually helps in assisting the callers’ well without any hindrance.

Most of the monotonous call center functions are easily automated with AI, which earlier took a lot of time, money, and needed manual assistance.

In various reports it is been said that call centers are leveraging AI a lot and the modified ways have changed the ways BPOs used to work.

To know more about the ways AI is helping call centers improve customer experience, check out below:

AI for call routing

Call routing with the traditional call center functions was not possible. Traditionally the calls were kept in a queue to bring an adequate resolution for the caller, which ultimately affected satisfaction levels negatively.

However, AI has made it possible for an agent to forward the call to an expert without disconnecting the same. This way the caller gets an adequate reply on-time, call abandonment is no more an issue and long wait times do not destroy customer satisfaction.

This is why AI is been vastly used in all call centers as nobody wants to dissatisfy the customer with traditional methods when modern techniques are cost-effective and hassle-free.

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The use of CRM

The uses of CRM technologies have modified call center performance. CRM helps to make customer data, their history, and other essential information available with just a click, which eases service management.

Earlier such data was unavailable, which hindered swift call center services. However, CRM helps to gather all the customer essential information accessible through passwords for all the employees. This way call center employees can manage communication with the callers well as they know the details of a call as soon as the phone rings.

With such a tool it is easy to attain customer satisfaction that was hard earlier with traditional systems.  After all when the agents are at ease, they will automatically earn more satisfactory results for the business.

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Improved customer experience

Every business aims to boost customer satisfaction and AI helps to achieve the same. In this highly competitive era, customer satisfaction is hard to attain as the users have numerous options to choose from.

Nevertheless, when your business offers out-of-the-box services, augmenting customer experience becomes easier. With AI, most of the call center operations are automated like Chatbots that answer calls 24 x 7 so that customers receive services 24 x 7 x 365. Isn’t it a great way to augment customer satisfaction?

AI also helps with IVR systems and other auto-generated emails that help to respond to the customer instantly boosting satisfaction levels.

Thus, why would a call center avoid AI perquisites?

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AI-powered assistants

Call centers are vastly leveraging AI-bots. Call centers in India highlight the significance of using AI bots and how customers are accepting talking to a bot without any hesitation.

Well, hiring a team of agents to answer repetitive calls/messages all day would demand huge capital investment. However, investing in outsourced call center services using bots would rather save lots of bucks. Which would be better?

Now, obviously AI-based call center services.

This is the reason Siri, Alexa, and other AI-powered bots are in vast use today. Call centers are also leveraging these assistants to be available to the customer 24 x 7. 

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AI for personality profiling

Call centers are taking huge advantage of AI-based solutions and personality profiling is a great example of the same. What is personality profiling?

Well, there are several agents who cannot handle angry customers while some handle talks with hard customers confidently.

AI helps here!


AI helps to route the calls that are repetitive to the agents who can handle all adverse scenarios. AI keeps a check on agents who handle all adverse situations without panicking and forwards such calls to them when needed.

Such personality profiling was not possible earlier, which lead to several un-satisfied customers as they couldn’t connect to a reliable answering agent or maybe hand an un-sorted issue.

This is why the introduction of AI is like a blessing for the call center industry!

Thanks for reading!

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