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Buying Guide: How to Choose the Perfect Mattress

Most people tend to spend more time on their beds than any other furniture in the home. This is because beds happen to be the source of comfort and relief. This is the reason why choosing the correct mattress becomes all the more important. Experts, like the ones at NapCloud, believe that a mattress is one of the greatest investments that one can make for good physical and mental health.

In this buying guide, we would be discussing the importance of a mattress and what factors need to be considered before purchasing one.

Importance of Mattress

A mattress is an enormous cushion pad that is generally placed on the top of a bed. It provides comfort and support to the user. To enhance comfort to the neck and back, a mattress can be made from latex, memory foam, gel, etc. Many manufacturers also make hybrids, which are a combination of mattresses and beds.

Some people might think that mattress selection is an inconsequential task; however, putting effort to choose the correct mattress can have your body showing gratitude. A good-quality mattress enhances the quality of life. People who use mattresses require less sleep, wake up relaxed and rested, and get a better start to their day. It is great for uplifting your mood while providing several health benefits.

5 Things to Consider Before Buying a Mattress

There are multiple things that you should consider before purchasing a mattress. Below we have listed the 5 major factors that are important to be examined before you choose the perfect mattress for yourself.

1. Size

An essential factor to remember while buying a mattress is its size. There are several size options that you can choose from based on your requirements and preference. These are as follows:

Twin: The twin mattress has a size of 39 x 75 inches and is a great option for beds in small spaces. It can easily fit a single adult.

Twin XL: With a size of 39 x 80 inches, this size is perfect for tall people. It can fit in a small-sized bed and also has extra legroom.

Full: This is the go-to mattress for a beginner. It measures 54 x 75 inches and gives enough room for a single sleeper to stretch out. Beds in studio apartments and average-size rooms can easily accommodate this mattress size.

Queen: Sized at 60 x 80 inches, this mattress is a popular choice among many. It allows two people to sleep easily and comfortably.

King: A king-size mattress measures 76 x 80 inches and is generally preferred by people who have large rooms.

California King: The California King mattress measures 72 x 84 inches. This is one of the most comfortable options if there are two tall people.

2. Firmness

A mattress should be a blend of comfort and support. This also means that the mattress should be firm enough for your body. It should contour to the body while providing the necessary support. The sleeping position and the weight of an individual can play an important role in deciding the level of firmness required for the mattress.

3. Material

The material with which a mattress is made should also be considered before purchasing one. Different people have different material preferences for their mattresses. Some common materials from which mattresses are made include:

Innerspring: There is a comfortable layer of polyfoam along with steel coils for support

Foam: It contains pure polyfoam or a combination of memory foam and supportive polyfoam

Latex: Made from high-density polyfoam or latex core that supports a natural or synthetic latex layer

Hybrid: There is a 2-inch latex or memory foam and pockets of coils for support

Airbed: It contains inflated air chambers according to the firmness required

4. Thickness

Most of the mattresses have a thickness of 5 to 15 inches. The thickness of a mattress is mainly dependent on the bodyweight of the individual. Heavy people generally tend to feel comfortable in thick beds. The thickness of the mattress also varies from one brand to another. Entry-level mattresses tend to be thinner and simple in design.

5. Durability

The price of a mattress is not an indication of its quality. Some materials tend to wear out faster than others, depending on their usage. It is important to ensure that a mattress is of high quality and within your budget. It is always better to go for well-known brands such as NapCloud mattresses if you are not sure of the quality.

Check out manufacturers that make hybrids, which are mattresses made using a combination of materials to give equal support and comfort.


The above guide was a quick insight into what should be considered while shopping for a mattress. Regardless of where you buy it from, it is always better to conduct thorough research before you purchase one.

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