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Build a Multi-Language Website for the Travel Industry with ReactJS - Classi Blogger

Build a Multi-Language Website for the Travel Industry with ReactJS

In the past few years, ReactJS has grown exponentially and conquered various industries, travel being one of them. It has emerged to be the second-most used framework in 2023, with more than 42.62% of software developers using it. The popular JavaScript library offers a range of powerful tools and features that make it easy to create a simple and effective multilingual website in minutes.

Building a multilingual website with React can help you expand your travel business globally and reach out to a wider audience. To develop a multilanguage travel website for your business, you can hire remote React developers well-versed in curating travel websites with ReactJS.

By availing your website in multiple languages, you can attract more customers and drive more sales, especially among those who may not speak English. This can help you expand your market and build stronger brand recognition among potential customers from different parts of the world. With ease of access, reduced operational and maintenance costs, real-time data, feedback access and much more, travel app development solutions offer end-to-end automation of comprehensive planning and booking of all types of tours.

Creating a multilingual website with ReactJS also helps you reduce bounce rates and keep visitors engaged for longer. When visitors are comfortable navigating your website in their native language, they are more likely to stay on your site and explore all that you have to offer. Therefore, let’s dive in and explore how you can build a multilingual website for the travel industry with React.

What is ReactJS?

ReactJS is a popular, free, and open-source JavaScript library that is widely used for building complex and dynamic user interfaces. It is an excellent choice for building a multi-language website for the travel industry, as it offers a range of powerful features that can be customized to meet the needs of the industry.

Moreover, it is an excellent choice for curating a multi-lingual website for the travel industry. You can leverage the power of React components, states, props, and lifecycle methods, we’ll guide you through the process of creating a user-friendly and engaging website that appeals to travel business owners as well as travelers from different countries and cultures.


In ReactJS, components are the building blocks of a website. They can be used to create reusable UI elements such as navigation bars, search bars, and footer sections. For a travel website, components can be created for displaying flights, hotels, and tour packages.


ReactJS offers a powerful state management system that can be used to store data that is required by a component. For a travel website, states can be used to store user preferences, search results, and booking details.


React offers hooks that can be used to add state and other features to functional components. This makes it easy to create reusable components that can be used across multiple pages of a website.


Props are used to transport data from one component to another. This is particularly useful for building a multi-language website, as it allows different components to be displayed in different languages.

Lifecycle methods

ReactJS includes a vast range of lifecycle methods that can be used to execute code at specific points in the component lifecycle. For a travel website, these methods can be used to fetch data from an API, update the state of a component, or handle user events.

What is a Multi-language Web App?

In a progressively globalized world, a multilingual website is a must-have for businesses that seek to reach a diverse audience. Such websites offer the convenience of catering to multiple language speakers and cultural backgrounds, enabling a smooth flow of information and interaction. With the help of multilingual website design, businesses can create unique localized content and target consumers in their local language, enhancing their brand recognition and awareness.

Businesses can broaden their horizons and take their products or services to new markets while simultaneously reducing the communication gap between different cultures with the help of a multi-lingual website. In short, a multi-language app is a powerful tool for expanding a business’s reach and catering to the needs of a global audience.

Importance of Multilingual setup in your Travel app

When it comes to building a website or an application for the travel industry, a multilingual setup is essential. This setup enables users to communicate in their preferred language, allowing for better interaction and communication. React JS is an ideal platform for creating a multilingual setup, which offers several benefits.

It connects you with a larger audience and allows people from various regions and countries to interact with your content and understand your services. This leads to increased engagement and builds a strong relationship with the users. It also decreases the drop rate of your app or website. Visitors who do not understand the language of the website or application will have the option to switch to their preferred language, which improves user experience and engagement.

Moreover, it helps improve your Search Engine Results Page (SERP) ranking. When you target a wide audience, search engines appreciate it, and it leads to better rankings. A multilingual website enhances brand awareness and improves your image. It shows your commitment to foreign customers, which helps to take your business to a new market. Along with that, it reduces the cost of translation services and boosts brand recognition and awareness. It improves customer confidence and satisfaction, leading to better customer retention and loyalty.

Building multilingual-Various approaches

To create a successful international travel website, it’s crucial to build multi-language support using React JS. Here are two approaches to building multi-language support in your React JS travel website.

Mobile settings

One approach is to use the user’s mobile settings to determine their location and automatically set the app’s default language accordingly. For instance, if a user is based in Japan, the app could default to Japanese.

Default Language

Another approach is to allow the user to change the language within the app. The default language is set when the user downloads or accesses the app, but they have the option to modify or make changes to it later. For instance, if the default language is set to English, the user can go to their profile or settings to change it to French or any other available language.

The modern-day clientele is no more dependent on traditional travel and bookings. They prefer scalable and modern approaches. By incorporating these approaches, you can create more inclusive and interactive travel website that appeal to a broader range of travelers. With the ability to switch between languages, your targeted audience can navigate your site seamlessly. They can easily access information and plan their travels with confidence.

Wrapping up

Creating a successful multi-language travel website requires a lot of effort and expertise. Employing ReactJS can streamline the process and lead to a dynamic and reliable website. Furthermore, by optimizing the user experience with multiple language options, you can foster growth and enhance customer satisfaction. Ultimately, building a multi-language travel website is an investment in your business that can yield exponential dividends.

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