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Blog Post Writing Checklist: 8 Points You Have to Mind at Any Cost - Classi Blogger

Blog Post Writing Checklist: 8 Points You Have to Mind at Any Cost

Blog posting is very popular. People begin it to help others with some problems. The others simply want to express their thoughts and share experience, find friends, etc. Finally, some combine these purposes to earn money. Anyone can become a blog writer. You’re not even obliged to be a qualified expert.

However, you should always make in-depth research and provide approved facts and tips. Of course, it’s not the only obligation. We asked a team of professional academic writers from a custom writing service to help us to compose an ultimate checklist. The following article contains top points that should be fulfilled to create great blog posts.

Blog Post Writing Checklist 8 Points You Have to Mind at Any Cost - classiblogger

Here is the checklist of 8 great ideas:

  1. Create an appealing headline.
  2. Don’t exceed the length of the title.
  3. Don’t exceed the length of the description.
  4. Use the keywords.
  5. Make the language flow.
  6. Add reputable links.
  7. Make use out of images.
  8. Make your texts readable.

Point #1

Make your blog appealing. Know your audience and its preferences. Your headline should fully reflect the content of your post and attract potential readers. Try to make it catchy and informative. Avoid dull-witted and too standard headlines.

Point #2

Consider the length of your title. It’s necessary to know the optimal length of the Title to your blog post. Why is it so critical? Well, if you exceed the recommended length, the search engine won’t simply reflect it. As a result, when online users use keywords to find the content you offer, they may not find your posts because the data will be absent. The recommended size is between 40 and 65 characters.

Point #3

Take care of the length of your description. It is as important as the title and here again, you should never exceed the recommended length or your readers will never find out what you wanted to deliver them. The length ranges between 135 and 160 characters. However, some search engines may allow longer descriptions.

Point #4

Did you use the main keyword everywhere? If you want your posts on the top of the users’ requests, you should optimize the keyword destination. Save using popular combinations, you’re supposed to implement them smartly. They should be present on the title, description, H1, as well as appear in the text several times. You may likewise add them in H2 and images. Thus, your content will be highly ranked.

An additional tip for you – make sure your keywords have synonyms and associations with such search engines like Google and Yahoo. This increases chances that more people will come across your blog. To check the effectiveness and relation of your keywords, enter them on the search engine and check the related variations.

Point #5

Make your language flow. You should never overdo with the keywords. Place them in the places we have already mentioned. Of course, they should appear throughout the text from time to time. Nonetheless, don’t implement many of them. The search engine and users will quickly realize that your text is simply spammed and doesn’t bring any significance. Your blog posts are supposed to cover important issues and not to offer unreadable texts.

Point #6

Make sure you use a few reputable links to other industry sources. It is understood that you make some of your own research. However, the level of trust will be significantly enhanced if you add at least two links to some authoritative sources. These should be studies made by other authors that are trustworthy and popular. You may even establish some partnerships. Make links in your blogs to other authors. Ask them to do that in their turn too. You’ll help one another to enlarge the audience. Always verify the dependability of studies and links you intend to implement into your texts.

Of course, you are welcome to place additional links that will guide your readers to other posts written by you. They may be relatively associated with the topic of the current post. The main purpose is to show your readers that you have other interesting things to discover and discuss. Make sure that your links are contextually logical and don’t spoil the structure and flow of your text.

Point #7

Use images to make your posts more vivid. Visualization has great power and a beautiful picture may drag the attention to your writing. Of course, you should make it relevant to what you describe in your posts.

There is also an issue of the destination of your images. You have two options. Your images will be either licensed for commercial use or free of charge. Undoubtedly, chargeless pictures save your money. You can get free stuff at such resources as:

  • Free Digital Photos;
  • Stock Free Images;
  • Pixabay;
  • Flickr;

However, you should be aware of the resolution and quality of chargeless pictures. It’s not always that high. If you require high-resolution images use such sites asShutterstock and Fotolia. You’ll be able to pick great images that fully suit the theme of your website and posts.

Point #8

Is your text readable? It should be easy to read and pleasant to the eye. It’s better to use H2 and H3 if the texts are long enough. Besides, you should separate text into logical blocks. Don’t write too long paragraphs. Add a bullet and enumerated lists to shape the structure. The search engine will also give more weight to such posts. Add a call to action at the end of every article.

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