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Betterzip – Unzip Your Files on Mac 

Now more and more people prefer IOS software and become consumers of Apple products. If you are the lucky owner of the computer Mac, you will find a lot of use in this article. This discussion is devoted to several ways of unzipping documents on your computer.

Betterzip - Unzip Your Files on Mac-classiblogger

A zip file is a folder in which there are several compressed files or another folder. Roughly speaking, this is a way of storing and transmitting information in a compressed form. Some time ago only Windows users faced this, but now you can do it with IOS. You have encountered archives on the network and you should be interested in how to use them on your computer. Mac OS took care of this with the help of the built-in archiver.

This process of opening the archive is simple. You find the zip archive through the Finder, click on it twice and wait until the extracted material appears in the same folder. You can create your ones by yourself and even protect them with a password.

There are many applications that can help you in this matter.

Go to the App Store and find there The Unarchiver. An important plus of this program is that it supports those document formats that are not in a position to open the built-in archiver. Again, you only need two mouse clicks and that’s all.

Through the Terminal, you can also open the archive simply by registering the “unzip” command. If you need to create an archive, you prescribe the “zip” command. Everything is simple and accessible.

We want to tell you about the application, which will greatly facilitate this process. This is about BetterZip for Mac. The essence of this application is that you can work with files without getting them from the archive. Options help you create a specific set of passwords that you can operate on and open the file you need. You should have at least once faced with such a problem as a damaged archive. BetterZip will throw the damaged one into a new one and create a password for accessing the files.

Thanks to the latest improvements, you can now enjoy a really good quality project. That it is inherently unique in its kind. you are guaranteed not only a good archiver but also a certainty that your files will not disappear anywhere, they will not break down and will function normally.

You do not have to think about anything. The program works very quickly and qualitatively. You will not even notice how even the heaviest documents are unpacked.

If your life or work is directly connected with a large number of archives, this program is vitally important for you. Itwillsimplifyyourlifetotheutmost.

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