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BETALA FRAGRANCE GULAB (Rose) dhoop Sticks for Pooja (200 GM batti) with dhoop Stand Holder in Box - Classi Blogger

BETALA FRAGRANCE GULAB (Rose) dhoop Sticks for Pooja (200 GM batti) with dhoop Stand Holder in Box

  • DHOOP STICKS FRAGRANCE: Betala Fragrance is always known for its long lasting and mesmerising aroma and in this product it provides ROSE (GULAB ) flavour fragrance which always had most important place while offering prayers from ancient time in India.
  • CONTAIN: Betala fragrance Dhoop Sticks ROSE (GULAB) packet contains 200 GM of dhup batti sticks along with dhoop stick stand holder as gift so sticks can easily be hold.
  • TRADITION: ROSE (GULAB) has always been at first position while offering prarthana in pooja Experience the pure tradition at your home with BETALA FRAGARNCE ROSE (GULAB) incense dhoop sticks.
  • SAFETY INSTRUCTION: Keep burning dhoop stick on dhoop stand holder and keep away from flammable articles. ashes should fall on fire proof and heat resistant surface only.
  • MANUFACTURER NOTE: Betala Fragrance is one of the best quality agarbattis and dhoop cones manufacturers from the city Ahmedabad. It provides vide range of flavours in all three variant Agarbatti, Dhoop Sticks and Dhoop Cones. Find variation below and also see our vide range of products.

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