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Best Tips to increase your Google Page Rank


After creating a successful blog the very next step of the blog owners will be how to increase the page rank of that blog?

This is quite common in the blogging field and everyone who owns a blog will be aiming to do that.

But do we know the steps or tricks to increase our page rank in Google search?  If you know, can you make your blog to appear first in the search results of Google?


Generally, Google makes uses of many different methods to determine which pages must be ranked higher in its search results. The exact formula used by them is quite secret but however you can infer few important tricks from this article and can improve the position of your blog.

These tips may not make your site to appear first but however it may help drastically to improve its current position. For this to work, you must create a perfect blog either for free or a paid one. After this, work towards the blog sincerely and dedicatedly instead of trying to game the system since Google may find out that either sooner or later.

Thus, try to be sincere towards your blog development and follow these steps below to automatically improve your page rank in the Google’s search.

        • Ignore spam sites such as the sites which promise you to promote your blog by submitting it to hundreds of search engines. This is merely a waste of time and it may also affect your ranking sometimes. Thus, better be aware of that.
        • Choose your keywords wisely. This actually means that instead of focusing on a single word you can rather add few words to make it into a keyword phrase. This may help you a lot to improvise the page rank.To know more about this keyword phrase searches please check on the following link:


        • Density of the keyword phrase is often checked by the Google when it catalogs the pages for search. In other words, Google makes a note of how many times the keyword phrase has been used in your page.


But this works only when the keyword phrase used for a reasonable number of times instead of spamming it. To read more on this, you can check the following link:

        • Give a strong opening content that says what your page is about. This is a good practise and one of the valid tips to make Google notice of your blog.
        • Providing appropriate title matters a lot to improve your page rank in Google’s search. Give your page any descriptive names with the <title> attribute. You can also make use of your keyword phrase in the title so that Google displays the search result as a link using the web Page’s title.To know more about this check out the below link:

        • The other biggest factor is using the hyperlink in your webpage to help Google know the content of that link. This means that the page’s content must be relevant to the link. This point is more important since links from other websites to your websites helps to determine your page rank.
        • Make your graphics search friendly by keeping it minimum so that the people may enjoy your flash messages. Also note that, since Google tries to skip those messages try to use as minimum as possible.
        • Good design is the other most important point for improving your page ranks in the Google. Strong, well organized pages are the one of the important point that ranks the pages to a higher position. Thus, have good design in your mind and design it accordingly.

And finally, as you already know you can share your contents with your friends and groups who are in any social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Stumbleupon, Pinterest, Myspace etc. But be sure that your content is worthy before you share it to your friends.


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  1. Very awesome tips I intend applying to my website. I really need to be seen on google’s 1st page

    1. By following this tips, you will surely get good pagerank for your blog. Thanks for reading.

  2. Thanks for this nice post..Pagerank is always and important factor to rank high in SERPS

    1. Hi Akshat,

      Thanks for coming here. I agree with your point Akshat, Page Rank is very important for every blogger.

  3. Alok Krishali says:

    Waw…great tips thanx…

  4. Great article Nirmal.
    I’ve been trying hard to take out some time to write guest post 😉
    Its really difficult for me to manage Engg studies and blogging at the same time..
    But its bcoz of my passion I am loving doing this even when I am busy..

  5. Hey Nirmal,
    As you know, Google has not been updated the Page Rank algorithm since last 7 months. The last update was on february and lots of experts predicts that Google Page rank dead for now! Any way, I really enjoyed the post.

    1. Hi James,

      Glad to see that, you enjoyed reading my post. Google page rank never dead. It’s always alive to kill the deadly sites….

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