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Best Tips For How To Design A Creative Website - Classi Blogger

Best Tips For How To Design A Creative Website

Best Tips For How To Design A Creative Website

Websites have become the identity of businesses today. If you are into any kind of business say technology, food, fashion, transportation, etc these days you can’t reach an audience without a proper website. The website has become that one-stop-shop were your potential clients (users initially) can get holistic information about your business and services. Further websites have become the first point of contact for the users to be clients  to get in touch with businesses.

In the last decade or so website development, website design, top outsourcing web services, website management, etc are services that have created a market of their own. Many firms are offering these services and are specializing in website-related activities helping bring businesses online. Creativity in design and development is something that most of the businesses ask for when they approach website development service providers. However, this is something that requires a flow of the process and that understanding of the process. 

Unfortunately many web designers and developers lack this understanding and thus leave the client with an average kind of website. Businesses on the other and rely on the expertise of the website designer and developer and hardly do basic research on their own. Now, whether you are a business owner who wants an online presence through a website or a website designer this piece of information is for you all.  Check out these best tips for designing a creative website and get that insight before you get into action.

Think And Observe

Before you start getting into development or design make a note of what your target audience base is. Zero down on your user base and then think about elements that you can include to engage the user. Say for example if your website is about kid’s related stuff then a cartoonish character as a navigator or logo would be a great idea to have on the website. Further, the best thing you can do in this regard is to study the website of your competitor and observe what things they have done right.

Choose The Color Wisley

That’s something where many go wrong including some of the experienced of the designers as well. The color scheme of the website is something less talked about. But remember color scheme is an important element of a website design which plays a role in deciding the engagement factor of the user on the website. A dull or monotonous kind of color scheme is a big turn off for users irrespective of the fact that how good content you have put in. So, take your time and decide which color fits the overall theme of the website well and then make the move. 


Developers would say you to reduce the number of images on web pages to fasten up the loading time. While I agree with that fact I also believe that images speak a lot and are instant attention holders. So, in your best web designing services, you must include pictures of good quality and in relevance to your business most preferably on the home page of the website. Take the example of a tourism website. Here, the approach would be to put the pictures of the best of the destination in front and then follow them up with other ones. To engage user you have to put the best in front.

Don’t Ignore Mobile

Mobile-based traffic is over 80% of the total traffic on websites these days and you can’t miss this. As websites require to be responsive to the screen size these days the design of the website should be in sync with that. You should not go for a design that is optimum for a particular screen size say mobile or desktop rather watch for those website designs that are responding well to the responsiveness of the website. Responsive designs are quite common these days and you can get the best one with a little effort.

Changes Are Regular

Don’t hesitate to make changes if you feel something is not right. And I am saying this that you should follow this practice even when your website is live. You should not hesitate from making changes. To make the best and effective changes to the website you can track the user response on your web pages and draw the conclusion from that. You can do the heat mapping of the website to know the most scrolled area on your web pages or Google Analytic to track user patterns. 

About The Author

Hermit Chawla is a Marketing Manager at AIS Technolabs which is Web design and Development Company, helping global businesses to grow by Top responsive web design company. He love to share his thoughts on Social Media Marketing Services and Game Design Development etc.




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  1. Its not easy to maintain a good creative website, it like having a whole different task to maintain, thanks for the tips 🙂

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  11. This is a great article, I found the tips on incorporating a unique color scheme and incorporating interactive elements to be especially helpful. These are key elements that can truly set a website apart and engage visitors. I also appreciated the emphasis on simplicity and user experience. Well done!

  12. I really enjoy reading your blog, particularly the section where you talk about web design. People can choose the best web hosting and design companies with the help of this excellent advice.

  13. This is a fantastic article that provides some great tips for designing a creative website. I found the advice provided here to be very helpful and informative. I particularly appreciated the emphasis on the importance of understanding your target audience and designing your website with their needs in mind. I also found the tips for choosing the right color scheme and typography to be very insightful. Thanks for sharing these valuable tips and insights!

  14. These are valuable tips. Here are my recommendations for enhancing the effectiveness of this creative website:

    1. Opt for a minimalistic homepage, devoid of clutter.
    2. Design while keeping visual hierarchy in mind.
    3. Craft website content that is easily readable.
    4. Assure effortless navigation throughout your site.
    5. Maintain mobile-friendliness to cater to various devices.

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