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Best Practices in IOS App Development

Find the most effective techniques in every field. These are the rules of thumb to do certain things in the most efficient way. Professionals collect them over many years of experience and distribute these with their peers in their field. It’s the same for the field of software and IT development.

While it’s rewarding to discover all by yourself However, there’s a more effective method. Study and learn from others’ mistakes. This is why we have decided to gather the 10 best practices to assist you in creating even better iOS applications.

What are the most effective practices for iOS application development?

You don’t want to be in the sand are you? If you implement the most effective methods, your learning curve gets better.

You learn more quickly and in doing so, you have fewer errors. Of course, we all make mistakes from time to time

However, it doesn’t mean that we must be a victim of every failure that could happen. The implementation of best techniques will ensure you don’t fall the majority of them.

In the end, with the help of good practices, you’ll be able to concentrate on solving the real issues instead of trying to reinvent the wheel.

Best methods for iOS app development

Okay, now is the right time to discuss the most effective practices and golden rules that you must include in any iOS apps development. It’s not always straightforward, but it’s worth the effort.

1. Prepare yourself for the fight

A lot of developers experience an irresistible desire to begin programming immediately.

Although this is an acceptable way of doing it, it’s not necessarily the best choice. The process of creating an app is a complicated process and it’s rare to skipping a step with no consequences.

Before you begin programming, you must choose the application’s design and what design patterns to select. Typically, for iOS applications, you will use a Model-view-controller pattern.

In MVC you break the app down into the components comprising UI, Data, and Software. MVC also has the benefit of preparing your application for any future updates and changes.

But, you can also opt to develop an application that is a hybrid of iOS as well as Android. This is a wise choice to make for marketing and development. Another option is of developing an application for mobile that is native with React Native.

The preparation phase involves an extensive and lengthy study. Based on our experience it’s well worth the cost but. It’s similar to “measure twice cut once” however in the field of software development.

2. Make sure you follow the documentation

You must have adequate documentation that covers all the elements within the program. A description of the intended outcomes of the project will allow you to stay on the right track.

Documentation of code can provide a wealth of information regarding the process and, perhaps more important the reason why things were implemented in a certain manner.

Business logic, particularly in larger systems, is an area that is difficult to comprehend and readily available documentation can help.

It will be much easier the developers comprehend the scope of the project. Particularly if they join the team in later phases.

If, after a few years, someone needs to introduce modifications. Be aware that successful projects require not only a great execution, but also an effective control.

Also, you’ll need documentation for testing and any future testing purposes. Even if you’re a one-man army, it’s likely that certain information will disappear out of your mind.

Furthermore, properly written documentation can increase the reliability of your app and aid in the process of getting your app to App Updates in the Store.

3. Appstore rules!

Unexpectedly for many app developers will be the need to begin thinking about marketing prior to when they begin to write create their code.

One aspect of mobile app marketing will be distribution. One of the most effective options, if not the most effective methods to create your iOS app accessible to all users is to place it in the App Store.

It is a huge benefit because it boosts your credibility when your app is accepted by the App Store. Why? because getting an app listed it may sound easy, but it isn’t.

Not at all.

Actually it’s a factor you need to think about when you are planning your application, later in the process of developing it and prior to preparing your application for publication.

If you don’t consider this aspect then it is highly likely that you’ll spend long hours creating something that will not be approved to be released for App Distribution through the Store.

Apple guidelines include topics such as safety and performance, as well as business legal and design issues.

4. Make sure you think about security right from the beginning

If you don’t want someone to hack into your application and destroy it, you’ll be thinking about the security of your application at every step from design of the architecture, programming, through testing before releasing.

The main security concern is that mobile apps are able to access data in mobile phones (smartphones and tablets).

Your app shouldn’t be an avenue for fraudsters who seek to access the information or gain control on the device’s user.

Security concerns are crucial in the event that your app requires online transactions or requires you to keep and utilize personal data. Your lack of concern about security can cause the vulnerability of fraud. Poorly coded and designed mobile apps could help steal your identity as well.

To prevent these dangers it is recommended to implement an approach to security. The first step is to concentrate on the quality of your code.

Examine your application’s cache, recording process, and authorization and authentication. It is also worth considering the use of an additional encryption layer.

5. Take into consideration the possibility of backward compatibility

It’s clear that if you develop an iOS application for 2022, it’s important to ensure that it works flawlessly with iOS 14 released in December 2020.

It’s important to note that iPhones from 6S up to 12 Pro are compatible with the latest version of iOS.

However, if you wish for your iOS application to be accessible to a wider audience You might want to consider backward compatibility.

Backward compatibility means that your app can be used as it does on earlier versions of iOS and older iPhones as well as iPads.

Depends on the development of your app and the use of the most current iOS features, getting backward compatibility could be challenging. Recent changes and features include (among other things):

  • The new Dark Mode -You don’t want your application to be the only glowing one at dark Do you?
  • Apple ID logging in -is a must because it simplifies life;
  • Augmented reality -We (users) will be looking for it increasingly. Does your application make use of it?
  • Voice commands are an excellent thing to have for accessibility.

This is the time that you must decide what direction you’d like to travel. What amount of time and money are you willing to invest and how many users it’ll provide you?

6. Make use of Xcode

Development of applications requires a suitable environment. There are many available on the market, but many iOS developers are of the opinion with the fact that Xcode is the most suitable.

It’s the sole development environment available for iOS which is and supported by Apple which is why it’s the most popular choice for developers.

It’s the first option for those who want to create an original iOS application. Additionally, it’s free and comes complete with the information you could require.

In addition, Xcode provides an intuitive user interface, which allows simple testing and bug fixing, as well as interactive navigation.

Additionally, you can quickly connect Xcode to GitHub to control versioning and collaboration with your team.

There are other alternatives to AppCode. It’s the most well-known (apart from Xcode obviously) however it requires Xcode as its base, so it’s not the best choice unless you’re really in need of specific features for building custom.

7. You can also use CocoaPods.

You already have Xcode as well as GitHub. Another option is known as CocoaPods. This dependency manager can boost your efficiency by keeping your dependencies with third-party providers in good order.

Many might ask why you should use third-party dependencies in the first place? Sure, they could make everything by themselves but it’s not a good idea to do so.

It’s not sensible as it’s like trying to reinvent the wheel. Let’s look at the password field from your application’s registration form.

You are able to write the entire rules yourself and check if passwords have been valid. However, you can also make use of the GenericPasswordRow Pod and have it completed with tips and a password visibility options. Visit on the CocoaPods’ website then search the information you’re looking for.

CocoaPods can even help you write better code. (In an aspect that is at all). …) In the case of certain developers use configs as regular elements in the code they write. This is not only in violation of iOS guidelines, it’s it could also be could be a source of trouble in the near future. To make sure that configurations stay out of your code, make use of CocoaPods and follow the correct procedure.

8. Start with a Minimum Viable Prod

You’ve probably heard of the definition of Minimum Viable Product. However, its significance cannot be undervalued.

Concentrating on the essential elements that form the basis of your application will benefit you in various ways.

At the beginning, it’s simpler to tackle fewer problems and create an app that’s brilliant in a few areas.

It’s far superior to an app that’s average in a variety of areas. In addition, the time to release an MVP is faster and you can get feedback earlier.

Thus, you can respond and improve the user’s satisfaction more quickly, leaving behind your competition. The subsequent iterations can make it better.

The second aspect can be that MVP is less expensive than a fully-grown application. It can be thought of as an trial. The results will help you decide how much money to put in or take it out.

9. Aim for a fabulous design

Apple is known for its sleek design. This is still a major factor for customers who purchase iPhones or iPads. Macs.

If this is for people to purchase an upgrade to their iPhone or iPad, they’ll seek it out in iOS apps too. There’s no need for an extravagant user interface. In fact, your application can benefit from a simple design.

For your convenience, Apple published Human Interface Guidelines. This is the primary source for information on iOS interface design.

All the information from interaction with users to animation, branding to buttons and bars are there.

The guidelines are a reminder that good design shouldn’t concentrate on just a beautiful layout.

Design that is good is driven by a purpose. It meets our need to be clear and easy to understand.

10. Remember accessibility

We began talking about accessibility within the context of people with disabilities. This is great but we’re now aware that our focus was restricted.

According to what Elise Roy said in her TED talk, “when we create for disabled users first, we frequently come across solutions that are more effective than the ones we create for the standard’.

The accessibility principle helps us create better apps by considering different users and their experiences.

Mobility accessibility also is covered under W3C guidelines for Web accessibility. Even Apple has stated it specifically within their Human Interface Guidelines, breaking accessibility into two major concepts. Perceivability and simplicity.

In this sense, the word “simplicity” implies that the user will always use the app in the same, familiar and consistent manner. It’s not just about a consistency of the interface, but simplifying complex processes into simple tasks, too. Perceivability implies that any information can be seen in various ways, which means you can look it up (see it) or listen to it, or even be able to touch it. Consider contrast, large controllers, sound alerts, or even voice communications.


Everyone could benefit from the use of the best practices in every company. Like the most effective practices for iOS mobile app development There are golden guidelines regarding project management and automotive manufacturing, software testing and design. They’re based on the experiences of a variety of experts.

The number of practices that are good is likely to be a zillion times more that our top list of top practices for iOS application development. The amount of good practices is most likely more.

Many of them are the best practices for any good programming task. But, the 10 rules listed above will provide your project with an energy boost and direction. Everything else will emerge in the natural consequence of these ten principles.

We believe it’s wise to take advantage of the vast expertise of the specialists we’ve worked with throughout the decades.

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