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Best Business Opportunities to Start in 2020

Searching for the next trend has been the quest for every entrepreneur, and you have to do a lot of research before you decide what business to start with. There are many things you should take into consideration such as market size, competition, passion, raising trends and etc. and after your analysis you should create a business plan, understanding odds, like in the SuperBowl wagers. This way you will achieve success and your idea will turn into reality.

Even though almost every market already has competition and it is very hard to find the new business trend to start with, there are still some great ideas that are on the rise so you can still make money even when the competition is high.

In this article we will go through some of the best business ideas to start within 2020.

1. Amazon (FBA)

This platform so-called Fulfillment by Amazon lets you sell your own products through Amazon and reach millions of buyers all over the world. This is a great business to start with just because Amazon removes most of the complicated things like storage, packing or shipping for a monthly storage fee, so you can focus on selling your items and not worry about anything else.

You will be required to ship your products to the Amazon Fulfillment center and create a product listing on your Amazon store. If you live outside of US, you will need to hire an agent that will take care of your stock once it arrives and goes through customs.

This is a great business to start with, especially when you consider the potential it’s got. It is not that hard and you can do it remotely from everywhere in the world.

2. Skilled trades

In these modern times, we all want a digital business to start with and manage all things from the office. However, modern living also brings disadvantages and people do not want to consider skilled trades as their career choice and most of the skilled trades are going extinct.

Just because people believe that skilled trades are poorly paid, they avoid this career of choice, even though they manage to create a great career and are well paid. The astonishing fact is that almost 40% of current trade people are going to retire in the next decade and there is no one to take their place.

This is why this business is going to be a great idea for the future. With the lack of good trade workers, the price is going to raised and people working this kind of job will be paid very good.

3. Virtual reality

Since the virtual reality was introduced to the world manufacturers worked hard to make that technology affordable and for everyday use. Nowadays the virtual reality (VR) is a very popular trend and it is going to grow in the next couple of years.

Huge companies are already searching for workers that are capable of creating virtual reality hardware and software solutions. So, if you want to catch the trend you should start learning this technology and create your company or start working for one.

4. Self-Storage Units

People are running out of storage space especially highly-populated cities where is almost impossible to keep all your items at home. This means that there is a huge demand for self-storage units where rent out space where they will store their things.

The demand is not just from people, but also businesses who have trouble managing their store. Building state-of-the-art storage unite with controlled environment, lightning, and security is great way to start your business and since the monthly cost will be low compared to the monthly rent.

5. Home renovations business

If you are handy behind the tools, you can start a home renovation business. There is a huge demand for skilled workers and people are renovating their homes much more frequently than before. It is a highly profitable business with low fixed and variable costs since you are charging for your skill and hard work.

These are some of the best business trends to start in 2020. Every business requires research and proper business plan where you are going to highlight all factors. Make sure you get evolved in something that you feel most passionate about in order to create a successful story.

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