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Best 10 Tips For a Mobile-Friendly Website Design

Technology has taken a huge spike in today’s world. The value of digital marketing during this pandemic has proven its benefits time and again. A digital platform has become a mandate in every niche and making it a worthful investment in reaching the target audience creating better connections. With new inventions, the websites have become a seamless experience for the end-user to utilize them in handy mobile phones.

The website looks different on every mobile screen depending on the screen resolution and features of a mobile. There are two different types of mobile designs that one can cater to. The responsive design works better where this styling helps the software to shrink and expand according to the resolution and the screen size.

While we discuss the responsive design, let’s dive and check about the best nuggets to plan and create a mobile-friendly website design.

1. Feed-in value-added content only

Considering the space on a mobile screen, the content must be planned and segregated according to the size and resolution. Huge images must be synced to match and fit within the screen. The content must be properly planned and created according to the space given. Appropriately utilizing the given space makes th website more reliable. This also reduces the cost of creating and adding content to the mobile website.

2. Pictures speak more than words

A rule of 20% text and 80% pictures gives a win-win situation making the images look more hyped and attractive than the words. People who check your designs will decide about your website within just a look at the picture. Humans give a 30 sec observing mind to understand if the picture is attractive and holds meaning. Hence, using quality pictures makes it more worthful.

3. Verify your programming codes

Who would prefer using a website with bugs and errors. A smooth website will give a greater experience and ends up satisfying a customer. Hence, ensure that you verify your codes time and again to avoid losing a client or giving a bad experience to them.

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4. Choose a mobile responsive design

A mobile responsive design has the power to shrink and expand according to the screen’s resolution and mobile size. Choosing an active mobile responsive design will help the programmer to plan his codes well and create the codes according to the project plan. It would be annoying for the end-user if the website is too long that he/she must be scrolling each time to view a page completely. Hence, choosing the right design will benefit further.

5. Choose good resolution images

Pixel clarity plays a vital role while creating a website. The mobile view needs more attention with regards to images. Bad quality creates a blurred view which will not give a good experience for the user. High-quality resolution images will work the best but these images must also be supportive according to the mobile responsive designs. Images create the first impression for a person. Hence, choose a good resolution image that matches your brand, logo color designs, and mobile website friendly.

6. Font and Image size matters

With the size constraints, the font and image size must be chosen wisely. Huge fonts with tiny images will not give a positive effect on all your hard work. It also becomes difficult for a person to read tiny alphabets and words with huge authoritative images. 20% of the text is ideal for any advertisements which helps to attract many. Choose the style and designs that can be easily read and understood within seconds of reading them.

7. Perform competitive research

Your competitor is your friend who guides you in all aspects when regarding the styles, designs, demand for certain services. With this as a base point, you can choose to create your content which satisfies the end customers. Regular competitive research will help you understand the market updates and practices which will help you with good income returns and a good name.

Studying various design tips will make you an expert. This also helps you in knowing the type of software with benefits that are working on demand. Therefore, choose your design that creates demand and attracts eyeballs with your competitive research.

8. Questionnaires to rescue

Check with your audience about the type of design that you choose to add to your content websites. This allows you to understand the public interest, taste choices, and demand for a particular proc=duct/service. Your circle of contact will be the first and best to help you with certain designs that you wish to choose. Knowing the trending software will help you specialize your website designing procedures and use smart features to stand out of crowd.

9. Create fat-fingered user designs

Not every finger size is the same. Creating the touch base for all kinds of finger sizes will have a  huge impact and this attracts more users making it accommodative for all the customers. Many websites may have brilliant features and benefits but, this simple yet very effective tip will help the signer create the best designs for all kinds of people.

10. Use lesser or single columns

Use lesser or single columns considering the screen size. Single columns will create the major effect with better visual quality.

With these tips, you can master and be an expert in creating the best mobile-friendly websites.

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