You may be asking yourself “what are the benefits of blogging to students?” Blogging in the classroom setting unlike social networks moves the students beyond everyday life issues and social ideas. It gives them an opportunity of digging or launching deeper into the subject they are currently learning as they synthesize the necessary information.

In most cases, students love expressing their thoughts, ideas and feelings and blogging gives them the opportunity. Besides of earning money by blogging, students also understand the real issues and actual meaning of information. Blogging has many benefits to students as we are going to highlight and discuss below. 

Improved Writing Skills

Acquisition of writing skills is one of the advantages of blogging in education. Blogging enables students to write freely about their thoughts and ideas both in private and public networks. Though this, they become perfect in expressing their self not only in writing but also by talking. Personal reflection and growth arise from having the ability to express oneself effectively. Blogging also comes with advanced writing skills and perfect grammar.

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A student benefit by improving his/her writing skills may they be in English grammar or in learning various foreign languages. Therefore students who are bloggers will not be searching for the paper writing help.  They learn how to write in a particular way especially in assignments dealing with narratives or persuasive information. Besides writing skills, students acquire new ways of sharing ideas as well as experiences with peers and other people. They also learn easily from others through sourcing and sharing of information. There are many other benefits for students of writing a blog.

Students’ Open Reflection

Quality learning does not only involve regular feeding of information. It also requires clear thinking in that which that has been learned. Students need to take their time to speak or express what they have learned for easy remembering. They do not have to dump information in their brain just for the sake, but they have to get to make meaningful connections from learning. Blogging is the only way students have a chance to have an open reflection.

The moment they sit down and start writing or reading various academic blogs, they will be reinforcing what they learned earlier. The emotional connection with the information emerges which is vital in literacy. The ideas and comments from other people refine their ideas as they strive to synthesize them.

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Acquisition of Academic Expertise (Research and Analysis)


By blogging, students become experts and professional in fields they are studying or reporting. This is because blogs move them beyond simple integrate and recalling of details to a critical realm of perfect synthesizing and analyzing of information. They force the student to learn more about a particular subject before getting it in papers before submission. The chance where the students can ask questions just as in a classroom, boost their research and ability to brainstorm. 

Source of Connections (Scholarship and Internship)

Debates and discussions held on various blogging sites give the students the opportunity of commenting and sharing their thoughts and opinions. They meet other students and adults whom they share common views and beliefs and also those who opposes their ideas. You may find a quiet student in class, but very active in blogging since equal opportunities and free mind setting exist here. Other students who have spent their entire life in academic will be connected.

The websites are paramount to a student since they may be a source of scholarship especially among students with low income, internship or a job opportunity in the future. Students who are connected enjoy the benefits that come with diversification. 

Students and Responsibility

In blogging, there is what we refer to idea permanency. It means that once information or content is out there in social networks, it becomes permanent since even if you delete it from the source, someone will have gotten a copy of the information. With blogging, students learn how to responsible when issuing statements publicly. It teaches them to offer accurate and appropriate comments in social media. Starting blogging site for students can boost this.

Represents the Students’ Voice 

Creating a platform where students can freely air their voices and concerns is extremely vital. Through blogs, you will learn a lot about students including their perception about education and also what they are passionate. Through this, educators have a chance of evaluating what is that can serve students better regarding academics.

In a universe where nearly everyone has a voice, it is essential that teach the students how useful blogging is so that they can have a meaningful way of channeling their concerns and grievances as early as now. 

At times, students have difficult times trying to share their information and ideas in classrooms due to usual limitations including tight schedule and businesses of college. Through blogging, they have a chance of processing and sharing their thoughts without fear. This will allow for richer and deeper creativity and innovation.

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